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This post will help students to choose the best laptop. You will get information about the best computer laptop and a complete interactive laptop buying guide.

A Laptop computer and internet connection is the most powerful tools and platform for students. Today, in reality, a computer or laptop is a necessity for students, and it’s common. And the student can use this powerful technology tool to transform the lives of thousands of people through innovation and creativity.

Students use a laptop for studies, online courses, project works, programming, designing, social media, gaming, audio/video editing, watching videos and movies, and listen to music. So the laptop series mentioned in this article will be helpful to do all kinds of works that students have to do during college or during online courses or computer science/management degrees.

Let’s start:

1st STEP to buy the best Laptop:      

What to consider when buying a laptop

You need to buy a laptop in which you can do thousands of works. But there are few specific works that you will do very often such as coding, designing, video editing, learning, and online courses. Such as if you’re doing a computer science degree then your laptop uses can be different from those learning video editing and graphics designing.

Students have to do the following things in a Laptop:

  • Students have to use the laptop in the classroom while a teacher giving lectures on the screen. So that they can access the links, notes and many other things mentioned in the presentation or lecture.
  • Students have to do the project works on laptops. The project can be a document file, spreadsheet, slideshow, application development, research, data entry, and many others. In that way, they need a laptop.
  • Computer Science, Graphics Design, Programming, Video Editing, and online courses students have to do almost everything on the computers.

So, the first thing that you have to consider is to define the goals.

For example:

–  You need a laptop to learn and practice programming skills

– You need a laptop for graphics designing works.

– You need a laptop because you’re doing a computer science degree.

– or you’re just doing a basic computer course and you need a laptop.

So, select the reason for buying a laptop and then see the options in the market with that goal.

2nd SETP to buy the best Laptop

Essential features that each student needs in a laptop

If you are not sure about the work that you will do on a laptop during college/degree/course then no problem. I will try to make it easy for you:

The basic things that are important in the laptop”

1. Speed: To become successful in the Information Technology field speed is the most 1st essential thing to consider. And high-speed computer laptop plays a big role in this. As students, you’re competing with thousands, other students. You have to do lots of learning works on the laptop.

In that way, you need high speed on the laptop so that you can benefit from using 4G or 5G internet speed. So that you can use graphics designing software, you can edit videos, you can take online classes, you can watch HD videos and you can install and uninstall things fast. In simple words, you need a laptop that will show you the desktop within 5 seconds.

You can’t wait each day for 10 minutes to start learning. So consider the speed. In this way, you need a minimum i3 Processor and 4GB ram. And If you can buy a laptop with i5 CPU or similar with 8GB ram then it will very good for you to work and learn faster.

2. Storage: As a student, you have to store thousands of things on your laptop. Today, an 80 GB hard disk is not enough. You need more than a min. 1 TB hard disk (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive – Faster than HDD).

You have to download online course videos or have to record online classes and you have to do it for 3 years minimum. And you will download those videos to watch them offline on your laptop.

Students also like to play games on the Laptop. Mostly students copy/paste the games from friends. And I saw that many have 3-4 favorite games installed on the laptop of students. Games are important. But that also consumes lots of graphics, storage space, and processor speed.

Students also save and download movies; video songs and each movie can consume approximately 1 GB of storage space. In that way, they need more storage space on the laptop.

In student’s laptops, you will find songs, software, photos, videos, class notes, projects work, and many other things. And as a student, everything looks important.

In the beginning, it looks that 1TB storage space is good but later within 2 years students need more space. So it’s good that in beginning you can consider good storage space or more than 1TB storage space.

Even students can also use Cloud Storage or online data storage platforms in which they can use 15GB storage space for free with 1 account. Here you can learn more:

3. Graphics: Graphics card or chip plays the biggest role in the quality of images, videos, games on the laptop. As students, you have to watch Videos, you have to play games, you have to use high-resolution images, and you will also use graphics and video editing software. Not only that you will also have to collaborate with other students and teachers, but you will also need to take live online classes. So, in all these works, you need high-quality graphics on your laptop. And I recommend that you should buy a laptop and a computer with a graphics card. Else you will see the flicker, cracked pixel, and problems on the screen whenever you try to open and play high-resolution videos, games, software. Also, check that graphics drivers are installed or not.

4. Mic: You will get the mic in on all the laptops at the top of the screen near the camera. But make sure that the audio drivers are installed and it’s working.

