Disadvantages of playing mobile betting games


Various mobile betting apps and games, including online casino games, online betting, and gambling, have gained popularity as quick money-making schemes. These games often employ clickbait techniques, leveraging money-related symbols and headlines to attract users. However, the enticing prospect of earning quick money comes with significant drawbacks.

1. Addiction and Financial Risks

The allure of fast earnings leads to addiction, with individuals risking their financial stability for the chance to win. While some may accumulate wealth, countless others face bankruptcy, ruining their lives, families, and businesses due to excessive betting.

2. The Knockout Game Phenomenon

Mobile betting games operate like a knockout game – either you win and gain, or you lose and lose it all. The stakes, be it money or assets, dictate the potential gains or losses. In the modern era, technology has democratized access, allowing even those with modest means to engage in small bets. However, the unpredictability of these games can jeopardize critical thinking and self-control.

3. Escalation of Bets and Emotional Impact

The cycle often begins with small bets, escalating after a modest win. When losses inevitably occur, emotional responses range from ego bruising to self-criticism. Despite temporary resolutions to abstain, the temptation resurfaces, leading to a destructive loop that can disrupt work, social life, and personal responsibilities.

4. Questioning the Dominance of Luck-Based Business Models

The prevalence of luck-based business models, such as betting, raises questions about alternatives for startups and online money-making options. Is betting the only recourse for governments to generate revenue through taxing betting apps?

The popularity of these games persists, highlighting the enduring appeal of opportunities to make money, despite their inherent risks and negative consequences.

5. Exploiting Desperation and Testing Luck

Betting games exploit people’s desperation for financial gain. Despite being regulated or not by governments and partnered with financial entities, these games are often framed as skill-based or strategic, blurring the line between luck and skill. Individuals, eager to make money, fall prey to these games, blaming luck when they lose.

Despite being inherently risky and considered detrimental, why do these games remain popular?

Apart from the allure of the “Get Quick Rich Scheme” model, these betting games gain popularity for the following reasons:

  • The availability of modest betting options, ranging from 10 to 10,000 rupees recharge, attracts individuals who are unable to find a clear path, job, or direction in their careers or businesses. Those facing challenges or struggling, and individuals with ample free time, often become the primary target audience for these betting games.
  • Recharging is easily facilitated through various channels like Google Pay, Phonepe, Paytm, and UPI links, making the process easily accessible.
  • Playing these secretive games is appealing because it’s done in a hidden way, keeping family and friends unaware of your mobile betting. This secrecy makes it risky, as it reduces the chances of someone stepping in to stop the potentially harmful cycle or help you break free from the trap.
  • Celebrities and influencers, ranging from sports stars to YouTubers and actors, promote mobile betting games to their fans. Notably, these influencers may not personally engage in the games or have achieved wealth through them. Their promotion is motivated by the financial incentives tied to user engagement.
  • Certain online advertising platforms don’t allow promotions for betting or get-rich-quick schemes. But on social media sites, these kinds of ads are common, and find ways to get around those restrictions.
  • Mobile betting games often offer referral commissions to players who share the app with their friends. This incentivizes users to expand the game’s user base, creating a network effect and contributing to its popularity.

What is the alternative to mobile betting games?

If you want to earn more money—around 10K to 100K monthly—in the next 3 to 5 years, then stop playing betting games. Instead, try to invest in your own and other businesses, and create multiple sources of income.

Utilize online income opportunities such as e-commerce, freelance work, web development, and AI, etc.

If you’re currently at zero, start learning and building your skills. Afterward, begin selling and marketing your skills. Save and invest 50% of your income in other sources, gradually developing new work and income strategies.

Understand that building your opportunities will take time, focus, and patience. This way, if no opportunities are coming to you or you’re not able to identify the opportunities to earn money immediately, you have to persistently work towards creating opportunities that will pay off in the long run.

The most demanding skills include AI development, web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing, among others. Learning these skills will take approximately 3 to 6 months, but once you’re proficient and capable of solving problems for other businesses, you’ll be able to earn money.

For a quicker start, consider freelance work, which can be one of the best and fastest ways to apply and monetize your newly acquired skills. Additionally, you can explore options like starting a YouTube channel and creating content, or launching a blog with affiliate marketing.

These are not alternatives but genuine ways through which people are earning money while having a job, running a business, doing freelance work, blogging, and applying their skills. Here, if you don’t win, you won’t lose.

In betting games, if you don’t win, you lose, and you won’t be able to play again if you don’t have money. Similarly, when you apply for an IPO with 15,000 rupees, even if you don’t get it, your money will be refunded. And if you do get it, even with just a 10% growth, at least you’ve gained 10%.

All the richest people didn’t amass their wealth by playing betting games. Earning money through betting is highly risky. So, you can choose how you want to use your time—whether in betting and guessing or working hard over time to build a system that pays you daily, monthly, and yearly, and can even be utilized by your kids to make it even bigger.

Think like this, but not just think. After planning, start doing it without telling others what you’re going to do. Secretly and privately learn and build your skills, join personalized online courses, and contact virtual instructors to teach you specific skills based on your goals.

Investing in your education will be 10x your income. If you’re unsure about what to do or what to learn, you can contact a technology consultant, guide, and mentor who can understand your situation and provide further guidance.

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