What is Basic Computer Course: Introduction, Goals and Method

A basic computer course is a step by step process of learning and teaching computer skills and practical computer knowledge. Most of the basic computer skills are universal.

Mostly it includes keyboarding or computer typing, basic fundamentals of computer, drawings tools, and basic operations such as the creation of folder, file saving, data transfer to another device, data sharing, document writing and editing, basic computer maintenance and knowledge about the use of productive apps, tools and internet.

After the basic starting operation, you can learn about productivity software or tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive (docs/sheet/slides). Once you’re good at that you will learn about the basics of photo editing/designing or adobe photoshop. Once you’re confident and skilled in all these basic computer skills it’s time to teach you the basics of the internet in which include the introduction of websites, web applications, internet businesses, online income options, and many other things.

The goal of the basic computer course is to make students computer literate, skilled, knowledgeable, and aware of the uses of the computer, internet, and information technology in their daily life, career, profession, and business. In other words, the goal is also to let them think through IT without forgetting the value of nature, agriculture, and basic disciplines.

You can say that a basic computer course is a group of all practical and theoretical basic topics of computer, computer applications, internet, internet applications, graphic designing, websites, blogging, internet marketing and search engine and programming. And a basic computer course is just a starting point of the journey in your Information Technology World. Information Technology is a SEA and a basic computer course is a 1st step to experience the SEA.

To learn these basic skills or to learn the basics of each of the above will take 3 to 6 months. Not only that you also have to learn computer books, but you also have to communicate with computer literate people, but you also have to watch the interviews of IT leaders such as bill gates, Elon musk. And you also have to study about technology companies. It means the basic computer knowledge is consists of many computer-related topics and activities.

When any online course creator, computer teacher, computer expert, computer books writer design or create a computer course especially basic computer course and skills than following are the things or goals important to remember:

  • Students will understand the importance of computer science for that he/she has to add practical and theoretical topics in the course.
  • Basic computer course creates have to add the topics in the computer so that students will become able to perform the basic tasks on the computer easily, effectively and faster such as document writing, editing, mathematical calculation, drawing or designing, internet surfing, joining or learning through online courses, able to take online classes, online application, maintenance, software installation, backup and restoration of data (windows or drives),  virus removals and many other small tasks.
  • Students should understand the basic fundamental of computers and able to debate technology and computer-related topics such as the history of the computer, classification of computers. For that, it’s important to add such topics in the course or teach these subjects in the theory class.
  • Not only that students also need awareness about the disadvantages of computers, the internet, technology, and negative impact on nature, their life, and career if operated or used wrongly. For example, a data center or 24/7 running server (computers) impact the environment negatively.
  • The most important thing to teach or to learn in a basic computer course is the use of the various skills in career, business, profession. I found or know that many students who learned or completed or certified with computer diploma, certificate or even degree don’t know about its uses.

For example, the goal or the use of learning programming or programming skills is not only to do the job in multinational companies. Instead, the use of programming skills is also to develop new tools, new technologies, and the invention of new products. I also mean that students are mentally, physically strong, and positive to solve the problems.

  • Even not all in above, at least students know how to search on Google, what to search, and how to learn on their own and why?

So, the above are the most important things to consider to learn, to create a basic computer course, and to teach computer skills to students.

In simple words, the goal is to not attract those students to join computer who already interested. That is easier. But the goals of computer course or syllabus or advertisements to attract those who are not interested in learning computer. When not interested student become interested then he/she become an inventor and achieve bigger things in life. It’s because his/her interest is created by technology, teacher, syllabus, and mentors.


Importance of learning basic computer skills:

From where you’re able to start learning more advanced computer skills. I believe and I think that the goals of teaching basic computer skills to students are to prepare them and build a foundation for a great and successful career in the IT field.

But most of the students find it difficult to learn advanced computer skills such as web development, programming, data science due to poorly learned basic computer skills. And it also because of computer institutes, colleges, online tutors, and students who take basic computer skills or teaching lightly.

And in this way, the real foundation that is built after learning and practicing basic computer skills in the guidance or mentoring of an expert computer teacher or instructor will not built-in many colleges and institutes.

Benefits of doing basic computer course online or offline:

  • You become aware of information technology, computer, and the internet.
  • You learn and become skilled in using the keyboard without watching it. It means you can type with 40 to 60 wpm. It will help you to work faster and type or create documents faster.
  • You learn and become knowledgeable about productivity tools such as Microsoft office. In this you will become skilled in creating or editing a document in Microsoft word, you learn to use and manage data in Microsoft excel and you become confident in using PowerPoint when creating presentations.
  • Once you’re skilled or become knowledgeable in the use of basics of the computer then you become prepare and ready to learn advanced computer skills such as web development and programming.
  • With basic computer skills now you’re able to use a computer in a job or business.
  • There are millions of uses of computer and the internet in our daily life. When you learn the basics of computers you become aware and able to think about them.
  • You will be able to take the benefits of computer, technology, internet in your career, business and profession.
  • You will become aware of IT-related businesses especially online businesses such as eCommerce, copywriting, freelancing, and many other things.
  • You become interested to develop your own mobile app, web application or internet tool and startups.
  • You learned about YouTube and now you’re interested to start your own YouTube channel to inspire and entertain people.
  • You become aware of online frauds, data privacy, and internet security.

And many other things as per your interest and teacher or syllabus.

So, whatever you learn in the basic computer course but always remember that your goals are to build the foundation for a career in the IT field. Think of yourself as a seed and vision or imagine yourself that one day you will be the most beautiful tree with fruits.

It means now you’re a student or interested to learn the basics of computers (it means you’re a seed). When you learn and improve your computer skills then one day you will be an expert, professional, and IT entrepreneur. It means you will a tree with fruits. You have to learn or get taught the way like a seed learn to become a tree or plant. Similar to basic computer course student you will become a computer expert.

And you also have to surround yourself with computer experts or computer literate people. But always remember, whatever you learn from the people or teachers is not final until you don’t experiment or implement that. only your implementation will verify its importance and build knowledge in you.

I hope now you got enough ideas, awareness, and knowledge about basic computer course creation, teaching, and learning basic computer skills. If you want to know more then let me know.

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