4 Best Basic and Advanced Word Courses Online


Find out the top-rated online courses to learn basic as well as advanced Microsoft Word Skills online. You can take any of these online courses to learn Microsoft word skills online. These courses are best for beginners as well as for professionals.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular educational, personal and business productivity software to learn. Joining online word classes or online course is the fastest and best method for beginners to follow to learn Microsoft word skills.

Especially for beginners, those don’t know what type of word skills is important to learn in Microsoft Word or for those don’t know what to learn or not.

Whether you’re a beginner or students and looking for an online course with good syllabus or have some experience in previous versions of Microsoft Office or Word such as office 2010 or you’re looking to use Microsoft Word in business or educational or in personal works.

But before we proceed or if you came to this website 1st time then we let you know that we have shared our top Word experience in following articles that you must read or that will also help you to improve and expand your Microsoft Word Knowledge.

These articles read by millions of people so far on Microsoft Word are so much useful and our goal is that every learner of Microsoft Word application must read these articles once: Discover: Top 11 Microsoft Word Articles you must read

So, this list will help everyone to find out and explore various skills to learn Microsoft Word and we have created this list with considerations of all types Microsoft word skills and knowledge that is required for official, personal, business professional, and educational works.

Top 10 online courses to learn basic and advanced Microsoft word skills:

Master the most famous Word processing tool, Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365.

1. Master Microsoft Word – Word from Beginner to Advanced

If you’re a student or just a beginners who don’t know the proper syllabus and step to learn to become expert or master in Microsoft Word, then you can take try this course. This course is also best for those who only want to build only Microsoft Word application skills.

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2. Microsoft Word 2019/365 for Beginners

If you want to learn Microsoft Word for practical official and personal work then you can try this course to learn Word skills. As per this course information you will be able to practice on 7 Projects + 60 assignments. This course is best suited for those want to use Word for job and business purposes. Exercises or assignment will help you to learn more easily and practically.

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If you want to practice on more samples after these courses or during these courses, here we have shared the list of basic Word exercises that you must try.

3. Ultimate Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Access

If you’re looking to learn not just Microsoft Word but also basic and advanced word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook, team and access skills with more practical’s and professional course then this all in one Microsoft office course course can be helpful for you.

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4. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals and essentials

This course is best for those want to use latest version of Microsoft Office that is Office 365 in Business and workplace. If you already have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office then you can try this course to understand the latest features, tools and fundamentals. As per the syllabus of this, it will not look that this will cover each application and features of Microsoft 365. But it also cover how you can learn and use the Microsoft Office 365.
But if you’re a beginners, who even don’t have practiced or worked in Microsoft office so far then they can try above courses rather than this.
But if you want to upgrade and want latest general overview of Office 365 and administrative features and skills then you can join this course.

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If you’re still not sure, how to learn then please read this post: How to learn Microsoft Word quickly, effectively and easily


There are so many online courses and methods to learn Microsoft Word or Office 365. But we have shared what looks best for us to share with your readers for students.
We don’t guarantee that only these courses will work best for you. It worked for many students as per the reviews and feedbacks. But you can also do your own research as well.

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