List of Microsoft Word Exercises for Students

Microsoft Word Exercises for practicals: –  This article is very important for a basic computer course, college and school students learning Microsoft Word online and offline. In this, you will get the best ideas on how to learn Microsoft Word. The best way to learn anything is by doing exercises and creating samples of existed materials of experts.

It’s ok that you know about Bold, Italic, Page Layout, Insert Menu, and View options, etc.  but it’s great that if you can use such options in creating anything in Microsoft Word. I mean tools are the same, but the field, seed, and process are changed. So, Can you do that with the same tools? I know farmers do it daily.

So, let’s explore how to learn Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word Exercises ideas that I think every student around the world should practice.

1. Create and Design Admission/Enquiry Forms:

To create this kind of form, you need to use shapes, text boxes, colors, formatting options, tables, and horizontal lines in MS word. This is a very good exercise to practice because it will give you the idea of how to use such options practically on various official documents that we use in our daily official life.

2. Create bills/leaflets/brochures. See the sample below.

Everyone contains various designs of bills such as your refrigerator shopping bill, computer bill, electricity bills, and various other kinds of bills. So you can practice in Microsoft Word to create that type of bill format. It’s good for the practice in which you will learn the Insert menu option, text adjustment between the table, page size, text boxes.Billing format, bills exercise ms word

3. Design E-book cover pages / Magazine front/ books front/back page using cover page option in Insert Menu.

This practice is an advance. But try to find the books, magazine cover pages. And try to make similar in MS-Word. Imagine if you’re the designer, how you will design the same content or front page. You will learn while practicing this about the Cover Page option in MS-Word or you can design without using that option. The benefit of learning this is about understanding the various practical uses of Microsoft word in our daily life.

Books cover page ideas Microsoft word exercise

4. Create Business Cards using Shapes, text, and colors.

People use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and websites to create business cards nowadays automatically and manually. You can also use that. But it’s about mastering MS Word options and skills. When you create and design anything in Microsoft word. Your basic computer skills become strong. That helps you in the future when you start working on a Computer or MS-office or MS-Word. Also, basic computer skills are very important before doing any degree course in IT. So, Design the business cards similarly you’re seeing in the below sample picture.

business card exercise ms wordThis is an advanced exercise, but if you do it and create cards then options you’ve learned during your computer courses in MS-Word remain forever in your brain.

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5. Use smart art and create organization charts

Smart Art is one of the favorite options in Microsoft Word. Smart art used to draw diagrams that are used to showcase the content visually that will be easy to understand and manage. Such as you’re seeing below the smart art image Hierarchy Diagram is used to create an organizational chart or structure of the Telecom company. This is the best method to understand and teach about certain things to students, teachers, parents, and companies. You will see such organizational charts in the companies office and government head offices.

organisational chart excercise ms word

When you practice MS-Word Option to create the following diagram or any other, you got many problems. Those problems are not there while you were learning MS-Word. These are the problem such as font size adjustment, lines adjustment, etc. colors and shape adjustment, etc. So, when you solve these problems by yourself or with the help of your computer course instructor it will be great for your computer knowledge and MS-Office skills. Because when you solve the problem and you learn very important working lessons of MS Word. This is why you’re learning.

6. Make books content page or index page

This is another idea in which you need to create an index or content page of the book. In this process you will learn about the first-line indent, hanging indent, and the perfect use of ruler bar in Microsoft Word. And also about a page number, a hyperlink (if it is eBook). You can discuss this article with your computer teachers, to allow us or provide us similar things to practice on.

table of content exercise ms word

7. Try to create similar Header & Footer that you’re seeing in the Book

This is the most important option and thousands of students find it difficult to use header and footer. It’s easier to learn header and footer one time but if you’re not practicing it in various ways or the things such as books header and footer, it’s tough for you to explain it to others. That’s why I am suggesting you to try using the different style of header and footer. And you will get such an example from the books.

header and footer exercise ideas

8. Insert Image into the shape

This is a little easy. But it’s important that you know easier things more than difficult things. Because in interviews especially related to IT, people ask easier questions more than difficult. So, practicing even on small things also beneficial. You don’t’ know whenever it will be helpful for you in the future.

So, insert an image into the shape. Take and draw a shape from the Illustration menu, place it on the page a little higher in size, then double-click on the shape. Go to the shape fill option and click on the picture. As an example, you can see the following image.

image into shape exercise ms word

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9. Practice hyperlink and create links between word document texts to D: /, Play songs from Microsoft word text, create the link between internal and external files.

This is the most important option in Microsoft Word. Most of the processes on the internet contain links. The hyperlink is the starting point in which you learn how things are connected with each other. Even it’s also a great option for Web Designer or web designing teachers to teach “How website links works” by using the hyperlink as an example.

