Top 10 ways to educate yourself at home effectively

Education is widespread. The process of learning and understanding cannot take place in the boundary wall. However, any person can educate themselves by the environment they meet. Now whether it is school, home, imprisonment, or any job and business. Human beings learn something everywhere. And they can create or follow a learning environment, schedule, and goals even at home.

That person can educate themselves more about who is aware of it. By the way, education is everywhere. You can learn from any person, object, place, online, offline, action, and all kinds of natural and unnatural ways. For example, you can learn from the water about how to be consistent in doing Karma and how to remain useful for self, family, society, and for the country.

But you always remember that our education is not complete without the use of education in society, public dealing, business, career, and life.

So now I am sharing with you all the methods, sources, steps that you can use to educate yourself at home online, offline effectively.

1. Set small learning goals to achieve bigger goals:

Any activity or task that we do in life and business is based on goals. Sometimes we set it and many times it’s by default. So, whatever you want to learn, you must have goals.

As an example, you can set the following goals to educate yourself at home:

  1. In the next 30 days, I want to learn about content writing.
  2. This week, I will learn about the constitution of my country.
  3. Today, I will learn 10 new English words.
  4. Today, I will practice web/apps development or a new framework for 3 hours.
  5. This month, I will finish reading my stock market book.
  6. In the next 15 days, I will educate myself about myself.
  7. Next 6 months, I will prepare for my computer science degree exams.
  8. Every morning from 5 AM to 7 AM I will spend time with nature, plants, water, birds, and animals to improve my intelligence.
  9. In the next 3 months, I will learn python computer programming language.
  10. Today, I will join a new online digital marketing course, and I will improve my digital marketing skills.

To educate yourself at home you need to have clear goals. And you need to maintain your focus, discipline, consistency, and practice. No one can force you at home to learn. You’re the only mentor or guide to yourself to educate yourself at home.

While many times you don’t need goals to educate yourself at home. Educating self is the habit of many people. Even after education, we will be able to understand what are our goals. And how we can live a happy and prosperous life.

2. Follow the purpose:

Today, you can learn almost anything online. But when you have proposed then you have to choose your learning sources and method effectively.

For example, if you think that learning programming, digital marketing, graphic design, blogging, and content creation skills that can help you to build your career or it can help you to find an online job or it can help you to earn money then you just have to start immediately.

If you want to work as a digital marketer then start learning and using your skills. Try to become an expert and master in digital marketing. Don’t settle for average goal. Set a bigger purpose. It can be to market small business owners of your sector/city/state all over the country. Your purpose can be to promote your own business. But whatever, learn every detail. Spend your every minute in learning about digital marketing.

Learn about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, video marketing, Google ads, Facebook Ads, content creation and marketing, blogging, landing page, sales funnels, inbound marketing, and almost everything that is related to digital marketing. You don’t have to be an expert in all. But you must know the basics of all of them.

For normal people, it will take 1 year to learn all of these marketing practices. But you can learn them within 3 to 6 months just from home. You will learn fast when you have the purpose. And that purpose is to solve your personal and financial problems by using digital marketing education.

If you want to become a full-stack web/apps developer then start learning front-end and back end development. Research and build your own syllabus. Learn about JavaScript, python, vue.js, react, larval, Django, and various other libraries, frameworks, and programming languages. Do 100+ programming/apps/web development exercises that you find on YouTube.

Read blogs of expert developers.

Join Online programming courses.

And do everything that will take to become a full-stack web/apps developer within 6 months.

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3. Set rules for educating yourself:

You learn technical skills, or you learn academic topics. You’re a school student or college student or professional or business owner. One thing is common to educate yourself at home that you need to follow discipline. 

Without discipline, it’s impossible to become educated. Discipline is the way to become successful.

And to be disciplined to educate yourself at home you have to set the following rules or declarations to follow – Read these slowly when you feel negative:

  • Educating myself at home is not easy. Many people failed in this. But I will win. It’s because I want to become educated, skilled, useful.
  • I know that there are topics and many exercises that are looking impossible to understand. But I will try 100 times.
  • I can be negative. I can feel depressed. I can feel bad. But I will not get distracted. I will wait and watch. I know learning takes time. And I have allowed myself to take time. I know I will win. And for that, I have to remain confident in myself and my abilities.
  • I can fail many times. But it’s ok to fail. But failure can’t stop me. I will try to learn again.

Learning at home and solo is very tough especially when you’re not feeling motivated. And when no one around you understands what do you mean.

In those times, it’s important that you keep clearing your mind from unnecessary thoughts. Be natural like a tree, water, plant, birds.

So, the point is, you have to teach and guide yourself. You have to motivate and align yourself. You have to make yourself happy.

