Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

We are all using artificial intelligence in our daily life in one way or another. We are using it, managing it and responding to artificial intelligence every hour, a minute of the day directly and indirectly.  

Due to the lack of a skilled workforce in the competitive and small city market, it’s a necessity of time for businesses and companies to use artificial intelligence in daily business works. This means companies hire programmers to create functions and classes for specific tasks. So that they can automate the business process and system by using machines and software.

In our previous articles, we explored how artificial intelligence can be beneficial for a person’s life, and why it is important to integrate artificial intelligence in business. So moving a bit ahead so that you understand the concept of artificial intelligence in a practical way, we are writing this article in the hope that it will be helpful for you to understand, manage and use artificial intelligence effectively in your daily life.

1. Automate the repetitive tasks

Artificial intelligence brings favorable changes in the business process and system, by making it faster and improving the quality. For repetitive tasks, such as social media sharing of blog posts on a certain time, scheduled posts for publishing offer a much-wanted solution by means of artificial intelligence. Here are a few examples where automation can help save time-

Automatic Monthly Recurring deposit transfer from a personal bank account. Automatically electricity and telephone bill payment, automatic recharge package when it runs out of credit or expires, etc. These are some common tasks that consume our time and efforts unless there is a way to automate them. Most of the things are in the process of automation and many are in use by big and small companies.

This whole automation process is designed and programmed by using python, java, and c++ etc. programming languages. The world is feeling a shortage of time. It’s because of the technology that increased the speed of time against nature. It can be dangerous one day, but still, companies and people are looking to make more profit to keep living on this earth.

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2. AI enables this method, “Let Machine Play Your Roles”.

In production, recycling, cleaning, infrastructure development, design, transportation, and many engineering works and communication tools etc. are mostly controlled and managed by machines. Humans are replaced by these sectors due to technology. I have already written about it: examples of how technology changed our lives.

Around 30 years ago these machines in the above sectors are operated by humans. But it is replacing humans from management and decision making. Now, these machines are smart and able to make decisions. It’s because data and information are collected, managed and analyzed by machines.

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Now AI or automation is programmed and based on the following methods:

(i) User behavior prediction. Have you noticed how a search engine will finish your sentences for you by offering suggestions? When a user inputs a query to algorithmic machines such as the search engine, it will predict what the user might want to type.  It means that the search engine is already programmed for possible search or similar search. Similarly, there are responsive websites automatically adaptive to based on user devices. It means website designs (CSS) is already programmed so that user interface and user experience remain the same on any device. What user’s can do?

But I know you must be thinking who can tell the future? Or who can predict someone’s future behavior? So, my friends, it’s true no one can tell the future, but artificial intelligence has come very close to it. Do you know or want to know how this is happening?

This is all happening because of data that is collected by each machine and application that we’re using today. The pattern of data generated by the device and behaviors of users are analyzed by machines and people. And that’s why they are programming the future using programming languages to collect the data, manage the data, analyze the data and create automatic outputs for future programs.

(ii) Faster data collection methods and analysis methods.

Everything from a weighing machine to a heartbeat monitoring device. A computer starting up or shutting down. From turning the data in mobile on and off. Almost everything that you use, operate, buy, sell, watch, search, like, install, transfer, communicate etc. all these processes create and generate data.  

So these are the data collection and analysis methods are used by companies and products to create artificial programmed devices and applications so that machines can play your role.

(iii) Innovation and development of hybrid computers.

A lot of data being generated by these collection methods requires sufficient computing power, for it to be analyzed and managed. This is where the development of hybrid computers and innovations in technology are playing an important role. They have the raw processing ability that can handle a continuous stream of data in real-time.

If you’re not able yet to understand artificial intelligence use. Then understand What is data? What is Information and What is knowledge?

In simple words, a collection of meaningful facts that are generated by anything (humans/electronic devices) is called data. An analysis of data gives birth to information

Meaningful and executable data is called information. and knowledge is the combination of meaningful data and (information)analysis.

So now future points of this article will be helpful to understand hopefully.

3. Use of AI in Automatic Graphics Designing

Logo design, brochure design, website design, and many more graphics parts are automatically designed and such programs are already existing. All you need to do is use them. For example, if you want to create a logo for your travel company, the process is simple, type your company name and select category and search. Now select and pay or download free. In the same applies if you want a logo for IT consultancy company, follow the same process.

Now, this is happening due to pre-existing designs or group of designs automatically, parts of graphics automatically create a shape based on your search query. The technical idea is “Designs from search query”. While it has started from the idea of a template, now it’s the part of our daily life. We use it or not, but we can’t ignore it. No matter the quality, but it’s an innovative idea, and almost everything in information technology can become big or bigger in a few days.

4. AI Chat Bots, website chat plugins use in Customer Support/Sales Support Process

Chatting is part of many people’s daily life. Most of the people are hooked on it. Currently, automatic chatbots are created on the same theory, Possible question? And answer. The answer is already there and if type “office space in Chicago, chatbots will say thanks for the information.

They will then communicate further and try to collect more information from you, similar to salespeople so that they can suggest or sell the best product or services by narrowing down the scope of possible matches. At the end, they will send you BUY link.

That’s it. No real person was there, that you were chatting with, that was a programmed function that is programmed based on possible queries from customers and answers to those queries and their conversation methods.

