13 Powerful Methods to increase your productivity at work each day


These powerful work efficiency tips will help you to increase your productivity at work amazingly. And you can learn to increase productivity at the workplace with examples in the following creative suggestions.

So Let’s start: More Productive – More satisfaction at the end of the day. Productivity at work maximizes business revenue, expand knowledge, and grow customer and reasons for excellence at work. To achieve excellence, revenue, growth, knowledge, and passion you need to be productive. Productivity is the balanced situation between work and life.

I will share this article with my personal views and tips to become more productive at work. Productivity for me is about the things that help to gain knowledge, power, and income in business. So How to be more productive at work?

I am working for years on daily basis and I practiced a few amazing methods for productivity. Following are the ways you can try to become more productive at work:

1. Prepare your mind and body to be productive before you start your workday

Do not involve yourself immediately in the first task of the day. It’s because the 1st work you do can fix you for a long time and doesn’t allow you to think outside of the box. That’s why you need to prepare yourself to become productive at work before you start your workday.

What can you do?

  • Before going to an office or sitting at a desk thinking about what you can achieve today, to reach your goals.
  • List down the small steps that you can take today.
  • I mean think about everything in advance, min. 10 minutes before you start any work. It will help you to prepare your mind.

2. Control your brain

I believe that the speed of the brain is higher in the morning. We think about lots of things related to work and personal life. After sleep, our brain has fewer burdens and the capacity of thinking is higher. So if you allow your brain to think about the negativity of yesterday and the past, then it will take you into the sea of negativity. And you can’t recover yourself quicker for the daily duties.

Instead of thinking past, think about opportunities you can grab today. See and read motivational quotes. Do physical exercises and never allow your brain to think about the past/future and direct it to the task of the day.

So if you’re facing this problem in the morning time, then create a to-do list, each night before you sleep. You can also do this in the early morning but it takes more time, so watch that and run. And don’t look back until you have not completed 70% of the tasks.

This is the latest practice I do in the morning. I am very much satisfied.

But don’t forget you have to turn your good start in the workplace into the greatest end. And this is the way of productivity.

Example: In a cricket match when team A gets a good start from the opening batting pair, it will open the opportunities middle order to set a higher total on the board.  And if team A has set less fighting total on the board, but Team A ballers did a great job and got 2-3 wickets in earlier overs, in the opening spell, it will create pressure on Team B and the chances of winning the match for Team A is higher than team B.

This is the way, even if are not focused in the morning, you get recover later, but then you can’t be that flexible, free and wealthy in your work.

I hope you got my points. Try this practice for one day. You will see that your productivity increased 90% higher than yesterday at work.

3. Don’t do the research before lunchtime

I think the empty brain can’t do the research, especially in the morning. (empty brain means when there is no clarity in the data that is in mind, or without learning) Just give Person A task of thinking in the morning, I mean research. And give the same task to person B after 9 PM or in the evening, person A will not be able to receive the task and will present some negative points in the research. And person B receives and presents a more productive report than person A in the evening.

You can test this practice by yourself. For example, if you’re a blogger and your first task is to research the keyword that you want to write today then you will not be able to focus on the one keyword.

If you’re a Graphic Designer and want to adjust the color and appearance of your website, you will not able to stand on one theme.

If you want to share something on social media such as a Good Morning message, and you search for the best images on google, you will not be able to finalize which one is best or which one is not.

Instead, try these same things in the evening or after 9 PM and you will see the difference in time in all the above 3 tasks.

Worldwide one solution to this problem is focus and clarity in your thoughts. But clarity and focus do not come without thinking in advance and preparing for the task that you want to do.

That’s why the first point in this article, is about preparing your mind even roughly for each task of the day. This way of thinking scientifically will increase your productivity, and save time and you will accomplish more than you expected in the workplace.

4. Communicate smartly with artificial intelligence for higher productivity when working on the internet

The negative point, Artificial intelligence is an old problem with a new package that will be going to distract people more than ever in the future if it’s not programmed effectively in the application. It will distract and even waste lots of time on its users.

I mean think before you open the browser on your computer and mobile. Think before you sign in on social media. Think before you search on Google. Think before you open an Email.

Do not do it for the sake of habit. Change this habit. And don’t do it, until you don’t have a proper reason for doing this.

Just raise your standard, and raise it towards your goals for the day, week, month, year, and life.

If you do not agree with me, then tell me, how often do you see Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba owner, and Reliance owner update their profile on Facebook?

How often do you see that the top 100 Forbes billionaires updated their status on social media in a week?

They don’t, it’s because they don’t have time and they are busy achieving their goals, they have duties and they are not attracted to people, they are not looking for likes and shares on their posts. They are doing, what they mean to do.

Even tell me about the person in your relationship or in the friend circle, you think more successful financially than others. How much does he/she update and use social media, emails, search engines and other tech things?

