How to stop playing mobile betting games


Betting of any type whether it is casino, street betting, sports betting, political, stock market related and slot based mobile games. There are various types of betting games those generally not be considered good and safe. Everyone I think understand the risk of playing such betting games. But still play.

In the last post, I shared the disadvantages of playing mobile betting games, that might be addon thoughts for you along with this post. This post is based on personal observations and common practices and more about practical actions that you can consider and try to avoid remaining addicted to playing betting game.

So, let us get started!

Write the reasons, how you are getting caught into playing mobile betting games

    You might say, and it’s easy to guess, that you want to win the lottery, want to earn more money quickly, found a quick way to earn money, and that’s why you’re playing mobile betting games, whether they’re related to cricket or any other slot games.

    But actually, money is not the only reason why you’re getting caught by betting games or getting attracted to them. Once you identify and analyse the methods that are used to catch people like you, you can easily protect yourself and your money. And I will help you with this.

    Here are the reasons:

    1st Trap: Quick Money

    Obviously, the first reason is to try your luck and earn thousands or even crores within minutes or 3 to 4 hours. The potential to earn such amounts in the shortest duration compared to any other work in the world accessible to you is why you play it.

    But what happen after this:

    • You recharge or add money to the game with amounts like 50, 200 rupees, or even 2000 rupees, as per the minimum required amount. Sometimes you win, lose, win, lose, then lose, lose, lose, and win. Now, win, win, and lose, lose, lose, lose.
    • This becomes an infinite loop, in which neither you nor anyone else can understand whether they are winning or losing. While it seems they win 2000 rupees today, they never consider that they also lost 1000 rupees so far. So, they win 1000 rupees. But in the next turn, they will lose 2000 to earn 1000. This pattern is programmed, and it becomes a loop in which you become habitual.

    2nd Trap: No effort, no skills required but opportunity to win millions:

    Earning money is not as easy or fast, even if you have a job or a good business. Mobile betting games may appear to offer quick and easy money, but it’s essentially random chance. Initially, spending just 50 rupees on each game or doing a 200 rupees recharge may not seem significant. It’s seen as trying one’s luck. However, once you start losing, feelings of failure creep in.

    If you possess the attitude of never giving up, you’ll continue playing in hopes of winning because you believe you can’t lose. Unfortunately, this mindset can lead you down the wrong path, where you start never giving up even on bad habits and things, perpetuating a cycle of playing again and again.

    3rd Trap: Strategies

    This is a strategy by betting games. Winning each time or each day is impossible. But if you start playing less, you will start winning. But then when you will start playing more again, you will start losing. Now in this loop you lose the money.

    4th Trap: Fantasized through advertising and influencer

    Many influencers, including well-reputed sports players, online advertising, and content platforms, are filled with betting-related advertisements. Even if you’re committed not to play, seeing those ads repeatedly can manipulate you into downloading the app and adding money.

    5th Trap: Referral program – Commission

    Through this, the game or mobile betting apps spread like a storm. Almost everyone shares it with others, hoping to earn money once someone downloads or adds money to the game. Many engage in playing betting games on mobile using that money. Some do not add their own money but try to earn through commissions.

    In doing so, they not only spread this dangerous and unethical activity in society but also unintentionally or intentionally damage the society and their friends and network. Those who become serious about betting risk losing their savings, salary, family emergency funds, relationships, confidence, and may even resort to self harming actions or other bad habits. And you know that one bad habit will attract more bad habits.

    6th Trap: Location Tracking – Location based winning

    When you download the app or play the game, gaming companies have access to your location. They know where you’re playing or downloading from, and they also have access to your network. So, in that network, if fewer people are playing, the company can make someone a winner in one location on a certain day, and another winner in a different location or city.
    What happens after that is someone may tell you they won 1000 rupees today, but personally, you lost on that day. You may notice such occurrences happening in a pattern after 10 or 20 days.

    7th Trap: Legalized or Govt. earning Tax

    Many companies promote betting apps as skill-based games, exploiting loopholes in regulations. Government may not intervene due to the revenue it generates. This raises ethical questions, as people prioritize quick wealth over meaningful pursuits. Parents’ contradictory actions, spending on betting while denying children basic needs, highlight skewed priorities.

    It’s a concerning trend distracting from personal and societal growth. For example, many people are displaying their limitations to their kids, telling them they can’t afford to buy a bicycle now or this month. Yet, these same individuals spend 5000 rupees on betting games in the hope of earning at least 10000 rupees within minutes or hours. And after an hour they lost those 5000 rupees as well.

