SEO impact on using too many pages views plugins in WordPress

SEO impact on using too many pages views plugins in WordPress

More post (page) views per visitor are important to reduce bounce rate, increase post rank, higher CTR, and more traffic. It’s also more important for those blog websites in which Google AdSense or display advertising banners are used. So, with more page views ads will get more impressions and it impacts the total earning amount … Read more

How to Insert Table in Microsoft Word Document- Word Tutorial

Microsoft Word Tutorial In Hindi - How to insert table

The table option is one of the most useful functions in Microsoft Word to present data and information effectively and systematically. You can use the table option to create reports, bills, index, students’ details, products details, machinery quotation, land figures, marks details, income reports, board meetings details, calendars, and many other things. You can use … Read more

How does changing website hosting affect SEO : Hosting Tips

How does changing website hosting affect SEO : Hosting Tips

Website hosting migration tips. Are you thinking to switch to a new host? What is the risk of changing your website hosting company? How does it impact the SEO, Organic traffic positively and negatively? Learn all of this information and guide in this post. The fastest, reliable, and feature-rich hosting company is a boon for … Read more

Website Design or Development/WordPress : Start acquiring clients from today

how to get clients - basics of website design business

In this video, you will learn 10 ways to get website design, WordPress website or blog, web development clients.
Following are the points discussed in this video:
1. Build your own Website
2. Showcase your Portfolio
3. Target Specific Business or Industry
4. Build your network and Connect with leading business owners and managers.
5. Blog on your personal portfolio website related to your target customers or industry.
6. Build a profile on Freelance Websites
7. Bid for Projects on Upwork and various other Freelance websites
8. Publish useful posts regularly on your own website.
9. Build your YouTube Channel and showcase your results.
10. Invest some amount on search engine advertising

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SEO impact on changing WordPress Blog Theme more often

blog analytics SEO - theme impact

Good blog theme load faster, readability of content becomes high, lower bounce rate, high-quality user experience and interface impact the SEO positively and increase blog traffic. But if change your blog theme often with low-quality themes then it will negatively impact the SEO of your WordPress Blog website. Don’t change your blog themes often or … Read more

Best Basic Computer Course Syllabus: Improve your computer skills

Best syllabus to learn in online or offline basic computer courses

If you want to use the computer for your business and career development and even to perform daily life activities the following computer skills are very important to learn. These are also important skills to learn before you start learning advance computer courses and training. If you’re teaching basic computer skills or running a basic … Read more

Top 12 things that you can do with old computers

Top 12 things that you can do with old computers

Digital Computers are one of the most powerful devices and inventions from the last many decades. The computer is a very useful device when it used by the right users. Things are changing along with time. Today, we have lots of old technologies to manage, dispose of, recycle and use. A computer is very useful … Read more

Website building courses online – Learn to create any type of website

website building courses online, learn to build any type of website

Find out all types of website-building courses in this post. Learn to create personal, business, blog, and eCommerce websites. Find out the HTML, CSS methods to create a website. Also, find out the courses on website builders. And you will also find out the courses to build a website without the use of website builder … Read more

How to create a website on your own for business

How to create a website on your own for business

There are various methods to create a business website on your own. But this post contains more than that. Here you will find step by step process to create a business website on your own along with tips, tutorials, and sources. So, I hope you will like it: 1. Make a list of goals that … Read more