How to grow your YouTube channel

Quality video content, attractive thumbnail, keywords in the title, and interesting topics are now the youtube channel basics skills. What else new you can try to grow your YouTube channel in 2022? In this post, I will share some of the unique strategies and tips to grow your You/Tube channel in more detail. 1. Create … Read more

How to start online teaching at home

Teaching online at home or from home is the demand of the time. Teaching online is now more trending than ever worldwide. For the last 12 months, according to google trends search results, it’s rising in semi-developed and under-developing countries, and thousands of people searching to get information and ideas to start teaching online at … Read more

Best Basic computer course syllabus for beginners

If you want to use the computer for your business and career development and even to perform daily life activities the following computer skills are very important to learn. These are also important skills to learn before you start learning advanced computer courses and training. If you’re teaching basic computer skills or running a basic computer … Read more

How to build a learning environment for your kids at home

The learning environment in school and home plays a big role in students’ development. But due to #covid-19, parents, and teachers facing many difficulties to build a learning environment for kids at home. So, friends, in this article I am sharing a few tips so that you can build an inspiring, encouraging, healthy and creative … Read more

How to teach basic computer skills

Basic computer skills play a big role in students’ interest in the tech field. The basics of computers are the first thing that creates interest and explores creativity in students. There are various methods of teaching basic computer skills to kids, teenagers, adults, housewives, and senior citizens. Not all can learn in the same way … Read more

Maximizing Your Earnings as a Teacher: Alternative Income Options

Today with the help of the latest technologies I believe that every teacher can make more money by using available resources and opportunities on the Internet. It can be more than 70000 or less than 1000 rupees per month for all kinds of teachers. And it depends on someone what types of guidance he/she is … Read more

How can teachers motivate students

I think teachers can motivate students to learn, read and write by using scientific, spiritual, practical and creative teaching methods.  I am sharing the techniques and tips I have learned from my parents, school teachers, 12 years of computer teaching experiences. And after the small survey on the following options: Classroom Management: Following are the … Read more

What benefits students will get from creating their own website?

School and college time are very precious for students. It needs academic skills, technical skills, sports skills, information, data, and knowledge for an extreme survival situation in a career. Keeping that in mind learn about the importance and benefits of your own personal website for students in this article. Benefits of creating your own website, … Read more

Why teachers are important essay on teachers

Teachers play an important role in our life to become successful in careers and business. A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in society and good citizens of the country. Teachers know that students are the future of any nation. So the future development of any nation is in the hands of … Read more