How to learn Microsoft Word quickly, effectively and easily

You can learn Microsoft word by doing an online Microsoft word course, you can learn MS word by watching free video tutorials on YouTube, you can learn MS word skills from online tutoring sites and you can also learn by joining a 1-month Microsoft word course offline training institutes.

Microsoft Word is one of the best document writing, editing, and productivity software. It is universally used by people in personal, professional, and business works. There are various Word skills that are important to learn to become skilled and expert in Microsoft word.

As it sounds easy, it’s not that easy to learn if you don’t follow the systematic process and good word tutorials or courses.

Learning word skills effectively also depends on the word curriculum and practice activities. While many people promise to learn word skills in 30 minutes of 1 hour, but actually that is not a systematic method to learn Microsoft word.

It’s important to make Microsoft word learning process simple, interesting, and effective. So that the skills you learn will be useful to implement in personal and business works in various ways.

Following is an example of a great learning process:

Learn about Paragraph Menu. Understand the text alignments and uses. After that learn about the bullets and numbers. After that you create a document then you practice text alignment, bullets, and numbers. You also search and watch and understand other professional documents. Even you can try to create a copy of another professionally created word document.

Now not only learn these menus but learn why we use bullets, why we use numbers in document writing.

If you don’t know the difference between the purposes or uses of bullets and numbers in Word document then it means you learned to use the menu, but don’t know the logic behind the use.

And when you need to create a professional document you will be unable to do it, it’s because you haven’t practiced or learned the wider perspective behind the uses of any word menu. It might take time, but that doesn’t mean learning word skills inaccurately just because you don’t have the time.

For example, you can use bullet points when you have to explain the features of the subject in a Word document or in any document. It means features or benefits are not fixed. They can be unlimited so you don’t have to use numbers when you’re not sure about how many points can be added. For that, you must use bullet points in a word document.

Similarly, you don’t use bullets when you’re sure and have to mention the only fixed point of the document subject. For example, my document title is Top 10 uses of Microsoft Word.

Now in that document, I will use numbers to explain all these 10 points from 1 to 10. Not bullet points.

But if the title is only about the uses of Microsoft Word then I can use bullet points.

That’s the basic word skills and knowledge. Can you become educated about these subjects in 30 minutes or 1 hour of watching free video tutorials or just by reading one post?

No, to learn word skills effectively you have to invest your time and have practice.

Following are the best methods that you can follow to learn Microsoft Word:

  1. Learn about the One Menu first in Microsoft Word.
  2. After that research about that menu on the web. And learn the uses of that function on the web and other applications.
  3. Once done, practice that menu or feature or function by doing a word exercise.

For example, you learned the font menu in Word Document and you used it.

Now research and learn more about the fonts.

When you researched and learned, you found that fonts are a universal menu or feature or function in computers and the internet. Fonts are everyone in each of the text you see on the computer, internet, and each application or game.

So, my point is simple, no matter you’re learning or teaching Word, always explain the uses of one single word or menu or function to the students. Even say two lines or 2 sentences but must say.

Similarly, hyperlinks, headers, and footer, footnotes are not only used in the Word application but these functions or features are universal. Header and footer not only used in word documents, but they are also used in website or web designing and many other visual communication channels.

Here is I have written a complete guide on essential basic and advanced word skills that you must learn. No matter you’re learning it offline, watching video tutorials, and doing online courses. But make sure you learn these skills.

And here you can read a great guide on how to learn basic computer skills online and it also similarly executed to learn Microsoft Word.

Things to remember to learn Microsoft Word Effectively:

  • You do online Word course or you watch free word tutorials, always remember that you have to practice those options by creating a document on your own. Here are the examples of word exercises that you can practice and create. And by doing this, I am 100% sure that you will become an expert in Microsoft Word and Document writing and editing. Even after creating and learning these skills, you will become able to use any type of document writing and editing or productivity software.
  • Not only learn and watchword menus and function but also learn MS word shortcut keys. The use of shortcut keys on computers and Microsoft word is to create documents faster and accurately. So also learn about Microsoft word shortcut keys.
  • Improve your computer typing speed and accuracy. Good typing speed (30 to 40 wpm) with accuracy will help you to create professional documents, ebook design and writing works faster.
  • Microsoft Word is known as productivity software. But it will not be productive for you until you’re not skilled in using this software.

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