What are basic computer skills : Discover the list of basic computer skills

Basic computer skills are the starting point to enter into the Information Technology Field. Basic computer skills are the foundations of learning and using computer and internet technologies. In other words, basic computer skills are practical knowledge that enables people to use computer applications and the internet in their daily life and business effectively.

Basic computer skills include many things, and it can be extended as per the interest and field. If someone wants to learn the basic use of computer and internet practically and someone want to become expert in the IT field, then the basic skills are the same but can be extended because someone wants to be expert in IT.

Basic computer skills are used to get the benefits of already available computer and internet applications in career and business. Such as the use of Microsoft office in a business, the use of excel in business and the use of social media in business, and the use of online courses to study at home.

But the advanced computer skills are not only learned and used to get the benefits from the information technology but mostly used to create benefits, solutions, apps, programs, products, services to solve domestic, national and international problems.

Such as programming is the advanced computer skill that is used to create business software and applications, tools to solve business problems such as inventory apps for small business owners, cloud storage for web services, and travel search engines for travel enthusiastic.

Another example, you searched for basic computer skills on the search engine, after that, you got to read this post. Now you’re learning. It means online learning. Online learning and when you know how to learn online by using a computer or mobile and the internet mean you know the basics of learning computer skills.

But advanced computer skill is when you not only know how to learn but also know how to create the learning sources for people.

Basic computer skills:

1. Computer fundamental

What is computer, how it works, what are uses of computer in daily life, what are uses of computer in business, what is internet and it’s use in business and daily life are the basic knowledge of computer that is essential for almost everyone especially for those who wants to get benefits from information technology, internet, computer, apps in their career and business?

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2. Data Entry, Document writing, editing, Presentation, and sharing:

Data entry, Document writing, editing, presentation, and sharing are some of the most important educational and business works that people do by using the computer. To do this basic official work effectively you can use Microsoft Office, Google Docs. So, having the skills to use Microsoft Office or Google Docs/sheet/slide help you to do the writing, editing, presentation and sharing work.

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3. Photo Editing/Graphics Designing:

Photo editing is a common skill. Today, you can do it on the phone through a photo editing app. But in professional works, you can use affinity photo and adobe photoshop desktop application.

I have added the photo editing as a basic computer skill because it’s another IT field that is known as graphics designing.

If in business and daily life activity you find a photo that needs to be edit, cut, decorates, retouches and required color correction then you can do that easily by using free photo editing online application or desktop application. You can’t visit a cybercafe or basic computer works shop to do that. You can do that at home.

Especially it’s required in student’s homework, college assignments where photo editing and graphic design skills are used very often.

If you know the basics of graphic designing or adobe photoshop and find it interesting then you can build your career as a graphics designer and you can do advanced graphics designing courses. It’s because it looks interesting.

If you haven’t tried the graphics or photo editing application during the basic course, then you will not be aware of the scope in this field. That’s why I am considering this as a basic computer skill.

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4. Computer Hardware/Repairing/Maintenance and up-gradation:

If you have completed the computer course but you don’t know how to change RAM, even cables or how to place a computer in another position in the room, then you have to learn the computer again.

Basic computer education or skills is not about that you know how to play songs and watch YouTube videos. It’s more than that.

It’s also about how to connect a desktop, how to connect laptop and computer, it’s also about how to print the resume, it’s also about how to apply for jobs online, it’s also about how to start an online business.

But especially, you should learn the basics of computer hardware or technical things such as the installation of antivirus, ram, other components and be confident about how to assemble the pc.

Today, it’s much easier than 12 years ago, at that time very few tutorials were available on the internet. You can do anything today, just by watching computer hardware tutorials online.


5. Privacy/Data Security:

Privacy and data security are forgotten debate. We as users can’t do much about it. Else it’s a big concern if your data can be stolen by untrusted companies and people on the internet. The more you’re aware of it during the basic computer course the better it will be. To learn about it and be careful while sharing personal information on the internet. You don’t have to allow access permission to all the apps.

But actually, there are no use of apps, if companies are not getting your data. They will not make any money if you stop access.

Always Remember: Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. But these things depend on the way you use it. If you’re using social media for 12 hours out of 24 in the day then it’s sure it impacts you negatively.

That’s why basic computer education is important. In which you learn what to use and how to use it.

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Top advanced computer skills of today, that can become basic computer skills in the future:

Advanced computer skills start after learning the basics. It’s about creation and distribution. It’s not about just for personal benefits. Advanced computer skills impact society, people, companies, and nations.

For example, if you’re running a YouTube channel on personal development skills, then it means you’re using technology to provide benefits through your personal development knowledge. It can be a business.

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1. Data analysis

In basic computer class, you learned about what is data, facts, information, and knowledge. You also learned that you input the raw data and then you get results.

Remember, that everything in a computer is data. A file, document, song, image, text, and many other visible and invisible objects in the computer is data. Even you can say the internet is just data of many connected computers.

But in advanced computer skills. You go deep to understand data. This time you not only give data but also get data from the application that you analyze and then make a decision.

It’s the job of a data scientist, data analyst or business analyst whose job is to analyze the behaviors of users and that generate data. Behaviors mean the way the user uses the app.

For example, if you’re reading this article, till here then it’s a behavior and it counts as user session and page depth.

That’s data analysis and it performs by the use of computers and the internet.  But the job is to take the decision and then to support that decision through data. It means evidence behind the decision.

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2. Programming and web application and services development:

This is one of my favorite computer skills. Where kids studying in schools learning to create applications and web programs. Even students with Ph.D. in medical science are creating an app and using programming to create medical services.

Whatever you’re using on the internet is created after programming. When you start the computer or press the power button, the operating system start. The operating system was created through programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and many other programming languages.

So, if you want to build and want to make something that the world can use to solve their daily life, career, and business problems then learn to program.

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4. Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence technology is another term that defines the automatic work done by software as per the situation and demand.

For example, when your mobile data pack gets finished, you got a message to recharge from your telecom operator. Now this message is automatic and it is programmed in advance. This is artificial intelligence programming.

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5. Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing means when you use a computer/internet/mobile to get more customers to your business. You get more customers online because billion of people using the internet in mobile and computer daily. As I told, where there are people, there is business and marketing.

If the computer is used to create and run the business then it’s also used to create the digital channels to promote the products and services. All are created by people for people.

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6. Ecommerce:

eCommerce is all about online business. E means electronic devices and commerce mean commercial activities (selling/purchasing/promoting). But specifically, eCommerce is an online store (it can be a cloth store, grocery store, electronic store) that helps people to buy online and get the items to deliver to the home. It saves time and costs less. If you know and learn about eCommerce you will be able to explore many careers and business opportunities in this field.

For example:

– eCommerce website or online store designer/developer.

-Content Writer or content marketer.

– Product delivery

– Search Engine optimization

– Own Online Store

– Affiliate Marketing and many other careers/business opportunities.

When you learn about eCommerce and Digital Marketing you will get ideas about what you can do online as a professional and business owner. And when you learn and do it then it will help indirectly the nation to grow economic activities. And directly provide you the benefits as a job and revenue and employment opportunities for the many people.

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Things to remember:

  • Today’s advanced computer skills will become the basic computer skills for our kids in the future. A computer is a dynamic machine, it will change as per the situation and user in the future.
  • Robots, mobiles, laptops, digital home appliances, and digital TV are types of computers. And in the future, you will see more advanced technology, but the base of that technology is a computer. In computers the most powerful thing is DATA.
  • Any technology will be dead within a second, without data. It’s a way to stop technology and companies to control humans. If people stop giving the input to the computer/internet it will do nothing by itself.