As you can see in the image below, I am displaying the connection between the play song text to the location of the song. Now you need to select that text in which has written play song and then insert a hyperlink (Ctrl+K) and in the hyperlink address, put the path of the song. After that press, the Ctrl button and click on the blue link, so now any song that you selected will start playing.

hyperlink from word text to songs folder

Here is my complete article based on the Hyperlink option: – Hyperlink Example within Microsoft Word Document

10. Design a Happy Birthday Message by using Word Art and print it.

I think it’s the easiest thing for you. You can use the Word Art option for this. You can create the best wishes message in MS-Word. After that, you can print. And give it to the person. It’s about creating small things at home. This is also a good way to make kids interested in learning the computer. Also good for students and kids to create fun things and print or give it as a gift for parents. So, they will enjoy your creativity.

happy birthday message in microsoft word11. Create a chart and show the product price comparison between 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Chart option is very important in Microsoft word and excel. But in the use of chart option and any other option in MS word it depends on the demand for a certain content type. For example, you’re writing a book or making notes about something in which you have to write and explain the price comparison between 3-4 years. Then you can use the chart for visualizations to analyze the data. In visual format or in the chart it’s easier for people to understand, what you mean. And also it gets more views or focuses than the content.

Create chart in Microsoft Word

So, try to create the chart as you’re seeing the above image.

12. Get the newspaper and see the text-based advertisement and Design that advertisement in Microsoft Word.

Design and create text or image-based advertisements that you saw in the newspaper. Designing such an advertisement will be a very beneficial role for Microsoft Word students or people learning Advanced Microsoft Word skills. Advertisement designs contain high-quality images, text, and layout. And these designs are created by experts. When students practice experts material and create similar or better than that. I think that movement is great for learners and teachers. So, try to create as many as you like. It will make you master in MS word. And I think doing exercise after completing the class topic is the best way to learn MS-Word.

newspaper and see the text-based advertisement exercises

13. Take a double-column book or newspaper and design or create a similar paragraph style in the word document.

Not all often type or create content in a double column. I know computer teachers can teach you such options. But they will not able to explain the deepest or professional uses of such options for certain reasons. So, I will suggest you that you can use column option and find the newspaper similarly as you’re seeing below and create or type the text as you’re seeing in the newspaper. And if you’re getting the problem, ask your teachers. So, when your teachers teach you about how to do that thing or this thing, it will be great for your knowledge.

Practise on newspaper double column in ms word14. Create a letterhead, Identity card of any company or institution that you got and insert the Watermark with that company name in the document.

You can create an identity card, visiting card or birthday card in MS word. As you’re seeing below this is an example of cards and letterheads. But you can find such things. And practice your MS-Word knowledge in creating an identity card, letterhead. This will give you an idea of how to adjust the text in different shapes and areas. Also, this is a good exercise in which you learn after printing, what size you need to adjust on the page. And when you do that, you learn very precious things in MS-Word.

identity card exercise in ms word15. Decorate a word document with page border, content border, add pattern, and write beautiful text in it.

This is the easiest page layout option, in which you can learn about page borders in MS-Word, text border, color, or shading in the page and pattern. These options are very beautiful when you’re creating eBooks, making notes, and doing anything that required the following type of style. See the image below and try to create something similar to this one.

page boarder, text border, shading practice ms word16. Insert Images and Practice on Format Menu and Image options.

You can use image options and style to decorate, retouch, and adjustment of colors and brightness in ms word. As you’re seeing, I have created various styles and image effects. These are easy to create. But to learn more advanced effects later in other professional software, it’s important for you to learn and practice such things during your basic computer course.practice on image options and image effect exercise ideas

17. Insert template or download the new template in Microsoft Word from the Internet and edit those templates with your content.

There are 100+ templates almost for anything in the Microsoft Word Template option. The top benefit of using the template is that if you don’t know how to create or design a certain thing then you can just download the template and replace the existed text with your text. And it’s done. This is a most important option which you should learn because it’s tough when you don’t know about how to design or create anything, so try to practice on 10+ templates and see how it will look like.

template editing practices in ms wordRelated: Uses and features of Microsoft Word.

18. Write 10 lines or 10 sentences and then change the font, style, color, and size of each sentence. Make each one different from than previous and next.

Fonts are the face of the text. And the following image is displaying various fonts and styles. Just create similarly. During the practice, you will learn which font will be better for the specific text. Just write 10 lines and differentiate each one.


19. Board Meeting Report: Exercise

This exercise is very effective to showcase company board meeting details. You can share the number of the board meeting, attendance of the member, date and time, and a number of meetings. It’s a very basic table exercise that you can do in Microsoft Word.

Table option in Microsoft Word

If you want to learn to create this table or want to learn the table option then please follow this link: How to Insert Table in Microsoft Word Document- Word Tutorial

If you want to become an expert in Microsoft Word, then subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow this Word Tutorial Series:

Microsoft Word Video Tutorials Series in Hindi


I think such exercise will be enough to make you above average in all the students around the world doing basic computer courses or learning Microsoft Word.

Because after learning Microsoft word, you have to work with professionals or in companies. And almost all official works are related directly and indirectly to the above exercises. So, this is the best method to learn Microsoft Word by doing exercises. And this is about practical knowledge.

I hope these Microsoft Word Exercises ideas will be helpful for you.

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