Worrying about others thoughts is not your business

Worrying about others thoughts is not your business. They do not know about you. They do not know your strengths. They do not know about your skills. They don’t know your sweetness. They do not know about your beautiful heart. They do not feel your emotions. And simply they do not care about even your thoughts.
Important thing is that, they don’t have time to think about you. They are busy with their own crisis. Then why you are worrying about others thoughts. But if you are in the trap of others thoughts, so try below example.

What others think about me?-Negatives Thoughts

I am poor.
I am ridiculous.
I am a bad teacher.
I am a bad singer.
I am a bad writer.
I am not successful.
I don’t have dreams.
My English writing is disappointing.

Convert these negatives thoughts into positive.

Others: I am poor.
Me: But I am living happily.
Others: I am ridiculous.
Me: But I am making smiles on others life.
Others: I am bad teacher.
Me: But People are getting good teacher because of me.
Others: I am bad singer
Me: My friends do love my style.
Others: I am bad writer.
Me: That’s why I am writing.
Others: I am not successful.
Me: But I am trying hard.
Others: I am dreamy.
Me: Yes, I am creative.
Others: You are doing mistake.
Me: Yes, I am learning.
Others: My English writing is disappointing.
Me: But you are reading.

Now, Hope you are feeling confident.
Dear friends, not all are selfish. Some people care about you. Your family, friends, lover etc. care those who care you. And do analyze their thoughts. Your family think about you not others. But others are selfish. They do not care what, why, how?

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
Mahatma Gandhi

Do you care about others except your family? This is human behavior and reason of KALYUG. Do not worry about others behaviors with you. Do not angry on others. Convert their criticisms into your strengths. And Stop worrying others thoughts and start improving.

Do not hurt others feelings. Love your life. Live and let live. And stop worrying, God knows everything.

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