And you have to stop caring what others think about your goals, purpose, and methods.

If you believe in it then you can do it.

Now the above are some basic things to follow to educate yourself at home. Now the following are things that you can do to educate yourself at home.

4. Join online courses and online degree programs:

To educate yourself at home. If you can afford you can do an online bachelor’s, master’s degree from the world’s top universities. Online degree programs are an updated version of distance education. All the classes, topics will be taught online. It will be through videos, notes, video conferencing, chat rooms. Exams are conducted online and projects/assignments can be done through collaboration tools.

If you want to learn any specific skills in 1 or 2 months that will also useful for you to start an online business or in income source or online job then you can learn the following skills at home:

  • Search Engine Advertising – Google Ads Certification
  • Video Editing
  • Apps Development
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Foreign Language
  • Management of remote Freelancers

You can use these skills and education to do online business, online jobs. You can run a YouTube channel, you can create online courses, you can do blogging, you can create an app, you can create your eCommerce website and many other things.

These skills are mostly related to Information Technology. But you can also learn other hobbies or business-specific things such as cooking, eCommerce, online business, painting, clothing, and homemade crafts.

Following are the top online courses for you: 

Advanced computer skills to learn after a basic computer course

Online blogging courses for Beginners – Learn the Basics of Blogging

Online courses to learn digital content creation skills

5. Read books:

These days to educate myself, I am following the habit to read a minimum of 1-2 books related to leadership, entrepreneurship and IT every month. I am just trying to read a minimum of 2 hours daily. And I know how relaxing and filled I can feel after reading.

Reading good books is evergreen, smooth, relaxed, and motivational methods to educate yourself at home. Even those who didn’t go to college learned through books. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet are top known people who are habitual to educate themselves from books.

Even if you don’t have books, you can read your parent’s or kid’s books. You can take books from your friends. You can buy books online. You can issue books from libraries.

I have already written, about the books, please read here: Importance of reading books in our life

6. Watch Documentaries:

Documentaries are another personal method to educate me at home. And I often share business, information technology, documentaries with my friends too on social media.

Documentaries are a group of many incidents, impacts, and information. Those who are not able to travel much can learn a lot from documentaries. For example, recently I was watching vue.js documentary on YouTube.

7. Watch top leaders’ interviews of your field:

Interviews of great leaders especially related to our profession or job are always inspiring and educational. I always find myself in watching and listening to the interviews of great legends and IT leaders once a week on YouTube.

It’s not in my working schedule. But I do it. I do it because those are the people who did that work that we’re are trying to do. And it’s similar in many ways. It’s always great to learn from others’ failures and successes along with self.

Today due to the internet, education is in everyone’s reach. Those who take the benefits of technology in education achieve their career goals fast.

8. Read biographies of legends:

Reading, watching or learning about Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, Napoleon Hill, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Sachin Tendulkar many others biographies and their success rules, failures, methods, and challenges is the greatest education for today’s leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs.  And you can do it at home.

9. Spend time with nature and talk:

We’re the part of nature. We’re like trees, plants, and birds. We’re not different than nature. Without humans, there is no nature. Nor humans without nature. And when we stay in nature. We live. We take and feel ourselves in various ingredients.

Plant, Water, Sky, Land, and everything inside and outside us taught us many life lessons. Our education never completes without learning from nature. Also, in reality, if we don’t care the nature, it means we’re not educated. If schools/colleges and universities never taught you about how to care the nature, then they failed as institutions.

The point here is simple. Set a few hours to stay around trees, water, flowers, and farms. You will be surprised by how valuable lessons you have learned.

10. Connect and communicate with experts/teachers/ on video conferencing:

As I told above you have to communicate and use your existed education, thoughts, ideas with experts or people related to your field. They can be teachers, parents, friends, online educators, and leaders. And you can use video conferencing tools for communication and learning.

11. Spend Time with Parents and Grandparents

Parents play a big role in our success or education in life. It looks boring or forcefully to learn from parents or to follow their rules. Even many parents educate their kids every minute and on each activity. Might be they are over-anxious. But whatever they are telling and teaching to us is the truth.

The truth of today’s society, nation, and leaders is very tough to identify and evaluate. But we have to think practically to deal with it. Technology has changed societies.

Technology has changed business.

Technology has changed education.

But also, we have used the technology in a way that makes the change.

We need to understand these times changes. We can understand the past time changes from our parents and grandparents. And it will help us to understand where society is going, how nations are changing the definition of development. And how personalities are dominating the business, political world, and people?

So, friend, I think the above ideas will be helpful for you to educate yourself. I don’t know exactly what kind of education you want to give yourself, but one thing I know that by following the above methods you can educate yourself at home in anything that you want.

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