Essential things to consider in the WordPress Blog Hosting Plans

To know about the best WordPress hosting plans and hosting companies on the web is very confusing and technical for beginners. Website hosting and plans play a big role in the success of a blog website.

Many of us do mistakes in the bigging by choosing the wrong plan and hosting company. And due to that most of our time is consumed by technicalities of hosting, setup, support, blog speed, and resolving many other errors caused by wrong selection of features and customization.

Hosting a WordPress blog, in the beginning, is not that difficult these days. In most of the hosting plans, you can just install WordPress from cPanel in the shared hosting plan or you will get auto-installed WordPress application in WordPress managed hosting.  So, it becomes very easy to start and run the blog without much problem or technical knowledge. But that’s the main problem.

Problems related to website hosting comes later after a month or 6 months or 1 year in many ways. When you want to expand the resources when you want to move the website to another hosting, when you want to upgrade the features and when you want to install or customize your WordPress blog.

And to solve these websites hosting related problems blog owners have to pay the extra money for the hosting companies. Even many close their blog, and many of them spend hours and hours learning and solve the errors on their own.  And it’s enough to distract them from their blogging goals and creativity.

It’s not that hosting companies are doing something wrong. They are doing business. But overpromises by Hosting affiliates and lack of technical knowledge in website owners is the biggest problem.

In the beginning, you will find thousands of tutorials and articles on best-hosting companies, best hosting plan with installation tutorials. Most of the newbie bloggers believe in them because they are convinced.

But when you stuck or find conflict with that hosting company, then you will find not find a single error solution from those bloggers or blogs, who recommended you to buy hosting of that company.

You will not get solutions or articles from those companies or blog who suggested you that hosting plan. If you’re lucky to get that, you will get it from unknown forms or sources. Not from those who suggested the hosting company and plan.

WordPress community is an exception in this case. Because when you find nothing from the search engine and from hosting support, you write and post your problem on the WordPress community. And if you’re able to explain the error then there are higher chances to get the solution.

And I believe that due to a lack of technical knowledge and sponsored or paid guides on blog, hosting, and SEO most of the blogs and blog owners are not able to run their blog successfully even after spending thousands of dollars and precious time. And I also think that’s one of the biggest reasons why the success ratio in blogging is very less.

That’s why it’s important to learn basic computer skills so that you can analyze the hosting plan on your own.

I am still learning. I can’t say I am fully informed. And no one also can say that. But each one has their own experiences and ideas so I am sharing with you. And I think that’s the reason we do blogging.

So, let’s start:

Problems or error or difficulties that come due to the wrong selection of blog hosting company and plan:

  • Your blog website is loading slowly on the browser.
  • Internal server errors.
  • Resources limit reached.
  • You want to upload or want to make certain changes in your WordPress website, but then you find that in your plan you don’t have Cpanel.
  • When you’re trying to upload files through an FTP connection, then your server is not get connected.
  • When you contact hosting support from the hosting company even in an emergency then it will take 10 to 20 minutes or even more than that to connect with the support team.
  • You will find that while chatting with the support that you need to upgrade or buy something else.
  • You find that the support team will not do it for you, because it’s not in your plan. But they suggest or share with you few pre-written contents (that may be not updated as of date) to follow.
  • It’s possible that you will connect to the sales team instead of technical support on the most time. But to solve technical error sales team have to transfer your chat to technical support. In that, you have to explain your problem again.
  • You will also keep getting the message and notification that you have to upgrade your hosting plan. You will also keep getting messages on security and backups. Sometimes these messages can scare you.
  • On the renewal of your WordPress hosting plan, you find that you have to pay 3 times more price than the initial amount.
  • But due to 3 times higher hosting prices on the renewal, you think to move your WordPress blog to another host. Now it’s a similar difficulty or problem that you get when you have to move your physical store or office to a new location due to increased rent by the builder or owner.
  • In that case, it will impact SEO, you will lose some of the files or settings, and it’s possible that you have to set up everything from the start. It’s because every hosting companies, plans, infrastructure, and technology setup is different. Like your new office space in the building is different, it’s a new location, you will get different views from the windows, different parking space, and entry and exit are different. It’s more than similar or applies that when you move your WordPress blog to another hosting companies’ server.
  • Later, you will learn or analyze that you need more traffic or visitors to your blog from a specific country. In that time, you will again think to move your blog. But you already paid for 3 years of hosting plans in advance. And it’s a very critical situation now to pay again to another hosting plan.
  • It might possible that accidentally you have deleted your email IDs or all the emails. All emails are very important, but now they are gone from outlook and also from the email hosting or website hosting server. You can contact the hosting provider company, but they told you that we don’t provide automatic backup in this package. But we can check that if it’s there. But for that, you have to pay extra. Even it’s possible that sometimes even after buying a website backup plan, you will not be able to back up the website. That’s why it’s important to consider many things that I am explaining in this article are important before buying a hosting plan.
  • It’s possible that most of the time you will try to solve all the technical problems. It’s great. But there are chances of conflict between your blog functionality and hosting server. In that time, you have to hire someone to solve that problem. It’s a cost.

