What things teachers need to learn about computers and internet

In this technology era, computer/internet skills play a magnificent role in everyone’s career and business. So it’s also for teachers. Computer and internet skills help school/college teachers to connect, communicate, educate students creatively and more freely. There are various online educational tools, platforms for teachers and students to connect with each other for learning and innovation.

But to use the benefits of information technology private and government teachers have to learn basic computer and internet skills that help them to teach and learn quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

So if you’re a teacher then I will be sharing with you the best computer and internet skills you should learn. And I will also suggest you learn those skills online from your home or after school.

So let’s start.

To start let’s set a few goals and vision for our computer/internet skills. For example:

  • You want to learn computer and internet skills to educate students effectively in the class.
  • You want to connect and teach more students by using the internet. And also want to earn some part-time income online.
  • You have free time at home after school and you want to make that time productive.
  • You don’t have any goals yet, but you want to know what are the opportunities for teachers after learning computer and internet skills.


So in this article, my tips and suggestions are based on the above goals. And I hope it will be helpful for you.

1. Learn document writing/editing in MS Word and Google Docs:

Document writing and editing mean writing notes on various topics. There are various benefits of writing notes on the computer or in Microsoft Word or in google docs such as you can access the document on the mobile phone during the class, you can print the document anytime, you can share the notes with students, and you can take questions from students on the document.

For that, you can learn Microsoft word or google docs. Both are effective. And along with that you should learn about Microsoft word online or google drive or one drive.

It means these days, you can write notes directly on the web by using cloud storage technologies.


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Learn Microsoft PowerPoint/Google Slides skills

Microsoft PowerPoint skills very helpful for teachers to present and share class topics with students in presentations/seminars. In which teachers can use and highlight important points, animate chapter diagrams, questionnaires, images, facts, and visualization of data on the smart screen/laptop/TV, etc.

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Blogging or writing skills:

Blogging directly is not a computer skill but blogging is the way to communicate in writing and to educate students worldwide. But to create, run, and manage a blog you need few technical skills such as the domain, hosting, WordPress configuration/installation, WordPress theme selection, and editing, and content optimization for search engines, etc. For more advanced skills and demands, you can hire website designers.

So your blog will be very helpful for students to learn more about the topic, research, reports and it’s not only to your local students but also helpful for thousands of other students, looking for the same information on the web. Your blog is a more personalized way to connect with you for a longer time than a university or college or school website.


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Social Media Skills:

Social media or use of social networking websites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Quora, and many others is popular among students. Many use them for education, learning. You can start using social media to educate students about various things.

It can be about the subject, it can be about the career scope in the subject and various uses in business. And when students know the certain uses of the knowledge that they are learning in the school, they will be able to invent and innovate faster. So answering questions, not only help students but also help you to think more creatively. And creativity at all levels will be helpful.

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Content creation Skills:

Content creation skills are the most important and beautiful computer and internet skills that you focus to learn. The goal here to create educational content for students and then distribute that content in class, blog, social media, videos, and many others.

There are few computer/internet applications helpful to create new content:

  • Google Trends / News – for data and facts.
  • Microsoft Word / Google Docs for notes, blog writing.
  • Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator for images/vector graphics.
  • Procreate an iPad app for illustration and sketches.
  • Blender, 3D Max, etc. for 3D & Animated content.
  • Keyword research tools to research what students are searching on the web.
  • Social media pages, to connect and communicate with students.


Commonly you need writing, designing skills to create content. But if you want to create a solution or automate educational systems, you can also learn programming language. And then you can create educational apps or apps that are only about the subject.


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Online Teaching Skills:

The creation of video tutorials for YouTube or the creation of online courses or teaching online requires some technical knowledge.

The students or online learners are a little different than offline or class students. On the internet, students expect things quickly and on the point. On the internet, the majority of people don’t think that they are a student or learner. They think like a user and even internet apps treat them like a customer/consumer. Who born to consume content.

Many learn but mostly they taste before eating, and if it’s not tasty then they move on to the other sources or ignore that.

So it’s also important to learn and research the behaviors of students when they use the internet for learning. And it will help you to teach more creatively.

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Time management skills:

Time management is an important skill for centuries. If you manage your time in school and home wisely then you will be able to get time for learning and your own skills development.

And also when you learned the basics, you will be able to start educating people online. But to educate it’s important to be consistent. And for consistency, it’s important to manage time.

But another most important thing is that on the internet there are many things that can distract or consume your time. So if know what’s important in a certain situation you will be more in control than the other users. And it’s important to be in control to teach. That’s why time management is an important professional skill.

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Some questions/answers:

Can I earn money or side income as a teacher by educating students online?

Yes, You’re the best and most fit candidate for the video tutorials, blog, social media, online course and teaching online. There are thousands of people/companies who are not professional teachers but earning more than a monthly job.

There are many housewives, college students doing similar things on the web after learning the basics of computer and internet skills. I hope you will be able to do it.

Just set a few goals for students’ development and focus on providing high-quality education and solutions. And once you will start progressing, you can optimize that for a side income.  

You can talk to me for more information if you want to start.

How much time does it take to learn all the above things?

It can take min. 6 months to learn the basics of all the above things. And if you have more time, and your grasping powers are strong then it can take less.

How you can learn the above skills?

There are many ways to learn computer skills. But I will suggest you an online or offline course.

And if you want to know more then learn here: 

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and the following are the online courses helpful to learn computer and internet skills:

How you can start?

Start spending 2 hours daily for learning. And keep using the techniques that you learned from the instructor. First, learn the basic skills, then start creating and tasting the educational content in the class and social media.

Start creating educational content for your class or share that with them on social media. And then keep research and analyzing their behavior and interest. And after that certain analysis starts exploring more by creating your own website/pages/channel.

That’s it. If you have more questions and suggestions then please talk to me on our social media page or message me.

I hope the tips will be very helpful for you.

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