How to find good clients on Upwork?


There are more than 4 million registered clients on Upwork and the number is growing steadily. That’s why it can  simultaneously be really hard or really easy to find the  good clients. It is similar when trying to find a good freelancer for a job just as well. But here’s some food for thought; if a client on Upwork can  filter the freelancers to find the best ones for the job, then why can’t a freelancer filter the clients to find the ones with the best jobs? Experienced freelancer choose a project or job very carefully. That’s why experienced freelancers come up with the best work and get 5 star feedback on freelancing websites consistently to build a good reputation.

We can identify good clients by using things like client filtration options on Upwork provided for the convenience of freelancers. By filtering clients on various dimensions and parameters, we can come to the conclusion that the client is good or bad. There are good clients for good freelancers and bad for bad. Good freelancers attract great clients.  As you know the saying Tit for Tat. But how to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones? Who is telling the truth and who is lying in job description and during interview? For knowing these things you can determine and analyse the features of good clients. Decide after thinking rationally whether what you see is actually a good job or not, does it promise decent money, is it worth the time you will have to spendon it, does it communicate the details of the job clearly, does it motivate you in any way or does it look different.  The dimensions and opinions about good clients can be different for each freelancer. Client’s characteristics and work should match with the freelancer’s skills, qualities and goals. I mean both should have the same mentality or attitude (like a team) to finish the work or job, task or project successfully.

Here you can know about the top 5 great qualities of good clients you may  be dreaming to work with on Upwork or elsewhere. Clients with whom you will be justifiably rewarded for your skills and efforts. You can find out one or two clients like this for your successful freelancing career online or offline by using these quidelines.

By visiting above highlighted link you will learn about the qualities ofa good client that make him stand apart from the bad ones on Upwork, so that it’s easier for a good freelancer to find him. you will also know the benefits of working with or working for good clients whose best quality is that they appreciate quality of work.

So let’s know how you can  find a good quality client who is perfect for you on Upwork and other freelancing sites. This guide is based upon personal experiences I’ve had as a freelancer for many years. You should use these guidelines wisely after applying careful thought during execution and I cannot force you to do this if you feel uncomfortable. May be I am wrong. But I firmly believe that this is a good way of finding great clients that enhance your freelancing career.

Ways to find good clients on Upwork and other freelancing sites

1. Examine the job description or job proposal carefully

By reading job title and job description carefully we can find out whether the job is worth applying for or not. For example a client puts up the line “Science Fiction Ghostwriter Needed $35/Hour”. If this is the title of job description what do you think it’s relevance might be for your career’s success. Likewise, think twice before applying if the job description is very long with many example links and an information overload about the job. Consider that in this job description client wants a 300 words writing sample for the keyword –“future concepts in self driving cats”. This is an easy and clever way to entrap new freelance content writers and harness their talent for free. I feel negative about this for the following reasons:

  • Too many links in the job description suggests black SEO practices.
  • 300 words writing sample means if 10 freelancers out of 50 send sample then client can collect 10 articles content without spending money.
  • If client is paying $35 per hour then it means if you work for 5 hours a day then you can earn 11711 Indian rupees and monthly 3,51,330. Is it possible – I can’t think! How much client is earning in this situation. But this is a trap for new freelancer to collect content for keywords.
  • Required to hire 3 freelancers.
  • Experience: intermediate, duration: 6 months.

This kind of thing is done by freelancing agencies to trap new freelancers. Don’t apply for this kind of job because this type of work or client is not relevant for your successful career. You can earn money by doing such things but not successful career.  Take your time, understand job description, and see other things such as verified payment system, estimated time, experience, hourly or fixed. And then apply and work hard. Slow and steady wins the race.

Example ABC. This kind of job proposal can be from good client.

Title – Website content writer

Description: – Looking for a content writer for ………. online …….. Website.

Pages I need content for:

  1. Home page – around 200 words
  2. About us page – – do-
  3. Services – – do –


I have example of what I’m looking for to make your job easier. Do let me know if you’ve got any questions!


Project – Ongoing work, one time project other skills: business writing, content writing, creative writing, SEO.  Fixed price – budget $50, experience – intermediate level.

So in this job proposal everything is explained that is important before interview.

2. Analyze the language and tone used by clients in job description

A good client will use clean and to the point language as seen in the above example ABC. You can analyze the clients by their words and sentences used in the job proposal or job description.

