How AI in search engines can limit freedom and creativity?

Microsoft is a reputable and well-known company. People trust Microsoft products and services. Now as per the advanced in Artificial Technologies and tools, the Bing search engine is also introduced a new version. Which aligned in 4 big areas of the web that is search, answer, chat, and create. This means that the feature you … Read more

Top 3 highly productive uses of ChatGPT in Business

ChatGPT which is an Artificial Intelligence-based robotic chat application has taken the internet by storm within 30 to 40 days. As per internet sources, it has got 1M+ users so far, and even after the power of the Microsoft Azure hosting server, it’s struggling to remain 24/7 live. But that is the technical infrastructure that … Read more

ChatGPT: Is it just an AI chatbot or a new disease?

Hi, this is Vijay Sharma. I am sharing with you in this post the initial things about chatGPT. Which I found right and wrong in its use. The purpose of this post is only to research, awareness, and education about AI tools. You can disagree or agree with any of the ideas. I surely encourage … Read more

Benefits of artificial intelligence in business

AI making a difference in Business and profits. Artificial intelligence is an integration process between cloud computing, network devices, robots, computer, and digital content production and in various business processes, systems, and daily life operations. Artificial intelligence computing was in the past, today, and will be in the future. Currently, we are using robots or … Read more

How can artificial intelligence benefit humans?

Artificial intelligence can help humans to copy their brains, behaviors, and personalities into the machine so that when you’re not present in place of problems and opportunities machine can play your role. It is the group of programs and functions that run automatically when you use any tech device. It is in notifications, calls, chats, mobile … Read more

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