7 Best articles about social media

Social media is an important part of our daily life. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter need no introduction. Today, social media is the main medium of communication, business, marketing, and news. On the one hand, social media is a means for the common man and society to fight for their rights and express … Read more

Best articles about the internet – Magic stick or Tension

This list of articles about the Internet has been prepared by me on the basis of various experiences over the last 14 – 15 years. I have also used the Internet for different things like other people. I have mainly used the Internet as a student, computer skills trainer, freelancer, blogger, marketer, developer, and business … Read more

How to overcome laziness and procrastination?

It takes constant effort and action to fight challenges in life, seize opportunities, advance in a career, and make the business a success. But what stops us from moving forward is our habit of laziness and procrastination. Due to the habit of lethargy and procrastination, we delay in taking decisions and actions. By the time … Read more

Articles on Online Education and Online Learning

This is the list of best articles written based on a personal point of view and observations. In these educational articles, we’re covering the importance of education, online learning, college importance, technology importance in education, how education helps us, and how education makes an impact in society. Not only that we’re also covering the posts … Read more

Disadvantages of online college: Online Education

“Change is the rule of nature” with the passage of time the need of human beings changes for the sake of new changes opts. In the same way in the education system changes are being done. Online colleges are the greatest revolution of today’s era. Earlier there were regular colleges to educate the students, with … Read more

Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning for Students

Online learning includes online courses, online degrees, online college classes/tuition, blog, videos, images, presentations, animations, diagrams, and various other visual objects and tools. The biggest benefits of online learning for students are low fees, freedom to choose a learning schedule, a variety of learning sources to choose and access to broad skills and expertise. Thousands … Read more