Freelancing Beyond Freelance Platforms

Freelancing Beyond Freelance Platforms

In this post, we’re discussing the challenges and limitations faced by freelancers when using platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.
Mostly, we’re emphasizing that freelancing extends beyond these platforms and discussing alternative methods for promoting services and finding work online. We’re also stressing the importance of perseverance and exploring different avenues, even if they seem challenging at first, to succeed as a freelancer.

Website and Web Application Intro: Differences and Similarities

Website and Web Application Intro: Differences and Similarities

A website is a collection of web pages stored in a folder hosted on a hosting server. Various types of websites exist, including simple single-page business websites, portfolio websites, blogs, portals, and eCommerce stores. Each is designed to provide data and information to the public or target audience. Websites are predominantly static, serving to provide … Read more

Hva Er Strøm? (What is electricity?)

what is electricity

Electricity is defined by the movement of electrons. Electrons are charged particles that carry an electric charge — either positive or negative– that govern their path through space. Electrons in an atom’s nucleus have an extremely strong force of attraction to protons, while those in its outer shells don’t share this strength and can easily … Read more

Let’s Review iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max Technologies

Apple Park is in now in trends for its newly introduced new plants iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. As technology enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for groundbreaking innovations and their real-world applications. If you’re considering your first iPhone or looking to upgrade, Apple’s latest releases, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone … Read more

Essential basic computer skills for beginners to learn

Basic computer skills are core or primary computer skills. Which is from learning to turn on the computer to the use of a computer to achieve personal and professional goals. In the shortest and simplest way, we can define it like this “From computer basics to Tech savvy or Tech Pro”. You can also think … Read more

6 Cloud Storage Services for Secure Data Management

The use of cloud storage services to store and secure business and personal documents is almost essential these days. Modern entrepreneurs, small businesses, students, teachers, and organizations use cloud-based data storage services. With the use of Cloud storage services, you can secure and store your physical documents in digital format and all your personal and … Read more

10 Innovative Ways Technology Tools Transform Business Operations

Improving business operations is vital for long-term success, growth, and sustainability. It allows businesses to adapt to changing market conditions, meet customer demands, and stay ahead of the competition. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, technology plays a vital role in optimizing and streamlining operations. Embracing the right technological tools can lead to increased … Read more

5 Dynamic Business Intelligence Software for Decision Making

BI Sofware (Business intelligence software) helps in processing and analyzing large volumes of data, identify growth opportunities, and operational challenges, and empower you to make data-driven decision for sustainable growth. If you’re finding data overload, inefficient reporting, difficulty in decision making, inconsistency in data quality, and want to use data for growth and expansion then … Read more

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Tools

There are currently over 200 AI tools available for public use, including web apps, desktop software, and mobile apps. These tools come in both free and paid versions, offering premium features. AI tools or applications are used in various fields, such as education, development, business, automation, robotics, IoT, security, and more. The list of available … Read more

How do computer programmers put their skills into practice?

Computer programmers do a variety of tasks related to software development and technologies. Mainly as professional programmers, the job of a programmer is to design and develop software for desktop computers, servers, mobile and many other electronics or digital devices. Computer programmers write, test, and debug code, and update the code as per the changes … Read more

What is Computer Literacy?

Computer literacy is the use of computers, the Internet, and information technology by individuals and groups to perform their daily tasks, to achieve their own life, career, and business goals, or to help others. In simple words, when a person knows that he can use technology, computer, software, mobile apps, websites, search engines, and social … Read more

Streamline Your Business with Essential All-in-One Management Software

All-in-one business software is the demand of today’s time to run, manage, and scale business successfully. Increasing competition in the market, reduction in consumer purchasing power, increase in production cost, and managing teams and data are the challenges for small entrepreneurs. Benefits of using all-in-one application software in business All-in-one software and tools help small … Read more

Best articles about the internet – Magic stick or Tension

This list of articles about the Internet has been prepared by me on the basis of various experiences over the last 14 – 15 years. I have also used the Internet for different things like other people. I have mainly used the Internet as a student, computer skills trainer, freelancer, blogger, marketer, developer, and business … Read more

Top 5 Advantages of Learning Python for Beginners

Python is a structured, object-oriented, and functional programming language. It is a multiple-purpose programming language, tool, and technology that you can use for software development, web development, data science, game development, automation, and machine learning. It’s used by business analysts, web developers, data analysts, financial analysts, scientists, and educators. And we have selected Python Programming … Read more

10 Reasons Why Computer Software is Vital for Business Success

The use of Computer Software, Web, and Mobile application in business is as essential as getting customers. Software is a part of the business. No business can create, manage and deliver products and services in scale, faster, accurately, and transparently, privately without the use of software. If you start a graphic design business you need … Read more

Top 10 uses of Google Maps for Maximizing your Business

Google Maps is a GPS-based cross-platform web application that gives navigation power to people, businesses, and organizations to explore, access, visualize and add geographical regions, places, landmarks, incidents, and sites worldwide. Anyone can use Google Maps on Android phones, iPhones, iPad, Web browsers, and all other IoT devices free of cost. Google maps web service … Read more