I don’t mean social media is a waste of time. I think people don’t know how to use their time on the Internet effectively. In which everything is programmed to use your time.

I don’t mean the above people I have mentioned don’t use social media and tech tools. But they use to listen. They use it to identify what people are doing and what are sharing. They listen

Technically, the difference between productive and unproductive people at work is that productive people act on reactions and unproductive people react to actions.

They listen to everything, and they know a maximum number of things but they don’t react.

Why they don’t? And many do. It’s because they don’t do anything without planning and intentions.

And those who do immediately don’t have plans and solutions to the problem and situation, so they have just fewer options, like, comment or share an argument. And it’s okay, what else they can do other than react? They are doing what they are capable of doing.

It’s all about thinking and planning to use the situation, time, trends, habits, patterns, data, and information for the goodness of own, society, business and country.

Following are the key points for you in the above explanations that will help you to increase your productivity without technical distractions.

  1. Don’t react to each notification without planning and thinking.
  2. Listen, analyze and forget. Return later on it, when you will have reason to speak.
  3. The best reactions are to plan actions that can be beneficial to you and your business.

5. Complete the one thing with full focus

Sometimes one thing can take more time, but if it’s taking keep going with it. Make the most of it when you’re in momentum and full form. No matter, if it’s evening, morning and night, just keep your focus on the target. And keep walking.

6. Recharge your mind again after finishing the first work

Drink your favorite coffee, eat your favorite fruit, go for walk, listen to your favorite joke, and see your funniest photo. And if you can’t able to do these things, just fold your hands inside or close your hand.

Just walk from your chair and see and observe the things around you. Such as birds, rivers, trees, and flowers and focus deeply. It will help you recharge your body and mind for the next task. It’s a natural way to gain the positive power to increase productivity at the workplace.

7. Communicate less in the morning

It will save your energy for the day. Don’t try to explain everything to everyone. Just tell one person, to explain to 10 people. When you spend less time in the less productive conversation then you can spend more time on productive conversations related to work.

8. Don’t use social media in the morning time

There are thousands of things happening in online society. Thousands of type’s content was shared between your sign-out and log in and that can distract you and take you more time if use it in the morning and it can make you negative.

And it’s obviously attractive enough to direct/redirect you to the website and page that will not relate to your to-do list. So stop following this practice, until you don’t have reason to do this if you’re looking to become more productive.

We get success in one second. We get distracted in one second. We make a great deal in one second. And we can change our minds in one second. Focus on this one second of the time.

9. Don’t’ see and think about your income and cash problem in the morning

Please read the first point. You can’t become highly productive if immediately after you get up you start seeing your bank statement, earning report, and many other things. No one was sitting there for you at the midnight to transfer money to your bank account.

Everything raises according to sunlight even your financial situation.

Just for me, for one day in the workplace, shine like a SUN. For one day walk like Water. Flow like an Air. Focus on work like a storm. Think like a Bird.

My friend, these are the most precious tips I ever thought of so far in my life, that I am sharing with you. So work like Nature works. And do it for a week and your Karma will bring you lots of income than you have ever earned from your income sources.

Believe in yourself, understand the situation and think each night, how can I improve my situation, business, income, and productivity tomorrow?

10. Plan to write in the morning, but prepare

If you want to write in the morning, then don’t start with the empty title, else, create a draft or rough ideas that you’re going to write, and after that take a break. Or do this today evening, so you can focus on writing tomorrow morning.

11. Change the environment for each task

If you’re a writer, write around nature. Sit near nature or just place some indoor plants around your work area. Focus and quality writing required two things, existed plan what you want to write today and focus.

For focus make sure you receive vitamin D. You can sit down in an open place where you can get the sunlight and able to see the sun and where you’re able to receive natural and fresh air. If you do it, it will improve your focus, increase positivity, and makes you energetic and these things are enough to become productive in whatever you do.

And you should be alone in that room or on the balcony where you’re writing your draft.

If you’re a designer then do it inside, listen to some creative music with one rhythm.

Even you can play it in the background. Don’t try to make your design perfect, try to make it meaningful. Don’t make it the final version. You can edit it later to create a newer version.

12. Do the toughest-looking work in the beginning

At the end of the day, it’s tough to work on a difficult task. It’s because our brain is exhausted, it is overloaded, and lower in speed so it’s better to start your day with the most difficult work.

13. Don’t chase people, let them follow you

And don’t try to chase people. Let them make to follow you. And you can do it by improving your personality, work ethic and humanity.

My closing point is that you can choose a productivity tool to track and manage your work and business. But remember, the more you practice and focus each day on productivity, the more it will improve.

That’s it, friend, you can customize the above methods or follow the default to improve productivity. These are the best practices of productivity that I shared with you. I hope it will be helpful for you.

If you like it, you can help other people who’re getting problem with productivity at the workplace by sharing this article on social media.

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