Introduction to computer skills with examples

Computer skill is the practical knowledge to use the computer in which individuals or teams are able to complete the task effectively and efficiently. The task can be anything such as resume writing, application writing, email, social media marketing, website development, communication, and innovation, etc.

Almost everyone knows and learning about computers. But not all are able to work efficiently.

Let’s take an example,

Two people A and B working on the computer to create a simple application or document. Both have the sources equal. And both have done the job.

Person B is skilled but A is not skilled in computer. Why?

Person B created the document within 30 minutes, document content is formatted very well with proper headings, tables, diagrams, page size, and without spelling errors. The typing speed of B person is 50+, he is experienced in document writing.  

But the A person document headings, paragraph writing, spelling, content design, is not that effective as compared to person B.

Example 2:

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identity number in India that is created by using computers. Many people are still creating it. But people are facing one big problem. And that is the mistake in the Adhar card.

There are spelling mistakes in people’s names, the father’s name is written in the mother name column, and the mother’s name is written in the father name column and many others.

There are thousands of people visiting the Adhar Service provider for updates and corrections. Why this is happening?

It’s because of the lack of skills and knowledge in the people hired to work. It can be also due to that eligible people are not on the job. It’s wasting time and money and peace of mind of people. There are many other documents too in which you will need to make an update again, due to the mistakes of computer operators.

You will find that students’ questions paper has mistakes. There are typing errors, wrong positions of questions, etc. Why you find such mistakes in many other things. It’s because of the lack of skill or might be they don’t care. And it’s highly possible that the person hired after the politician’s approach.

But skill is not only about efficiency. It’s also about creativity. If someone is not able to think about various other solutions and options after the first failure then it’s also because of a lack of skill.

Skill is the capacity for creativity. And it’s the same in computers.

There is no end of skills. There is no fixed path to learning to become skilled. But yes, practice and a practical class of students, employees helped them to become skilled. So now let’s talk about various computer skills:

Example of computer skill:

  • Multi-language typing speed skills:

While today people are getting familiar with voice search or voice typing but it can still take min 5 years from now to see it in a big change. But it’s tough to replace writing from hands. Both are the method of communication. But particularly typing from hand is a skill that enables users to faster the process of work. If someone has a 40+ WPM typing speed then he/she will be able to handle the document writing and editing works.

Similarly, if private or govt. officials have higher typing speed and skills to type in multi-languages then it will help to produce citizen services faster and accurately that will stop people to stay in lines for hours.

So typing is an example of a skill that helps someone to balance inputs from the brain and perform actions faster on computers.

Else without typing skills, it takes hours for people to type or create a simple application. A computer is built for speed. But then users also need to speed up the inputs to use the power of a computer.

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  • Document writing and editing

Document creation, writing, and editing is another skill that is used to create official, educational, instructional, and information documents such as books, letters, templates, forms, questions/answers, resume, agreement, letterhead, and newsletter, etc.

Document writing and editing works are mostly used in the first line of government works, front offices, sales departments, printing press, media companies, boards, schools, offices, cyber cafes, and  Lok Mitra Kendra, etc.

Editing can be anything but mostly it’s about making changes in the document and applications as per the demand. And document creation means creating a new document or new format or new template to communicate instructional information with the reader and end party.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs are two leading computers or web application that is very helpful in document creation, editing and writing work.

But the most important computer skill is the creation of anything new as per the demand and creativity. I mean to say that thousands of people copy and paste the formats, templates, applications, and assignments from other sources to their document. It can be a skill. But the real skill is in the creation, invention.

If you can’t create something by using a computer, then I will say that you’re not skilled. Might be you’re knowledgeable about the copy and paste. And I think and I am sure that knowledge is not a skill. Knowledge is a science and skill is an art.

And one more thing, art is not only fixed to the drawing, painting and designing work. It’s also about the art of typing, the art of writing, the art of teaching, the art of programming, the art of learning, the art of communication, etc.

But to become an artist in computer programming, designing, and anything else that you use in your daily life you have to start from facts, data, information, and knowledge.

And Anyone can develop any kind of computer skill after the execution of facts, data, info, knowledge. And consistent execution, practice, learning, creativity, and imagination about that thing make anyone skilled.

And when someone uses the skills and knowledge practically then science becomes the art. And at the same time, when someone understands and explains art then it will become science or theory for the next generations.

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  • Data management, calculation, and visualization:

It’s a computer skill that is used to manage a large amount of data in computers and clouds. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet is most popular in this case. but these days, AI, cloud computing or cloud storage is also playing the role of manage customer data and application production.

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  • Presentation skills:

Presentation skills mean in the computer is that you will communicate by using images, charts, drawings, diagrams, animations, and various other visualizations tools. For that people can learn PowerPoint and data visualization tools.

  • Graphics designing:

Graphics designing, web design, photo editing is the skill in which you present content (data, information, knowledge) in colorful styles, visualization by using UI/UX based design methods. Graphics designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, procreate, Corel Draw, etc. applications are used to achieve particular results from the process.

In simple words, it’s a computer skill in which you have to communicate by using images, vector graphics, etc.  

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  • Web Development and Design:

Web, apps design and development is another most important computer skills that make it possible to create new solutions to solve the daily life problems of customers and people. If any developing country wants to become developed then I think that has to focus on the creation of new things. It can be new software, a new app, new design, new document, new trend, new fashion, new music, and anything that is innovative and creative. After that, they have to export that creativity to other countries to become developed.

And I don’t know where it is, but in any country when culture becomes respectful when education becomes creative when work becomes innovative when leaders become imaginative and teachers become inventive then the country becomes ready to become developed.

And web development, design, programming is the computer skills that help thousands of other people to convert science into art such as graphics designing tools, search engines, etc. I mean someone’s imagination becomes a new website, a new search engine, new apps, or a new business tool.

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  • Execution skills:

Not all can execute the plan. Someone can be great in planning but unable to execute. It’s due to many reasons. But computers, tools, don’t execute your imagination into product/services/information automatically yet, they need commands and creativity. The more you’re creative in creation and execution the better and faster you will be able to produce results.

For example, there are thousands of people who know how to program. But not all are able to become billionaires. And those are billionaires,  not know much about programming and designing. Why it’s happening, will tell you later.

But one difference is the execution of skills and knowledge. When science (thinking) and art (execution) become balanced in the mind or in the team or in any situation then innovation happens. And those who balance mind and hands in the same direction at one time are able to lead.

That’s it.

Now if you ask me again, what is computer skills? and example to tell me in a few words then the answer is that:

Computer skill is the execution of science from the mind of the user that becomes an art. Tools and apps don’t matter. What matters is the clarity on, what I want to get? And when someone knows about the results, then he/she can make that possible by searching and learning.  

That’s how past inventions have happened.

  • The creator of the computer didn’t have the sample.
  • The inventor of the light bulb didn’t have the sample.
  • The founder of Facebook didn’t have a sample of Facebook.
  • Google creator didn’t have a sample of google.


But they were inspired. It can be from competitors, it can be from learning, books, it can be from ideas, it can be from the customers. And inspiration is science. But they were able to do it because they were focused on the inspirations while creating.

Ask the designer or painter or writer, how they have done that. They don’t tell that, it’s because of skill. But it’s a science of inspirational ideas that make things happen.

So try to learn and try to use your imaginations practically to become artistic in computers and their applications.