5. Up to date operating system: Always buy a laptop with a genuine operating system that is licensed to you. Many companies or many laptops come with pre-installed operating systems such as Windows 10. But there are chances that the laptop seller has installed the pirated operating system copy on the laptop that you’re buying. When you buy a laptop pre-installed operating system they have to configure that with your email id, phone numbers, and even through OTP. So make sure that they ask for it. If you’re buying a windows laptop then you need an email id (Microsoft account, outlook, live) to activate it.

6. USB ports: Check out all the USB ports are working or not.

7. DVD writer: Today’s new technologies don’t need a DVD writer on the laptop or a new laptop are not coming with a DVD writer. But if you’re buying a laptop with a DVD writer then make sure that the DVD writer is working, and the software or driver of that DVD is installed on the laptop.

If you saw that there is no DVD writer but you need one to play educational CD’s, Classes DVD’s, Games DVD’s, Movies DVD’s then you can also buy External USB DVD Writer.

9. Wi-Fi: Wii is most important for students in a laptop to access free college campus Wi-Fi internet connection and also for personal use. Gone are the days, when students have to install Nokia pc suite software. Today’s most technologies are becoming wire-free. So consider Wi-Fi function in a laptop. And also check that how to turn on a doff or wi-fi is working or not. Try to connect your mobile phone hotspot with laptop WIFI so that later you will not get any problem.

10. Camera: The camera is most important for students to take live online classes. It’s also important for video chatting, video recording, and online collaboration. So, if you need a camera more often than other features then consider the laptop in which you will get a 5 to 50-megapixel camera. If you don’t have that then you can also buy an external web camera that you can use through the USB port.

11. Latest technologies:

Everyone especially students wants a laptop with the latest technologies. And it’s good. If students use the latest technologies and tools on a laptop then definitely, they will get competitive advantages in their studies especially if they are computer science students. Such as wireless charging, facial recognition, fingerprint unlock and many others.

Definitely, the cost of the more powerful laptop is high. But for students’ future, it’s best for them to learn the latest technologies. And it’s good to spend on learning than other things.

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Which method is best to buy a laptop for you?

You can buy a good laptop online after considering the following things:

  1. Make sure you have the basic knowledge of computers such as hard disk, ram, graphics, processor, and operating system. So that you can understand the listed laptop and features on the shopping website.
  2. You can read this type of laptop buying guide on the web. And note important points.
  3. You can watch review videos and also see their comments.
  4. If in your city there is no laptop shop then you can buy a laptop online.
  5. If you’re not finding the exact laptop in the shop offline then you can buy it online.
  6. If you’re getting a lower price online with all the features that you want and need then you can buy a laptop online.
  7. If you don’t know how to configure and ready a laptop to start learning and working then buy offline. Each seller has a technical team to configure and install essential things on a student’s laptop. So that will be much better for you. But if you think you can watch and understand new laptop configuration and software installation videos on YouTube then you can buy online.

You can buy a laptop offline after considering the following things:

  • If you don’t have any knowledge about computer, laptop, ram, hard disk, and even you’re not able to understand the configuration then buy offline. In that way, you can ask your questions. Even you can also get that from the shopping sites through chat support but I think you can communicate easily offline.
  • If the laptop model, price, features you’re seeing online is higher than the laptop you’re seeing offline then buy offline.
  • If you still hesitate then you can contact your friends and relatives who have the basic knowledge of computers, especially about the hardware so that you can understand and see what the seller is telling you. Many times, in a shop, when you see 10 to 20 laptops you can get confused. In that case, it’s very important that you are clear about your laptop goals. So that you can get the best laptop deals.

Both online and offline methods are good. Offline you will get the advantage of configuring the system. You can contact the seller immediately whenever you get the problems. And they can solve it faster. But online is good if you’re getting good deals and you know the basics things about the computer.

The final checklist before you pay money or get the bill of the laptop:

  • See all the features and communicate about each feature with the seller or let them show you where it is on the laptop.
  • Get the bills with your name, and make sure that you have the items that are written in the bills. And make sure you’re getting an original bill in which GST is included even if you’re buying online.
  • Before you buy, ask every detail and check out everything in detail with seriousness and consciously without getting too much excited.
  • Talk to them about the operating system, installed software such as Operating System, Microsoft Office, Audio/Video/Camera drivers, and many other things.
  • Record, screenshot, communication, and all the details, so that you can use that later in case if shopkeepers or shopping sites can ignore you for the faults.

 I think the following are the best laptop series in which students can choose the laptop as per the budget, tech specifications, features, and designs.

Lenovo Laptops – Best Series:

Dell Laptops:

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