Tips to choose a career path that is best for you in future


A career decision is one of the most important decisions in life. Choosing the best career path is very easy if you consider a few things. To choose a career you need to do various things such as research on demanding career skills. Selection of career based on interest, expected income or monthly salary and future demands for your skills and knowledge are few things that need to be considered by every student and parent while selecting and suggesting the career.

Today, from my heart I will be explaining and sharing my own career tips that I hope will be helpful for you in choosing the best career path.

Here is a short list of tips I am covering in this article:
1. Research your demanding skills and jobs.
2. Select interested skills or jobs or careers. If there is no interesting skill then research on interested skills.
3. Create a list of skills that you need to learn to become an expert in your selected career.
4. Find places and resources or websites. Such as college, institution, online course or online degree.
5. Decide how much money you need to per month.
6. Now again research on jobs, skills, and business-related to your skills and career.
7. After that talk to your parents and share your research about it.
Now let’s start to learn these valuable career tips in detail.

Research on demanding skills and jobs while choosing a career path

Researches play a great role in choosing the best career options. Research on demanding skills before joining any offline and online degree program is the most essential thing to do while deciding on a career. There are various courses and online degree programs that you can do today from home. The benefit of choosing demanding skills is that you will get what you want in time. It looks tough to do the research on demanding career skills and we didn’t know how to do it even after completing college.

That’s the other thing but today you have the Internet. Search on Google and collect the data & information in Microsoft Excel Sheet or on paper. You can also take help in this from professionals but it’s better to do it by yourself. Research is really important before you decide on a career. Interest is also important but if there is no demand for your interest in the market, then what? It’s ok that you can create demand and marketing but this is not possible earlier in your career. So, I suggest research on everything from interest, job, college, career success rate, and available options.
Such as Data scientist, Website Designer or website designing skills, affiliate marketers or affiliate marketing skills.

Choose the most interesting skill and career from the list

Selecting a career based on interest is another way that helps to become successful in less time. Now see your list and select the top 2 skills that are more interesting. Interest is really important while choosing the right career and some people’s interests depend on how much they will earn. Interest is also derived from your why? But if all the above are look interested to you then write the intentions why you want to become something? Such as writers, designers, programmers, data scientists. You should have the intention of doing something even in a small task. Here is the importance of working with intentions in life.

For example, if you selected to become a writer. The following can be your intention.
1. I want to entertain through my writing and thoughts.
2. I want to educate people through my writing.
3. I want to work for women’s education in India.
4. I want to help students and professionals to become successful in life.
5. I want to play my role in the development of India and the Indian people by writing.
6. I want to earn money from 30000 to 50000 monthly incomes by doing great writing jobs online and offline.
7. I want to start an online business in which I will provide web writing services.
So, intention can be anything. But good intentions always make your work and career success no matter how hard you work. That’s why you should have good intentions behind your work and focus should be on why you want to become something? Why you’re doing what you’re doing? Such questions are really tough in this showcase world to answer. But it will help you. The money will come automatically to you. Never worry about money in your career. Only worry about how can I do my best? How can I provide the best service? How can I improve the lives of others?

Research and create a process for learning personal and professional skills

Now you need to research on required personal and professional skills to become an expert in the above-selected career. For example to become a graphic designer you have to become average in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign skills. You also need personal skills such as creativity, imagination.

Similarly, if you want to become a Website Designer you should make a list of skills that will make you the best in your field such as Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, SEO. These are just an example.

You can make a list of skills after searching what kind of application and skills are used to create a website nowadays. What are the best tools and sources to create a website? A website designer is known for various skills in which from website designing to website maintenance etc. So, you just need a few skills to start else you can add later.

Find the places to get knowledge & training about selected careers and skills

Now it’s time to find and search for sources where you can get knowledge about the above-selected skills. Generally, there are various online courses and online degree programs in which you can also get a certificate and diploma after completing the course. One thing I personally suggest is that doing a course for the certificate should not be your focus. Yes, certificates or degrees are important but focus more on practical skills.

If you search on Google you can find various courses and websites that are providing online courses such as Udmey. You can visit and Start learning on Udemy today! find the course for your interested career list and do it. Following are the ways to get practical knowledge online and offline:-

1) You can watch YouTube Video Tutorials. There are almost all kinds of video tutorials teaching people thousands of skills for free. You need to just find out the best courses and tutorials.

2) If you want more deep knowledge about the concepts you’re learning then choose the best blog website and bookmark it. You can select a blog that is dedicated to that concept of your career.

3) Select a Facebook group and Facebook Pages where you get the latest updates about the field you’re working. For example, if you selected to become Data Analyst then join groups and like Facebook pages dedicated to Data Management, Data Analytics, Google Analytics. This will help you to remain updated.

4) If you want to learn more advanced and to point knowledge related to your selected career then you can enroll yourself in the best online courses. There are various advantages of doing online courses than offline courses. Select the best website or course in which you think are best to learn. Also check out the course rating, feedback, and instructor profile. Also, read the course script and description so you will get the knowledge you want.