The Top 5 Ways to Use Google Drive for Smarter Workflows

Google Drive is the ultimate data storage and collaboration platform that integrates with powerful productivity apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. With google drive, you can empower your team and increase seamless collaboration and effortless productivity of your time and your business! With setting up a google drive for the business you can store … Read more

How using website heatmap tools helps you to grow your business

Website heatmap tools are used to track user behavior and record visitor sessions. Heatmaps tools automatically generate data about users’/visitors’ behaviors, sessions, interactions, clicks, and scrolls. With the use heatmapping tools you can find the spots and opportunities to increase traffic, conversion and business. Website data analysis helps in increasing Business intelligence, website traffic, search … Read more

Top 10 most powerful uses of search engines

The use of search engines is now a part of our daily life and profession. Search engine work as guides, sources of business, assistants, teachers, and inspirations. One of the uses of computers and the internet in mobile, computer, and tablets is to use search engines. The uses of search engines are depending on the … Read more

Share your current WordPress website hosting experience with us

Hi friends this is Vijay here, This is a type of QA and review post. We request and are thankful to you and many others to share your WordPress Website hosting experiences such as speed, support, uptime, errors, hosting plan, and hosting company name in the comments.  You can please answer all if possible or … Read more

Top 5 reasons to learn Web Development other than Job

Web(www) is the way to create, access, and provide career, and business opportunities through websites on the internet. Websites, web services, and applications are created to exchange data, information, and knowledge between people and machines. The use of the Internet for everyone is different in various stages of life. There are various uses of the … Read more

The Critical Role of UX in Website’s Success

The goal of website design and functionality is to provide a great user experience. The UX and UI need to be growth driven. UX objectives are focused on the visitor (user).  If your web design, UI, website looks, feels and functionality is focused on the visitor or customer then it’s a good user experience. But … Read more

How to harness the power of WordPress optimized hosting

WordPress optimized hosting or Managed WordPress hosting is another type of WordPress hosting. The simplest meaning of WordPress optimized hosting is that the server is configured (software and hardware) to run and manage WordPress websites. Examples to understand WordPress optimized hosting: Servers are computers. And computers contain high-speed processors such as i7 or i9 and … Read more

20 Creative Web Development Projects Ideas for beginners

In this, you will get great programming project ideas for practice, create tools, and creative reasons to learn coding skills. You can use or make changes to these ideas and exercises for content creation, online business, and portfolio. 1. Learn any one-two programming language or learn to code in C, C+, C# or JavaScript, Python … Read more

The importance of data analytics in business

Discover in this post the importance of data analytics in everyday business. Learn how data analytics helps businesses to grow and become productive. And what are the key roles of data analytics in business, marketing, and management? So let’s start: Data analytics, data analysis, business data analytics are the modern technologies and methods to take … Read more

How high-speed internet connection benefits business

High-Speed internet connection service is very important for the success of the business.  Using high-speed internet for business speeds up the daily business operations and enables the business to explore new possibilities. That’s why it’s important to use a high-speed internet connection through Cable, hotspot, or DSL that provides 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps to … Read more

How to increase sales in your shop regardless of eCommerce : Video Post

How to drive customers back to your shop or increase sales, regardless of e-commerce competition? Strategies for shopkeepers to increase sales despite the competition from big eCommerce companies: 1. Identify the exact problem, Is it really from eCommerce websites? 2. Understand the pricing and selling strategies of eCommerce websites and learn to attract more customers. 3. … Read more

What is Business Software? Examples of Business Software Applications

Business software is a group of programs and functions that are designed and developed to do specific productive, creative, financial, and daily business work. Mainly business software is used to automate the business. It helps companies and small business owners to create, promote, sell, market, manage and scale their businesses. The use of software or … Read more

How to install any Software in Computer: Basics of Installation

Software installation is one of the 1st and most important operations in a new computer. The 2nd or 3rd … thousands of times software or applications are installed based on the goals of a computer. There are various reasons behind software installation on a computer. For example: If you want to make computer hardware functional, especially … Read more

14 most effective methods to get rid of top 10 types of Internet Scams

Avoid being scammed online on social media, shopping sites, payment apps, and various other Internet platforms. Find out the 14 most effective methods to follow in this post. Along with the growth of internet users, fraudsters and scams are also increasing. There are various uses of the internet in our life, business, and career. Due … Read more

Top 3 Online Service based business ideas for beginners

If you have completed digital marketing courses or if you know how to develop apps if you have completed a financial or business development course then you can try the following ideas to start your business. These business ideas are focused to help small business owners, shopkeepers, and teachers. If you think you can help … Read more

Why is internet safety important

The importance of Internet safety in between a variety of information, personal data, and property protection is really important. Internet safety is more important for users while accessing online banking services and shopping. Global computer networks provide us with various communication and information exchange facilities. In which big to small users of the internet cheated … Read more

