What is the difference between website and domain


Difference between website and domain: In this guide, you will learn the difference between website and domain. How it’s connected with each other. In simple words, the website is programmed web pages created by using HTML, PHP, Java, and CSS etc. and the domain name addresses in which all those things are connected. Following are the differences between website and domain that I know so far:



A website is a group of web pages that are saved and run on the internet through the connected server by using a specific address that is a domain. The domain is used to run and save the website from the server.
A website is like a folder on your hard disk. And hard disk, in this case, is a server. The domain is like a folder name that is saved on your computer.
A website is like a shop, factory, and business. The domain is like a shop name, factory name and business name.
Almost all the things that we do on the internet, actually we do on websites and the data store on the server. Each website that we open on the internet has a domain.
We build and create a website using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java etc. languages and we can also create a website using website builders. We have to purchase a domain from a domain registrar.
There are various websites such as Informational websites, e-commerce websites, video sharing websites, social networking websites, portfolio websites, blogging websites, reviews website and application websites etc. There are various domain extension for a single domain name, such as .com, .net, .in etc.
Website designs can be similar. Domain names can’t be similar.
The content of the website or web pages inside the website has to be unique and different from another website. Domain also needs to be different but we can use .in, .net if .com is not available.
You can create as many pages on the website. Such a sub folder with different content. You can create a sub-domain with related names. Such as sub-folder names.
You need to install WordPress or any application that you want to use to build a website on the server or root folder. After buying the domain you need to add Nameserver in domain DNS management setting.
You need to add the domain name in cPanel using Add on domain option in the shared hosting plan. You get domain Nameserver address after purchasing a Hosting package.
When you search for the domain in the search engine it will show the domain name but when you click on the domain name it will show you the website. You need to verify the ownership of the domain when submitting domain and website in search engine for indexing pages.


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