    8th Trap: Free Daily or Weekly Reward

    Betting gaming apps offer free rewards or cash to play, whether weekly or as cashback. These rewards entice you to continue playing, often resulting in winning some amount. Subsequently, you may feel compelled to add more money in hopes of winning more, falling into the trap of becoming an active user. When you cease playing, you receive more free rewards, but only until you recharge or add money. Once you start adding money, the free rewards disappear, and you begin losing money.

    9th Trap: Small Amount to Play

    In ancient and modern times, betting or visiting casinos was the game of kings and the rich. However, nowadays, even those earning 500 rupees per day may start spending 50 to 100 rupees, as there is no entry barrier. These betting games generate thousands or millions of dollars daily, paying taxes to governments. However, it’s not the rich who become poor and addicted; rather, it’s students, job seekers, professionals, educated individuals, small business owners, and common people with dreams of becoming wealthy. The societal belief system becomes infected by betting games like a virus, leading to disbelief in truth, hard work, skills, and knowledge.

    Online betting websites and mobile apps may seem like a 24/7 money-making machine, but they are designed to generate millions of dollars per hour for the operators, not for the users. Why would anyone create a platform intended to make you rich? Do you believe opportunities to earn money are created to make people wealthy, especially when they require you to pay?

    Who is responsible for all of this?

    • Is it the betting game apps/companies behind these games?
    • Is it the government allowing such betting companies to continue operating?
    • Is it due to common people who don’t have time and work?
    • Who is responsible?
    • Or is playing betting games really an addiction?

    The answer lies in the self-reliability and value system of individuals. It’s a matter of self-analysis.

    But think of those people, their kids, and families who get ruined by such gaming apps. Think about how we are making our country and society unproductive and addicted. Think before sharing such games with your friends and family about how bad things can get if someone becomes addicted. You earn a few rupees in commission, but you are unknowingly causing damage to your friends and their families.

    How does betting games impact your mind and productivity?

    1. Guilt and Financial Regret: When losses occur, the weight of squandered earnings leads to guilt, especially regarding unmet family needs. This guilt cycle erodes confidence, perpetuating further gambling in an attempt to reconcile past losses.

    2. Distrust in Hard Work and Financial Stability: A reliance on gambling for fleeting happiness fosters distrust in traditional avenues of success. Even with a renewed commitment to work, the allure of betting can sabotage efforts, rendering saving nearly impossible.

    3. Escalating Financial Debt: Addiction drives individuals to borrow funds for necessities, only to divert some toward gambling. Over time, this cycle escalates, resulting in substantial bank loans and years of repayment, culminating in deep remorse.

    4. Severe Repercussions: In extreme cases, individuals are forced to liquidate assets to settle debts, resulting in loss of relationships, employment, and reputation. This downward spiral may prompt self-destructive behaviour.

    5. Impact on Personal and Family Life: Initially harmless, betting evolves into a compulsive habit, exacerbating financial stress and straining familial relationships. Communication breakdowns and emotional volatility disrupt the family dynamic, fostering a toxic environment.

    6. Deterioration of Productivity and Focus: Excessive time spent on mobile betting detracts from academic pursuits and professional responsibilities. Whether a student or business owner, productivity suffers, leading to diminished success and personal fulfilment.

    Now, after writing and analysing all of the above factors that attract and impact you while playing betting games, I think you will come up with your own ideas and solutions on how to stop playing the betting and break the addiction of online gambling.

    But to help you further, I will share some of the ideas and best practices that you should consider to stop addicted to mobile betting games or online betting games on your own.

    Ways you can stop getting addicted to mobile betting games apps

    1. Uninstall the betting game apps

    The first and most important step is to uninstall the mobile betting games from your phone. This is because these games will keep you on track, as well as send you notifications. There are higher chances that someday you may feel the urge to play even if you’re committed to stopping. That’s exactly what these apps want, as they aim to encourage you to add money to the game and start playing. So please uninstall them.

    2. Disconnect yourself from the betting network

    You might have joined many groups and communities related to betting games. You need to leave those groups so that you won’t see any updates or fantasy messages. Additionally, you should mute friends who regularly share their betting games or apps. Stop following channels that provide tips for betting.

    3. Report and block betting-related advertisements

    Everything we do and search remains in our browser history and cookies, whether it’s on a mobile browser, laptop, or computer browser. Due to web tracking by these apps and technological tools, you remain in the loop of betting. Mainly, you’ll keep seeing advertisements, ads, or short messages related to betting. This is a remarketing technique used by companies to re-engage you with the betting app.

    So, whenever you encounter such ads, you can block or report them. This ensures that you won’t see them again, and no social media or any other website you visit will serve you those betting ads.

