Uses of Internet for Students

There are various powerful uses of the internet for school and college students such as research, online degrees, part-time jobs, communication, social networking, educational stationery, tools and applications, admission form submission, online test and data storage etc. The more students learn the uses of the internet in their college life, the greater its benefits.

But to take the benefits of internet it’s important that students learn these basic computer skills those are important for beginners.

In technical terms, students constitute a large part of internet users. There are various internet applications and tools that help students in their studies. Educational institutions, colleges, and universities are also spending a large amount of money, time, and workforce to develop digital products and services for students.

Most of the processes regarding student management from school to university level are now online. From fee submission to online exams to results. Moreover, students and parents are also interested in information technology innovations in education. After online education trends and the usefulness of the internet for students, many service providers are offering great internet deals for students.

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But In this article, we will cover what are the uses of the internet that help students to enhance their brainpower, study skills, and career development practices.

1. Research platforms for students:-

Research is the most important life and career skill. Students and teachers do research on various things. It can be related to science, medicine, culture, geography, humans, animals, communication, time, environment, products, and services. Research depends on the subjects, some research is required offline for on-ground operations while many can be conducted online.

There are various applications and tools that can be accessed on mobile. It’s my belief (i may be wrong) that for a researcher everything is a tool and formula to solve a certain problem. No matter if it’s a website, apps, human, situation, environment, public event, newspaper, or whatever it is, a researcher always tries to compare, collect information, change and customize processes, etc. to produce the next version of old invention or formula.

Almost all the things that we’re using today in our daily life are based on research like, learning, the guidelines, and tutorials are based on research. Prevalent trends in allopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicine, technological tools, transportation tools, networks- almost everything that we’re using is based on research.

So in this way, if students and teachers want to conduct research they can use the internet as a research tool and platform. Almost everything they can see and watch, how things are happening. There is also a specific application that generates data for research reports. Google map for geographical research, Facebook for human behaviors research, Google for AI research, Google Lens for environmental research, YouTube comments for human communication standard research, website data reports what people are sharing, google keywords planner for what people are searching on Google and online surveys to find the public view on specific questions.

In this way, I think the use of the internet for students to conduct research is very easy, effective, and data-oriented.

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2. Online Courses for Students:-

Even though college students are studying in college and university, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn or acquire advanced and practical skills if they have time. For this purpose, students can join online courses. Students can learn Microsoft office online, students can join a German-speaking course, students can join extra maths and science tuition online, etc.  

On the internet, there is a wide variety of courses that students can do enroll in and watch. We can say that the internet is like a tuition center for students today.

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3. Online Degrees programs for Students:-

We saw that there was a time in which small village students were unable to participate in metropolitan colleges and their degree programs. We saw that parents were unable to pay the college fees. Parents were unable to pay for college transportation and student-oriented expenses. Most of the parents were unable to provide computers and the internet for highly intelligent kids.

But students today are luckier than us that they have a great platform in which they can join online degree programs even from a small city or village. Besides the Googlification of education which makes all the study material available online, there are also various accredited domestic and international universities and colleges providing degree programs for students. One can even learn from Harvard University and MIT.

There are also big companies like Microsoft and Google supporting and providing various educational tools and courses for student enhancement.

Due to the advancement in information technology, it is less costly, more comfortable for students to admit to online degree courses from home. Today, Shimla college or university students can participate or enroll themselves in Oxford or hardware degree and diploma programs online. For Example, Harvard University with its free Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOCs) that provides top-notch material at HarvardX , has been a big success because this enables a student to push the boundaries of human knowledge while sitting at home. Now the use of the internet for students in online degree programs and diplomas courses can be very productive, save time and money.

4. Social Media uses for students:-

Uses of social media for students are very important, but only if they are using it for learning and research. Else it’s the biggest obstacle in their career development, which will hinder their productivity. I have already written several times that students should use social media to improve their network, follow great teachers and leaders of their subjects, join study groups, learn from the students of other countries and participate in online educational hangouts.

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5. Email options and uses for students:-

Email nowadays is an official agreement between two parties on certain goals and objectives. Students can use email to send applications to school officials regarding any concerns. Such as fee details, market sheet details, and other objectives. They can send emails and communicate through text and images with the officials on a certain cause.

Also, an email account is important for students to enroll in online courses and degrees, it is used to create social media accounts such as a LinkedIn profile.

Students can also use email to communicate officially with teachers about the subjects, students can also use it to send project assignments as an attachment.

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6. Online Resume/Portfolio:-

Students can use the internet to create a resume and portfolio for jobs on the internet. Resume and portfolio websites can also help them to understand what is the requirement for the jobs related to their subjects in the market.

It will also be helpful for companies to identify the talented workforce in the market for jobs and projects.

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7. Admission form and job application submission:-

Students can submit forms and applications to enroll in a certain college, university programs, and to participate in various competitive exams.

8. Document and data storage:-

A Student’s life contains various personal and academic documents and the amount of data keeps increasing according to their subjects. For example, many students find it difficult to collect, manage, and remotely use data.  Many times students need their school, college, and other achievements certificates in remote areas or in times when they don’t have those documents in physical form.

To solve this problem students can use cloud storage solutions to store and manage their educational data from certificates to an assignment on the internet. They can access this data on their mobile phone anytime such as in a college, any other office or any other city when they don’t have the document physically. In this case, they can use free storage provided by google drive, one drive, Dropbox, and many others.

It will not only save their documents but also help them to get the work done faster when they need documents in the shortest possible time.

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9. Blogging for Students:-

Blogging is an innovative and creative use of the internet for students. Students can start a blog during college time that can turn in a few years as a permanent income source. So I suggest every student should start writing about the subject, causes as they become experts in the college course. It will also help them to improve their writing, vocabulary and thought pattern.

In this way, they will become not only a good communicator but also learn very competitive market skills.

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10. Online applications:-

The next big use of the internet for students is online document writing, the creation of project presentations, personal finance and data management online. For this purpose, they can use Microsoft office online, google docs, google sheet and google slide. The benefits of using Microsoft office online and google drive applications is that they can share it with teachers and classmates. Two or more students can collaborate on a single sheet online in real-time. At the same time, their documents will be saved automatically online. They can access it later on mobile devices too and they can chat about the document within Google Docs.

For those students who don’t have access to a computer, they can use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and google sheets on their mobile phones. And there are various other applications and tools that students can use to design, create, share graphics, animation, images, etc.

11. Online part-time jobs

If students have enough time and tools then they can search for part-time jobs online. Not just this,  they can even do these jobs remotely from anywhere. For example, if someone has creative writing skills they provide writing services part-time. They can do it by following certain methods and procedures suggested by many people online such as freelancing.


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12. Born of seed to do something innovative and amazing in life:-

If you observe the majority of innovative solutions of our time, then you will find that many applications and companies are created and developed by students. I think the internet provides the tools and knowledge for students, which they can use to build the next big thing the same way they imagine. Mark Zuckerberg and his success are some of the best examples that students, teachers, and institutions can understand. They can understand that if we all support and provide proper tools for students they can turn any developing country into a developed one.

So, friends, I hope I have explained to you the various productive uses of the internet for students in this article. I believe that these are very beneficial if followed by any students very well, both practically and wisely. If you have any queries, you can comment below.

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