Which is better, learning the computer at home and learning in a café

Traditionally people choose to visit the cafe or computer center for learning computer and various other technical skills. But from last 5 to 7 years people are more interested to learn computer at their home by doing online courses. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and we will find out the best method to choose to learn computers and technical skills in this article.

Who can learn computers, the internet, programming, and various other technical skills at home? And how they can learn?

  • If you have the basic knowledge of computer and the internet then you can do any kind of online degree and online computer course at home.
  • Learning computers through the internet, online courses, videos, books provides you the flexibility to choose your hours, but at the same time, you have to learn daily. Else without daily disciplined learning, it’s tough to make progress.
  • Learning at home is not that much difficult and challenging if you know how you can become skilled and knowledgeable about computers/the internet. For example, you have to practice daily, you have to create samples, you have to test yourself in online public forums. For example, if you’re learning graphic designing at home you have to showcase your designs on social media, to get feedback.
  • You must have goals for learning. I mean what you want to learn or what you want to accomplish after learning computer. If you’re clear about it, then it’s very easy for you.
  • Once you clear about your learning goals, you must have to create a syllabus to do just that. For example, if you want to do blogging or want to promote your offline business online then you have to create the following kind of syllabus:
  1. Basics of computer fundamentals, how it works, and what it can do for your career, life, and business.
  2. Basic document editing and data management.
  3. Online marketing etc.

While many online courses provide you complete syllabus to learn to promote your business, but you also must know that what are the ways to accomplish your goals.

  • You have research on the things, that you have to learn to achieve your goals by learning computer and internet such as the blog, videos, courses, degree programs, accredited colleges. And it’s also helpful to search and find out the sources who are providing those things.
  • While there are many YouTube channels that will help you to improve your computer skills, but at the same time, they start with random topics. You need a stepwise syllabus to follow. And for that, it’s important to find out good channels or you can choose the online course.

Why cafe and offline computer institute are more effective for learning the basics of a computer?

While everything is online from learning to earning, but it’s not practical truth. Learning outside the home has various personal branding, network, health benefits along with computer skills. So let’s talk about learning offline in a café or computer institute, the basics of computer:

  • Cafe or offline computer institute provides you complete syllabus based on your goals. If you want to learn the basics of the computer then they have 2-3 months of computer courses. If you want to learn Microsoft Office or the basics of document writing and editing + typing then they have the course. You can choose based on your interest.
  • Offline institute or cafe instructor always there to help you in confusions and complexity.

If you find a good instructor, he/she will teach you through practical exercises and tools.

  • Learning the computer through computer institute/cafes helps to build a personal network that you can’t build if you’re doing it online or from home.
  • Learning in a group has other advantages, such as learning from the other student’s questions or asking in real-time from the instructor.
  • Offline computer institute is criticized for higher time consumptions and fixed schedule. But if you learn online or from home, then the internet also wastes your time. To find one right resource you have to visit 10+ websites, and sometimes you have to follow the notification.
  • You can’t become skilled through urgency and robotics notifications. You need a pace and mental environment to study effectively. If you disagree with me, then think, how many online learning and education resources are available these days. Billions of people are learning and becoming skilled to work online or starting online businesses.

But if everyone is skilled and educated then why you’re seeing unemployment and lack of innovation and entrepreneurship?

It’s because, you can learn anything, you can become skilled and certified in anything from any online or offline source, but until you don’t find a mentor or inspiration to think and solve problems, you can’t make an impact. That’s why good and practical teachers are important.

So if you look at both ways, you can select or plan to learn. You combine both online and cafe class for more deep learning.  I have combined both offline and online learning methods and a path to follow for beginners, here you can learn that: Best ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately

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