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Planning is important to achieve personal and business goals systematically. Advanced planning is important to adapt and succeed during the constant change. Behind the success of any organization, the execution of planning plays a very important role.

The importance of planning can be considered by seeing the consistent profits and market value of an organization. You can say that planning is the strategy to set the process of achieving short term and long term goals.

Execution of such planned strategies helps us in faster decision making, increase productivity and profits. Stability, flexibility, freedom in decision taking on a higher level in any situation becomes possible because of advance planning. The people and businesses that understand and explain the importance of planning to their team are more successful than others. Especially while handling tough situations in business.

As we know that small ideas are becoming big business. It’s not important how great is the idea but execution of such ideas with proper planning leads to success. Facebook was once an idea but the Facebook corporation implemented it with proper planning.

Where was Google 20 years ago? Where were Alibaba and Amazon? Etc. and you can see where these companies stand today. Once they were only Ideas. It’s not about they are funded by big investors or banks or they have skills etc. Yes, such things played their part.

But they planned their every step systematically to achieve that big success we see today. It’s because they have plans to create plans. They have plans to execute such plans faster than others. They have income and incentive plans for their team.  They have plans for consumers and their customers and they get what they want. And they keep doing planning and execution efficiently. All for profit, success, productivity, brand awareness everything that is important to achieve.  

The importance of planning is not only utilized by Facebook but almost 90% of businesses are doing it on daily basis. Some fail and some pass. It’s all about seeing a bright future and taking an important step in the present.

Let’s see some example to understand the importance of planning

Planning of recharge for the consumer by telecommunication companies.

19 rupees recharge for 1 day in which you will get unlimited local, STD calls, Free Roaming, 1 GB 4G data, unlimited Night Data etc. Now understand that how these companies are making profits in same time providing value to their customers.

You know that there is so many recharge plan offered by such companies Airtel, Reliance JIO etc. Do you think they are doing it without planning? No! Another thing you can learn here is that any planning in business or real life is not successful and executable if it is not beneficial for more than 1 person, especially for customers.

The planning of Government of India or Prime Minister of India Mr. Narender Modi to wipe out Black money from circulation.

Do you think it is easy to remove black money without planning from banks and other daily basis transactions? The plan is in which the old unit of currency 500 and 1000 rupees are replaced with a new currency unit. The plan is for the development of Indian economy. Whatever the results can be or criticism but the decision is well planned and it can be very beneficial for India if the plan is well executed.

Now understand the demonetization planning from the point of view of Government of India, if you’re the authority how you’re making a decision when it affects more than 1.352 billion people of India and 33,627 nationalized banks branches along with 38,606 on-site ATM’s.

Can you take this decision in the bathroom? Never! No one can believe on this? But the planning starts after Idea. An idea comes from creativity. Creativity is automatically explored anywhere. It can be in the bathroom. But the planning is done by economic or banking or PMO officials etc. such as experts analyzed the pros and cons of the decision.

So, here are various points you can learn from demonetisation about planning: such as for better planning you should have goals. You should plan the duration of achieving such goals. You can hire experts or you can do it by yourself after research. And you should be ready for criticism in a negative case.

So, this example highlights the process of planning and its importance. Planning is the prime function of Management in business and any organization 

Systematic Investment Plan for investors and AAM Aadmi by various banks such as SBI, ICICI etc.

This is another example of Planning and its importance in Business. Banks do their planning to increase investment. Banks offered such plans to all the citizens of the country. In which we can build wealth. Fixed deposit, mutual fund, gold investment etc. all are well planned. Both are getting benefits banks and people. 


Planning is an important process of thinking in which we draw daily activities to achieve desired goals. I think everyone does planning on one level or another.

Housewives are the best manager. They do the planning and execute it each day. They plan to manage kids and office job. They plan to manage home, kids and office job. This is how planning works.

Today, everything is planned and I think 70% of populations of the world have plans for everything. But it’s the guarantee of success? According to my thinking, I can say that planning for right goal, with experts (self), by taking decision fearlessly, living positively and taking an important step when it’s required can be important for successful plans. But still focus on the execution is important. And plans can be changed at any time. 

Today around the world we’re suffering from unemployment. In India, the unemployment rate in March 2016 was 5.0%. The world will be facing Air pollution, Water Pollution and Privacy (Internet) & security threats etc. such kind of various problems. So, what we need to do! We all need to create business and career plans that help directly or indirectly in the creation of a better future of India and the world. We all have to become leader or manager whatever we’re doing and wherever we’re doing it.

National Institution for Transforming India is responsible to create innovative, citizen’s friendly development plans. Here you can learn the functions of Niti Aayog, and its old name was Planning Commission. You can learn from the functions of Niti Ayog as an example of the functions you need to create and plan for your business and career.

If the government is doing its duty, then we citizens have to follow and need to support governments. No matter whatever is the country? Government is like RAJA and we’re Praja and we need to help in execution. They are elected by us and we have to support their good decision but support should be self-analyzed. Not by marketing influence. If we help in the execution of planning then it will go successfully for us and for coming generations. What is wrong in that?

But we can’t depend on the Government. If we’re doing business then we need to plan to make it profitable at the same time by providing value for customers.

Planning is similarly important in career and education. If we’re doing MCA, M.COM or any short Computer course we should have the plan. Plans about? What we’re going to do next? If I am doing MCA, Can it give me the job? If I am doing a computer course what after the course I am going to do with the knowledge. Marriage Planning, Family Planning, child education, day to day task all can be planned.  

Yes! Few things are not in our control. Nature and government policies are not in our control. But we need to plan according to the time, situation and results we want in future.

Another last and most important thing I want to say that the execution of planning and its functions are the most important. We all need to be flexible in this constant change.

So, that’s it! What I think about planning and why it is important. I hope the article on Planning helped you to understand its importance.

It’s great that if you can share your thoughts about the importance of planning.

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