5. AI Notification

It’s true that our modern life is driven by a surplus of notifications and recommendations. Almost all modern day’s applications, websites, and companies are notifying you about your accessed networks, purchased products, visited websites, advertisements, friends activity etc. Even these sales/marketing practices by companies using artificial intelligence are more on mobile devices and than computers. Users are under the target of these AI applications. It’s good until users are not disturbed, frustrated, disappointed by these AI notifications and suggestion.

Users are not only notified by artificial intelligence but also forced to take the action. Doesn’t matter if it’s productive or not. We just do it.

The negative side of AI use in our daily life is that it’s making us slaves. Recommending you to spend more time on the website, to spend more money on e-commerce websites, to learn more about certain causes and see more and more of what your friends are doing.

The solution is “you can only set prioritizes, what is urgent and important” in your daily life and activities and it should not be based on recommendations, notification and AI.

But at the same time, you can’t Ignore the AI use in daily life totally,  It’s just that there are so many benefits and AI is the demand of time.

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6. AI Promotional Email:

In my own daily life, I get an average of 5-10 promotional and automatic emails sent by companies, websites, applications each day in my mailbox, based on my browsing history and behavior on the Internet. This is AI-based email marketing.

Every update is not important. Every mail is not important to read. But it catches our attention and this is the goal of marketing companies, to grab the attention so that users can click and buy the services or products.

This is the use of Artificial intelligence in the daily life of internet marketers, digital marketing companies, and almost all the applications. In simple words, marketing automation is integrated inside the application, so it saves time, money for companies and gets a higher return on investment because of the user(customer) in the loop or trap of internet habits.

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7. Personalized and contextual digital advertising

Artificial intelligence and machine learning methods are used to showcase and present personalized ads and contextual advertisements on the user’s screen. AI tests user behaviors, device, location, source, network.

AI also tests application speed, responsiveness, layout, text size, images, and content. After the analysis of user and platform within a second, the AI-enabled code displays ads automatically on the websites and apps such as blog website, social media websites, and apps.

Now more than one side is getting the benefits of this AI technology. Advertisers, Publishers, and users. Users are getting and receiving the information from the advertisement they are looking for. So they are interested to visit the source. Publishers generating more revenue and traffic. And advertiser or business/companies are getting High ROI and Conversion due to this.

The truth is that Machines, applications are programmed in a way so that they will generate goal-oriented content for customers/companies and at the same time generate this revenue in a short time with the lowest investment.

8. Auto-scaling based on website and apps traffic

The large majority of people uses the internet for watching videos, social media, online learning, programs deployment, designing, editing and collaboration with the team member and data storage in daily life. The use of internet in our lives is increasing by the day as more users around the world want to access the IT powers that the internet holds.

But to access the power it requires non-stop processing of inputs and outputs on the server. It requires high-speed internet. It requires faster loading applications and websites so that the power is consistent and people are able to access the AI advantages. 20 years ago, you know the speed of internet, as well as computers, was dismally low, and you can compare it today with 4G -5G internet speeds and 8-16GB RAM on computers and phones.

So to provide non-stop entertainment, unlimited internet data packs, faster video streaming and video conferencing, fastest internet speed for business and online learning, course, and degree programs for students on website and apps, the new concept in the market that takes everything from here to the next level with the help of Artificial intelligence is called cloud computing.

Cloud computing process and systems are built on AI. In this, businesses, educational institutions, Govt. agencies etc. can set up remote infrastructure, remote data storage, backup, and management etc. The cloud infrastructure is programmed in the way so that it can auto-scale it’s storage, speed, security and many other things based on the load on the application.

In simple terms, if 100 students (website & apps traffic) are using or commanding the application to perform the particular operation then Artificial intelligence automatically set the switch of the server to point B, if there are 300 students in real-time for the same application it will autoscale the server to Point C.

Now because everything is working fast, no storage problem, no maintenance cost etc. it’s easy and comfortable for people to use the technology, it’s viable for business to integrated cloud computing and artificial intelligence daily in exchange of values covering most of the part of life.

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In conclusion about the uses of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life, we can say that Artificial intelligence now transforming our daily life to new standards, methods, new routines, new healthy habits, new kinds of disease, new kind of problems and solution. We can say we’re transforming information technology again to the new heights. In the past, there were many transformations, from the invention of the Internet to Search Engine, social media marketing to online learning.

Now with AI, machine learning and cloud computing, we’re entering into a new world in which you find self driving cars, top quality products, individualized programs, contextual and personalized solutions, automatic fault finding and troubleshooting, faster decision making (Business intelligence), innovative farming, healthy food scanning machines and programs, increasing productivity, environment protection methods, new concepts of face recognition, innovation in recycling, new kinds of business models that help people to innovate and new theories that were never thought of before.

But these are just advantages of AI in our daily life. There is a flip side too

AI’s effects are negative too, such as humans losing their jobs to machines and automated programs, Also concerning is the fact that machines and applications are knowing your financial position, location, social circle etc.

Agents are your new virtual friend or salesmen and since everything is automated it could end up making many people less productive. Stress and anxiety will become the biggest problem for humans, which is worse with a sedentary lifestyle that AI will offer in the future. Those who have more technical abilities and creativity in the world will become the most powerful country. Technically, data-driven world.

That’s it friends, what I think and learned so far.

Artificial intelligence is like a boon for people in daily life when used right. But it has many disadvantages too. Now it depends on how much control of our minds we can provide to machines. How confident we are that technology will not make us slaves.

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