Difference between domain and hosting

Difference between domain and hosting: Domain name is the verified address of your website on the Internet. Such as your friend name is Suresh and you saved his number with the name of Suresh in your mobile number.

When you click on Suresh name in mobile it will dial his number. Now it’s possible when you both have a mobile number. One mobile number connects with another mobile number. That’s when you type klientsolutech.com in a web browser it will open the website but behind the name of a website, there is an IP address. And you will be able to open it with your own computer IP address. One IP address connects to another IP address.

Similarly when you type domain of any website on URL bar it will open the website, but first, it uses your own computer IP address and then connect with the IP address of the server in which your website is hosted.

Let’s understand about the domain in simple language with an example. A domain is the name of your website that people type in browser URL to visit it. Now, this domain is opened it’s because it is hosted on another computer or server.

The IP address is what works for the browsers when we send and receive data and information on the Internet. One IP address is able to connect to another IP Address. This means when you browse the internet it will connect your computer IP address to the server. Now the server is another computer in which your website is hosted. That website has unique identification address such as www.jaimaajalpa.com and it is hosted on the server address. When someone types www.jaimaajalpa.com in a browser and hit enter then it will send a request to the server it is hosted and display the website.

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That’s simple, and what I understand so far.

Now let’s understand the difference between Domain and Hosting in a table.



A domain is the name of your website. Hosting means it will run from the Hosting server.
Domain name is like songs folder in your memory card. Such as your songs in mobile play from memory card, but it is played by the music player. Now music player is like a web browser. And songs are like a website. And the memory card is a server. And that server has address called IP. That is used to open the website.
You’re the owner of your domain name. Hosting is rented a place on the Internet to run your website.


You need to add domain name server in the DNS settings under domain management. You need to add the domain name in the hosting cpanel.


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