So, I think it’s enough to share the problems and errors that even a technical person finds difficult to solve. But by choosing the hosting plan carefully and planning effectively before buying a hosting plan, new bloggers or those who are just want to start a blog or researching on the best WordPress hosting plan can defeat these future challenges or problems.

Still, you have to remember that no company and no hosting plan is perfect. No one can be fully satisfied ever by a hosting company or on their own. It’s because everything is in change. We have to move and update ourselves accordingly and you have to prepare yourself to defeat the blogging challenges in advance by reading this type of article. That’s why I recommended why it’s important to update your computer skills consistently.

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So, what you can consider before buying a hosting plan or while choosing the hosting company so that you will get fewer technical problems in the blog’s success path?

Top things to consider or plan before you buy hosting for your WordPress blog website:

This is the world’s best method to research hosting companies, the best method to select a WordPress Blog Hosting Plans, and the best guide to buy hosting for any type of website. If you read and follow the hosting guide written below then you can avoid or defeat many hosting challenges now and in the future.

1. Hosting Server Location:

Before you buy hosting for your WordPress blog, please consider the location or country of your target audience. If the hosting server is located in the USA and most of the target blog audience is belongs from the USA then buy the hosting from that company.

Many hosting companies provide server location features in the hosting plan. But many also charge an extra $30 to $50 to move your server location to the USA.

Server location is very important for your blog website’s success. You will get more traffic from that country where your website hosting server is located.

So, before you buy a hosting plan, consider the location of your target audience. So that your blog will open faster in the devices of your readers and target audience. And your articles will be ranked higher in that country on the search engines.

2. Check the hosting details of those blogs or bloggers who are suggesting you buy hosting from a certain company:

Many hosting companies provide $50 to $100 or even more per hosting plan referral for affiliate marketers. In that case, many affiliate bloggers try to sell or promote those companies more who paying them more. That’s ok.

But it’s important to check their own blog hosting company. For example, if someone has hosted a website on HostGator but suggesting you buy hosting from Bluehost then don’t buy it.

If someone has hosted their own website on blue host and now suggests you buy hosting from Bluehost then it’s ok, to consider their ideas and experiences.

And similarly, if someone is using HostGator and now suggesting you buy a HostGator hosting plan then it’s good to consider their thoughts.

You can check the hosting of any website here. But many blog websites have secured this information by using a security plugin or hosting security. But you can also use any other method to get this information.

Don’t buy something because stars or brands are suggesting it. Buy it if they are using it.

3. Check out the loading speed of hosting companies own blog or website:

You can be convinced by reading hosting reviews, sponsored posts, and hosting advisers about the fastest hosting companies. And you can go with the top 3 hosting companies for your blog website.

But don’t do it without a test.

Instead, check each hosting companies own website speed. Also, check their blog loading speed in your target audience country.

My point is, if they are providing you the fastest website loading speed in the USA, then it’s important to check that. The best is not, by testing the speed of websites that are hosted on their server. But the best method is to test their own website loading speed in that country.

You can use Google Page Speed Insights and GT Metrix

I did that, I find that many hosting companies own website loading on the google speed test is 40% on mobile and 80% on desktop. And these hosting companies are considered the fastest hosting provider.

Many can say that it’s because of the following things:

  • They are getting more traffic so that’s why they are slow.
  • Their application or hosting application or website is built on a different technology than WordPress.
  • They are handling and managing large requests in real-time on their server.

If you’re convinced with them then it’s ok. But I am not. If they are not able to run their own website faster, how can they run our websites faster from their hosting infrastructure?

My questions are simple:

They are slow because they are getting more traffic, in that, when I will get more traffic, do I have to change my hosting? or do I have kept running my blog slowly? And if I do it, then I will risk the website SEO/Links and Traffic.

It’s because if they can’t run WordPress faster, then why do I will host my blog website on those companies’ server.

If I want to make changes in my blog website in real-time while 100 people reading the post, will I get an internal server error?

I know there are many things involved between the website and the hosting server behind the speed. But the point is for you is that it’s important to think like this when analyzing the hosting, especially after reading or watching about it on the web.

Webhosting is a cost but also the most important thing behind the success of your WordPress blog.

My suggestion is simple if you find that hosting companies own website is faster than their competitors then go with that company.

4. Don’t’ buy a hosting plan, only because you’re getting many things free:

The main reason is to buy hosting is that we need a 24/7 running computer or server with internet and in which server software and WordPress application are properly configured to run a WordPress blog.

