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About Website

Success, happiness, skills, income, and growth is important in personal and professional life. It starts with identifying own dreams, situation, goals, powers, skills, and creativity. But it takes the right guidance, coaching, knowledge, skills, and course to achieve personal and professional success fast. And we’re trying our best to help people in this. And this website/blog is a method of communication and sharing personal, professional experiences with our readers.


Klient Solutech was started as a personal and computer skills development institute in 2011 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. And we taught various computer and internet skills to all kinds of students and age group people.

The problem was that we were not able to serve more people due to a lack of funds and staff to expand. And we didn’t want to charge higher fees from students. Most of the students were from below lower-middle-class income families. Still, we were only able to take 3-4 classes of 20 to 30 students per day.
To solve this problem, we started this website in March 2013. And we found that blogging is a great way to do just that. And after 2018 we moved fully to connect with millions of students and learners worldwide.

In 2019 we’re were able to get average 300000+ monthly readers from various countries such as India, America, Canada, Australia, England, and even from non-English speaking countries.

Our articles shared, rated, and referenced by many students, teachers, bloggers, school websites, colleges, and even technology companies, blogs, and magazines. We’re thankful to our readers and technology companies to support us in this journey.
But it’s a start. We want to make our readers incredibly powerful, skilled in personal, and professional life.

You can connect with me on Social Media and keep getting useful and practical solutions, ideas and daily inspiration.
About Vijay Sharma

Hi, I am Vijay Sharma from Shimla, India. I like to write and share my personal ideas, skills, methods, resources, tools, techniques and professional experiences in this blog.

Let’s start with a little background. 
Job Experiences: 
I started my professional life in 2007 as a basic computer course instructor in a computer coaching center. After that, I worked with 3 to 4 private computer coaching centers and 2 small IT services companies until 2011.

Business Experiences: From 2011:-
In 2011 own private personal and computer skills development center (Later KIlient Solutech Pvt. Ltd – personal and computer skills development and service company in 2013 ) in Shimla. The fees were only 500 to 1000 rupees monthly. 
The success point, When we reached 40 students per month. With the help of 3 instructors (Devender, Neelam, and Amita), We were able to train them very well for more than 6 months, I haven’t imagined this when I started. 
In the beginning, it was very tough, even I took 1 computer and 1 chair for few months from someone. Thanks to everyone for their support and love. 
The story is big and amazing, will tell you later. 
Freelancing Experiences: From 2014:- 
In 2014 due to some seasonal loss in business, I moved to freelance, Upwork (oDesk), and got the first project after 60+ rejection. After that, I found it very interesting for financial and own knowledge growth. I started as a website designer and technical support. Even in that time, I was not that much skilled in websites and online business. But the clients were great and helped me to learn.
I worked with Australian, Singapore, American, Chinese, and many other countries clients for many years. Completed more than 24+ projects online with 5 star feedback and current success score is 100%. And some of those projects were big and taken more than 6 months to complete. Even I worked for a few clients for years. 
It was a very good experience.

YouTube Experiences, around (2015): 
Only uploaded 5 to 6 Videos, more than 1500+ subscribers. 3+ Videos have more than 25000+ views. I will start training on YouTube very soon.

Blogging Experiences: From 2013: 
2013 to 2020: Writing and sharing technical, personal, and professional experiences, views, tips, and techniques to become powerful in professional and personal life.

Designed 50+ websites for various clients. 
Designed 20+ logos for various clients
Written 100+ articles for eCommerce company as a content writer. 
and many others.

I think the above experience is enough to visit this blog daily for learning new things and become skilled and successful in educational, professional, and business life. 
I don’t know what to tell more about myself? 
Now tell me about yourself. What do you want to achieve next? What are the things in which you’re struggling in your career and business? Let me know, How can I help you more?