SAAS: What is Software As A Service (SAAS) in Cloud Computing

SAAS means you’re paying rent for using the software. It means you’re not the owner or you no longer pay one time high upfront cost, it means you’re the tenant of software companies based on the license. You have to pay to keep using the software. Like you pay rent each month or yearly to your house owners.

Software as a service in cloud computing means you don’t need to buy, install, upgrade software on your computer. Everything will be updated and maintained by software as a service provider through license key. It will reduce the cost and improve business profitability.

Learn in more details, What is Software as a service in Cloud Computing Business Model: 

Software As Service is a business model of cloud computing technology. In which applications, software, websites, and OS is installed on a third-party remote server and access is provided to users based on a subscription model.

Software as Services in Cloud Computing means that users have to pay each month, yearly, hourly (Subscription) to access software and its features in various personal and business works. Such as if you want to use document writing and editing software you have to pay for as long as you keep using that. It means as simple as you recharge your mobile phone, pay for the newspaper and electricity connection. It means paying liabilities each month without owning the asset.

Software as Service is a most trending, popular, advanced version of doing Business in Information Technology. Earning regular deposits from the asset and by only maintain the assets. It means software as a service provider company have to maintain, upgrade the only assets and earn regular monthly, hourly, yearly deposits.

Companies developed software and applications like document editing and writing application, graphics designing, cloud storage, accounting application, CRM tools, data analysis, and visualization applications, bulk SMS/email software, marketing and automation applications and tools etc. can/will double, triple the profit more than ever by using SAAS cloud computing business model. They will be able to do it because they are using other models of cloud computing for SAAS that is called Infrastructure and platform as service.

Software As Service means you just need internet and browser to use any business and personal software on any device anytime through user ID and Password. It means you and teammates no longer need or have a software to work on the computer. You can provide, monitor, control access points for users (team members) as an Admin. It will increase productivity, sharing, collaboration, data storage and speed in business process execution.

Software as a service means you don’t need pay upfront and you just pay the amount as per the use. It means anyone in your team can start using the software as per requirement and features.

Websites, mobile apps everything is software as service. Such as online graphics designing software, subscription-based blog, business email services, search engines, social media websites, cloud storage services, and video editing etc. and all the software, apps, applications that you use on the internet are a part of the software as service. But currently everyone is not charging to use, learn, access applications, or data and information through SAAS cloud computing business model, but it’s very near.

Software as a service means that example 1 company developed, deployed, installed software on the remote server of example2 company and now providing access to its users and creators. It means that if we’re using graphics designing software it is installed on the third-party server (computer), we’re paying for the 2nd party and the 2nd party is paying for the 3rd party.

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