But most of the new blog website owners or new technical freshers buy hosting from a specific company because they get many things free. Such as free SSL, Free Domain, Free Caching, and Free transfer support.

These things are not free actually. They are added to make a good hosting package or attractive hosting package for website owners or managers.

All the cost is included in the hosting package. And those providing more features and free stuff get more sales. That’s ok, but due to this many hosting buyers ignore or compromise on the following things:

  • Website Loading Speed.
  • Server Location
  • Server Ram
  • Storage Space
  • Server Software
  • Technical support

While many things provided by hosting companies are good and important to use. But it’s important that you will not be impressed by free things other than hosting.

5. Don’t buy a hosting package only because you have to pay less in 1st year:

Less price in the 1st Year of website hosting plan looks interesting and attractive with many free features. Most of the new blog owners buy these hosting packages. As they think, if their blog works or gets traffic then good, else we will close it.

The 2nd type of blogging startup thinks to switch later to the new host. And many start a blog to just test the blogging water. And I think 70% find that blogging is not a viable nor a quick method to make money or business. It’s because testing is one thing, and commitment to succeed in blogging is another thing. It needs vision, goals, and planning along it required lots of failure and discouragements.

It’s not easy to get on the top 10 search results and compete with many other experts worldwide.

So never start a blog if you just want to test how it will work. Else start with proper planning and resilience. And make it successful.

And to make your WordPress blog successful it’s important that buy a hosting plan carefully.

It’s because you’re paying less price in the 1st year then it’s possible that you have to pay 3 times higher price when you renew. And that time you will not think to take the risk to move your WordPress blog website to another host. It’s because now you’re getting traffic and your keywords and links are properly spread on the internet. If you’re unable to migrate successfully there are high chances of losing the traffic to your WordPress blog.

So always aware when buying a hosting plan. Not only think about 1st year but also think about 3 to 4 years in advance, if you want to become successful in blogging.

6. Create your hosting plan along with blogging plans:

I am not able to see yet a custom hosting plan from any hosting company for small website owners or new blog startups or beginners.  All the plans are preassigned and fixed with features and prices. But there is a big demand for the custom hosting plan creation tool or feature. In which users can add and set up everything on their own. So that users can buy only those hosting, cPanel features that are needed. Currently, it’s like paying for 50 TV channels, when I only want to watch 3. Even it’s possible such plans exist for bigger companies or where more hosting power is required.

But it’s very handy and useful for all the users as well. So that not only it will save them money but also make it easy to buy hosting.

Yes, VPS and business hosting solutions can be the solution.

Experts or those who are skilled in the blogging field starts a new blog with proper planning and research. But when you’re new you don’t think about such things. Blogging is a big industry and millions of articles are published each day.

When you join this industry or start a new blog, you must do even rough planning about the vision, goals, and easy actionable plans.

For example, in your WordPress hosting plans, you can consider the following things:

In the beginning, you can consider shared hosting instead of managed WordPress hosting, if you want to manage file manager, (the place where you can make changes to the website folder), database and control panel. In shared hosting with cPanel, you will have more control over your WordPress blog.

You also have to add SSL in your hosting plan so that later, you don’t have to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Google recommended HTTPS for all the websites. It’s a little technical work to switch from HTTP to HTTPS later and it also impacts website traffic as well. So start with SSL when you buy hosting.

Also, instead of paying for auto backup, you can take backup on your own as well but considering auto backup is a good feature so that you can pay for that.

1 GB Ram is enough for 50 to 60 real-time users or 1500000 monthly traffic. It will not impact your website speed. But it’s important that your database is clean, WordPress is installed properly, themes are installed or utilized effectively.

So, the main thing in the hosting plan is how much traffic, database, real-time request it can handle.

And if you don’t like to handle anything technical but want the same power, resources, and speed for your website then you can also go with the business hosting plans.

In conclusion:

It’s possible that you already decided on your top 5 hosting companies in which one you choose to buy hosting for your WordPress blog. But one thing is important to remember, even after so much knowledge and technical expertise or research, it’s possible that in the future you will get problems in hosting plan or server.

In that case, you don’t have to get panic if most of the hosting things are not the way you want them to be. You can switch.

Switching from one hosting company to another is a part of your blogging journey. You will learn it and enjoy it and keep moving.

You can use various strategies. You can test web hosting for a month. In which you can practice setting up your WordPress blog. You can chat with the support and do all the things that you think you want to know. In that one month, you will get the idea about that hosting company and their marketing promises or tactics. If you’re satisfied then go with that hosting company. Else try another one. But do it with the top 2 or 3 from your selected list.

Nothing is perfect in hosting and technology. And no one is perfect. Each person has their own arguments and reviews.

So, you just have to trust your instinct, beliefs, skills, vision, and blogging goals then you have to buy the hosting for your WordPress blog that looks best for you. And you have to prepare for the challenges that will come. That’s the way I know.

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