    4. Clear your browser cache, history, and cookies

    In addition to blocking betting-related advertisements, you should also clear your browsing history, block third-party cookies, or cookies related to betting apps. You can even reset the browser to remove your digital footprints. This will help you completely block access as well as advertising related to betting.

    5. Use your free time with family

    I’m sure you’re aware of the times when you’re most likely to engage in betting. If you’re a student, it might be after school, and if you’re a professional, it could be after office hours, in the evening, after lunch, or before dinner. Take note of these times when you’re free and tend to play betting games.

    What you can do during those times is spend quality time with your family. Help your parents with household chores, assist your spouse in making dinner, or dedicate time to your children, helping them with homework or engaging in activities together.

    The key is to occupy that time with family activities that keep you busy and prevent you from thinking about betting.

    6. Start building productive habits

    Bad habits tend to form automatically; you become addicted to them without much effort. However, building good habits requires strong commitment, purpose, confidence, and hard work.

    You’re capable of achieving this, so start cultivating good habits. This could involve studying, taking an online course, learning or enhancing a hobby, starting a part-time business, or engaging in something productive related to your job, business, or career.

    By focusing on building good habits, you’ll naturally steer away from bad ones. As you develop healthy routines, bad habits will gradually fade away.

    All of this is incredibly beneficial in making you more productive and mindful.

    7. Avoid discussions and debates related to betting games

    You and your friends may be accustomed to sharing both successes and failures related to betting, including promo codes, other apps, and all content associated with it. It’s possible that betting discussions are common among you. In this case, what you should do is remove betting-related vocabulary, words, and incidents from your memory. Refrain from discussing it favorably. Alternatively, you can suggest to your friends that they refrain from playing.

    The main point is to distance yourself from discussions that are unproductive and unhealthy for your career and business development.

    8. Keep yourself busy to leave no time for betting

    The more you stay busy and productive in your career and business development activities, the better you will feel. It’s crucial to stay occupied to avoid dwelling on past betting mistakes and feeling tense about them.

    For instance, if you’re a small business owner or shopkeeper, instead of dwelling on the loss of money from betting, focus on your business. Consider how you can better serve your customers, anticipate their future needs, and deliver on promises.

    By immersing yourself in business and career development activities, you won’t have idle time to think about betting and other unproductive habits. This approach not only helps in quitting betting games but also aids in breaking other types of harmful addictions.

    9. Learning from Others

    Engage with stories of individuals who have faced failure in betting, whether through reading or watching. Explore how they became ensnared in betting, their struggles, and ultimately, how they overcame their addiction. By delving into these narratives, you can glean valuable insights into the traps and pitfalls of betting, as well as the solutions others have successfully implemented. Take note of strategies and actions that resonate with you, and consider integrating them into your own journey towards overcoming betting addiction. Learning from the experiences of others can provide invaluable guidance and inspiration on your path to recovery.

    10. Managing Finances to Curb Betting Habits

    To mitigate the risk of overspending on betting apps and games through UPI transactions, it’s advisable to keep less money in your UPI wallet or app. Given the ease of access and prevalence of multiple bank accounts linked to UPI. This way it becomes difficult for individuals to keep adding funds and continue playing.

    While UPI is essential for various transactions, reducing the available balance in your wallet can deter impulsive spending on betting. Consider allocating excess funds to a fixed deposit in your bank account rather than keeping them as liquid cash.

    If you find yourself unable to resist the urge to add money, consider removing bank details from your UPI app altogether. Additionally, entrusting the excess money to your spouse or parents can further restrict your access to liquid funds.

    By implementing these measures, you can effectively save money instead of squandering it on betting games.

    In conclusion, the scourge of mobile betting games presents a multifaceted challenge, encompassing psychological, financial, and societal dimensions. This article has shed light on the traps inherent in such games, from the allure of quick money to the insidious tactics employed by gaming companies. It has underscored the detrimental impact on individuals’ mental well-being, financial stability, and relationships.

    However, by adopting proactive measures outlined herein, such as uninstalling betting apps, disconnecting from betting networks, and managing finances responsibly, individuals can break free from the grips of addiction. It is through collective awareness and decisive action that we can pave the way towards a healthier, more productive future, untainted by the perils of online gambling.

    In practice, it’s crucial to analyse your own activities and tailor solutions to fit your personality and circumstances. Everyone is unique, so understanding personal tendencies and triggers is essential. By customizing interventions, you can effectively combat betting addiction and regain control over your behaviour. This personalized approach fosters self-awareness and empowers lasting change.

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