What is Google Trends and how it is useful for you

If you want to know what are the trending searches, the latest trends, stories, insights and search terms on the internet (Google, YouTube, google images, news searches, Google shopping) then use the Google trends website that is developed by Google. It’s very useful for almost all kinds of organizations, entrepreneurs, leaders, working people, and students … Read more

What is business automation? Top 3 Examples of Business automation

Business Automation: Automation is the use of a computer, internet applications, machines and communication tools in the business that enables product/service to run smoothly without constant monitoring, efforts of business owners and team. Everything that we’re using as a consumer is the part of the business process. Almost everything that we see, touch, use, and … Read more

Ways you can follow to grow your small business faster

Business growth depends on many things such as product quality, market demand, business model scalability, production and distribution speed and the uses of information technologies. It’s important to find a sustainable balance when business is small. It can be with one product, service, marketing channel and production process and demand, and supply. It’s easy for … Read more

Uses of Video Conferencing software’s in your Business

The uses of video conferencing software and equipment in business communication improve the productivity and speed of execution. Cloud-based video conferencing apps are easy to use, cost-effective and important to use in business communication to compete in the market in this information technology era. There are many uses and benefits of video conferencing, video calls, … Read more

Importance of effective communication in business

Effective communication is very important in business to grow sales, provide support, convert website visitors into leads and inspire employees to engage customers. Communication is important in business to get the attention of people for your products, services, and sales funnels. Due to changes in technologies and customer behaviors these days, it’s more challenging than … Read more

Importance of open source software and it’s development

What I know so far is that open source software/web applications are created/maintained by the web/software developers/organizations/communities for free to use, practice, compare, and develop. In which users are granted the rights to use, study, modify, test, and distribute for free. The code of the software and application is available to download and users can … Read more

Top 15 Most Powerful Uses of Google Docs

Google Docs is a document-writing and editing web application inside google drive that is developed by Google. It means you can create documents, edit .doc files (Microsoft Word files), write letters, create reports, newsletters, banners, brochures, and almost anything that you need for official work. It means google docs is a word-processing software application and … Read more

Q/A related to Web Development Skills for Beginners

Questions related to Web development are answered in this article were asked by someone on our facebook page and the questions look answerable and valuable for web development beginners.  So I am writing all these without any research and I am just including my personal point of view and experiences and mostly that is my … Read more

Examples of How Software As A Services Works

Software as a service is a cloud computing business model in which almost everything from software, hardware to the platform is provided on a monthly, yearly and subscription-based price. Software as service means that companies no longer sell software and they sell service of the software. Software as service means companies, small business owners, freelancers, … Read more

SAAS: What is Software As A Service : Consumers point of view

SAAS means you’re paying rent for using the software. It means you’re not the owner or you no longer pay a one-time high upfront cost, it means you’re the tenant of software companies based on the license. You have to pay to keep using the software. Like you pay rent each month or yearly to … Read more

What does a digital marketer do every day?

Digital marketing is a method & skill used to promote and advertise a business online. There are various digital marketing skills such as Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media marketing that is mostly used by almost all kind of digital marketers daily. It means digital … Read more

How online courses unleash your learning potential?

In this post, you will get an introduction, definitions, and complete details about online courses. Take a look at what is an online course and the power behind the popularity of online education.   An online course is a change made by technology in traditional offline courses and education. An online course is a passive … Read more

How our minds are harvested by social networks

Have you noticed how popular certain mundane and even stupid ‘surveys’ on social media have become? Like “What is your Chinese name?” or “Who is your gossip friend?”. These quizzes, personality tests, games and friend comparisons appear harmless and even irresistible at first. Who doesn’t want to know what type of animal they were in … Read more

See the World through Google Lens, coming soon on all Android phones

Alphabet’s Google unveiled its latest breakthrough in mobile phone technology by rolling out Google Lens for All android devices in a phased manner. All those science-fiction scenes in movies where you can see the world through a high tech device that identifies objects in real life is now a science-fact, a reality made possible by … Read more

How to Stop Being Addicted to Your Mobile Phone

Remedies for mobile phone addiction: Mobile Phone is a very productive technological communication tool. After the advent of Apps, Internet connectivity and social media, mobile phones have become the go-to tool in our daily life. These advances in mobile phone technology created new kinds of habits, crises, uses, and operations that look impossible to stop. … Read more

Top 10 Productive Uses of Social Media in our daily life

If you want to the advantages of social media websites and apps in your daily life then you first need to understand clearly the productive uses of social media. When people congregate and interact on a social platform, the productive uses of social media can be seen when they share and exchange content that has … Read more

Why is big data important to business

Let’s learn today about the importance of big data and why it is so much important to business? And before I explore why is big data important, let’s understand what big data is actually? What is big data? Meaningful and meaningless data automatically generated by e-commerce stores, search engine, social media, government, online and offline … Read more

Importance of Data Visualizations Tools

Data visualization is a visual communication method that helps to read, analyze data and information with higher speed and accuracy. Data visualization is important to create meaningful information and decision-making power in the brain. Data is useless if it’s not creating any meaning. That’s why data visualization helps to present meaningful and productive data to … Read more