For example 123:

  • If client is using polite and requesting words, sentences or tone it means he is very humble and down to earth. If in the job description you’re seeing request, please, urgent, immediate, honest, punctual, need, we would like someone, kindly etc. then it means the job is real and the client is good and professional.
  • If client is using suggestive words or sentences or tone in job description or interview it mean client have the knowledge about the task and looking for best freelancer based on best suggestions. The words or sentences or tone you are seeing such as “will you be a Magician’s virtual assistant, you will help, tasks include such as, excellent, friendly, proficient, trustworthy, looking for, who is excited to get started etc. in job description then it will be good client. This type of client is open minded, leader, entrepreneur personality, hard worker and honest.  This is not only good but great client you should work with. This type of client can get angry sometimes but they are real and very humble while dealing and chatting about the job.
  • If client is using impolite or dominating words or sentence or tone like some boss, bus conductor, govt. official, or bankers do then don’t work with these types of client. I mean if client is looking for freelancer in humble and suggestive or requesting ways then it’s ok. But if client is looking for a slave or talking to you like you’re  a servant then don’t work with him or her, they are not worth it. You are a freelancer, be careful that no one can use for your compulsions.  Ordering language or offensive words are not good communication method to use while we are doing online jobs or work. This kind of words put new freelancer or new talent under pressure to do the job.Too much show off and too much knowledge exploration in job description from clients is not such a good a thing.If client is very knowledgeable but not humble then he/she is not good to work with.
  • See and understand by the feedback of previous freelancers or client ratings.

Client is good or bad you can see this on his/her feedback in the bottom of job proposal.  But also check the feedback or rating of this client on freelancer profile for previous jobs. I mean you can check the profile of freelancer and see what client has given feedback on freelancer profile. This is the best method to see if client is relevant or good to work with.

3. See and understand by the feedback of previous freelancers or client ratings

Client is good or bad you can see this on his/her feedback in the bottom of job proposal.  But also check the feedback or rating of this client on freelancer profile for previous jobs. I mean you can check the profile of freelancer and see what client has given feedback on freelancer profile. This is the best method to see if client is relevant or good to work with.

4. Compare client budget and goals, time and your skills value

The client may be right in  everything else but if the project budget is too low then it is possible that he/she is pretending to behave nicely with you intentionally trying to get work done for cheap. Therefore you should see his old record. You can say for 30-40% advanced payments and increase the budget for the job. But if it is according to your expectation and skills value then no need to increase. You can also apply for low budget jobs if you’re a beginner on Upwork. If you’re skilled and you have proof of your excellent quality services then you charge according to the time, value and skills. So, if the client is with very low budget and high expectations without spending too much for their team this kind of client is selfish and totally not good for you.

A good client knows the value of skills and time. That’s why he/she prefers quality work for the right amount. If client doesn’t have the awareness about the work flow then you can ask and tell about such things, because at the end of the project we need positive feedback and five star rating and not just money. That’s why it’s really important that you apply for jobs you’re capable of finishing successfully.

5. Track the client during interview

When you apply for a job do you think the client is hiring you by reading your cover letter or by seeing test results? Yes, this is true in most cases. But clients also track you on social media and other platforms, because they want trustworthy person that’s why it is important for freelancers to update their social media profile and share informational things related to their field. On the flipside, freelancer can also track clients on the internet and see their social media profile (linked in, Facebook, twitter and their business websites etc. Why? Because if client is not sharing with you everything that is important for the job or if the client is expecting royal results on a poor man’s budget. Then it’s important to consider who we are working for and what are the effects of that work. Not all clients want to trick you into digital slavery for a measly payment, some clients are very good and they are available to support the freelancer in each step of the job. But you should clear all the things in interview. A good client will explain everything clearly in the interview and the previous record of the client is very helpful for you to understand and decide if he or she  is good or bad for you.

These are the ways to identify good clients from bad ones. But there are other methods also by which you can identify such as too attractive a heading and job description or over commitments etc. are not done by good clients. Good clients are great communicators, very good in behavior, leaders and professionals in their field.

That’s why it’s crucial for new freelancer that they consider above things while doing online jobs or working from home or working remotely with unknown people across the world. By considering above things carefully, you can write cover letter or job proposal accurately and satisfactorily before sending it to good clients.

Conclusion:  Generally no one is bad or good. Not one of us is 100% perfect in real life. We are bad for some and good for others at the same time. It all depends on our attitude and approach towards the situations we face and people we meet. If you do good work with quality and work hard for clients then you will get consisyent results such as five star rating, positive feedback and more money. So, do good work and leave rest on luck. The theory is simple: Tit for Tat; Do good have good.

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