5) To become an expert in your selected skills and career then you can also join any startup in your city. I mean to find out the startup company in your city working in the field of your selected skills and career. For example, any startup providing Data Analytics services. Then visit the startup and tell them that you want to work with them for free for the next 6 months.

The benefits of working with startups without a salary are that you will learn real-time practical skills. These skills are related to day-to-day data analytics business services. Once your performance and knowledge start benefiting the company they will pay a salary. You can also commit with them that you will be going to work for them in the next 6 months without salary with full hard work and dedication. And once I will start benefiting the company, you can pay me the salary. If not then I will leave.

This is looking tough for beginners but believe me, this is the real way to learn skills. Classroom knowledge focus is to teach you about the subject, you can become a master in that by doing a course or degree. But real-time practical knowledge, while working in a company and dealing with clients, will teach you the way to convert your knowledge into income. Just try to understand my point.
There are more than 5 sources to get knowledge about anything today on the Internet or offline. You just need to find out which one is best for you.

Decide how much money or salary or income do you need per month

Earlier in your career, you don’t’ need to worry too much about money. I mean when we’re fresher we don’t think that much about money. Our monthly liabilities are less at age 20 but high at age 25. So you can plan and choose your career based on the monthly outcome you want from your skills or job. If you’re earning 5000 at age 20 by working with the website designing team then next year it will be 7000 or more. Because you’re then more experienced and beneficial for the company you’re working with.

Set a big finical goal but not too early. For example, you want to earn 50000 or 10000 per month. But it does not mean that you will expect to get it in the first month. So, it is like 5000 rupees with below-average skills for the first year. After that you can earn 10000 rupees with average skills in the 2nd year of your career then 20000 with above-average skills in 3rd year.

In the 4th year, you’re now the number 1 expert in your company and can expect 30000 monthly. After that number 1 expert in the city for that selected skill then you can expect 40000 to 50000 per month income in 5th year. After that in the whole country, your income in that time in the 6th year of career around 100000 rupees monthly. This is not a story and it looks very tough practical in the real-time offline world. But I think this is possible and it’s just an example.

This example is the best fit for people who have a clear focus, hardworking, courageous, dedicated, honest, and creative, and have marketing skills. In your career you not only need application skills but you need marketing skills too. You have to market your skills. You have to become Sachin Tendulkar in your subject.

For example, you’re Sachin Tendulkar in your programming skills. Everything takes time and so it is in a career. It’s all about how much we believe in our self, our skills, and our plan. Selecting the skills that will be high in demand in the future will be the best option to choose a career. For example Marketing Industry, Apps Development, Programming, Designing, Copywriting, Online Education, etc. are few evergreen career fields that pay you to achieve your goals.

Research on jobs and scope related to the skills you’re interested or career in the city

This is another method to select the best career in life. Research on jobs in your city even before you know anything about that job. Make a list of jobs that is in demand. Walk in your city, talk to friends, discuss with parents, and share your curiosity with relatives. Collect all the data and information. Analyze the data and information and then make the decision to join an online degree or offline program.

Also, research what kind of new businesses are in trends. What kind of business will come in the future? Then prepare yourself for the future. You can also watch advertisements and marketing done by various online and offline channels. What are their messages? What marketing and advertisement are convincing you.
Don’t join any college or institution or university if their course or degree programs are not practical and in trend. There are various colleges and institutions in India teaching an outdated syllabus that is not in demand in the future. That’s why it is better to find online degree programs and doing an online degree in the future. Don’t make a career decision emotionally. Just be professional before becoming professional. Today, you can access and manipulate everything with the help of computers and the Internet. You have to believe in yourself and work hard towards your dreams.

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Talk to your parents and convince them for an interesting career

Parents are the best career adviser and career guides. It’s not all the time about doing a degree and course and then searching for a job. We are not on this earth to do a job it’s just a part of the journey. So, if you’re good at sports then go for it after basic education (10+2). As you know the recent example of PV Sindhu, Sakshi and various other people who done great for India in sports.

There are thousands of career options today and you only need to be the lookout. You can discuss believes, interests and information with parents. Tell them that you want to do something. If they’re capable they will definitely do the best for you. Sometimes parents don’t have money to pay for your fees. In that condition, you have to decide what is the best possible way of earning income and inside the development of a career.

Take help from God in choosing a career

Tell God, God I want to become successful, please help me and show the way. God knows everything. God has a great plan for you. But before God act to help you in your career. You need to tell to God that I want that. I want to become an engineer, I want to become a Designer, and I want to become a writer. Please help me. Show me the way God, How I get, what I want to get.

The above methods are my personal experiences and some micro knowledge. Please use your own brain before acting. I am not forcing you to do all the above things in the way I suggested. Just select, what is best for you.

I hope all the above information will help you to choose the best career. But you should self-analysis all the information. I can be wrong but my intention is to help you only, nothing else. You can discuss the above information with your parents, brother, and sisters. And please take the time to make a decision. Research all the options and then decide to set a clear goal and do it better than anyone else in this world.

If you have any questions or confusion about the above-written career selection methods, you can ask in the comments. If you find this career guide useful, please share it with your friends.

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