How to deicide which Computer skills you need to learn?


You will find plenty of online computer courses, computer training services, and online degree programs. Deciding which one is best can be challenging, especially for beginners. You can’t solely rely on others’ opinions or advertisements, nor should you depend solely on AI tools to determine what’s best for your future.

Determining what’s best for you can be a personal and sometimes daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the right computer or online course. However, I can provide guidance to help you make an informed decision on selecting the best course for your needs.

Top 6 factors to consider to decide the best course, degree, and technology skills to learn

Whether you decide to pursue an online computer science degree, learn web development, or dive into digital marketing online, or alternatively, opt for a local computer institute or college, it’s essential to carefully consider these factors. Your choice of learning method can significantly impact your actions, confidence, experience, and future career and business opportunities.

1. First, start by learning the fundamentals of computers and technology

I don’t want to suggest a specific course directly. Instead, I recommend that you begin by acquiring a foundational understanding of computers and technology. This initial step is crucial because it introduces you to the various fields, skills, tools, and professions available within the realm of computer science and technology. Learning the basics of computer science is akin to receiving primary education in this field, and it will empower you to make informed decisions about your interests and career path.

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2. Consider your career aspirations and income goals

Selecting a computer course or degree program after completing your 10+2 education is a critical decision. It’s essential to choose a field that not only interests you but also offers good income prospects and remains in demand in the future.

For instance, presently, there is a strong demand for skilled professionals related to artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, online advertising, and marketing. These fields are expected to maintain their relevance and continue to be in high demand in the foreseeable future.

No one can guarantee the future of technology trends with absolute certainty. However, having a solid foundation through a computer science or computer engineering degree can certainly open doors to the tech industry and job opportunities.

Continuing education, staying updated with evolving technologies, and striving for expertise are crucial to maintaining a successful career in tech. It’s a field that often demands long hours and dedication, so genuine interest and a passion for learning are key to avoiding burnout and finding fulfillment. If you have significant ambitions and income goals in the tech industry, the field can be very rewarding, but it does require commitment and continuous skill development.

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3. Skills you can quickly acquire and start earning with

If you’re short on time and eager to enter the IT field swiftly while starting to earn money, consider acquiring the following skills. However, keep in mind that your success in terms of earning money, acquiring clients, or generating sales will also depend on your marketing and promotional skills.

  • Learn Web Development: Learn to create and promote websites/ Learn how to build and customize WordPress, HTML/CSS/JS websites. Promote and advertise your services online, work as a freelancer, drive traffic to your portfolio website through content marketing, build a social media community, leverage platforms like YouTube and Pinterest for marketing, and begin acquiring clients. Remember that virtually every business requires a website, so educate them about its importance and how your services can benefit them.
  • Learn Digital Marketing and Advertising: Learn how to generate sales and leads for small businesses. Sales and marketing are among the most potent skills in today’s digital landscape. If you enjoy communication, frequent social media updates, and helping people in their career and business endeavors, consider delving into digital marketing, content creation, SEO, and video editing skills. You can offer sales and marketing services to generate leads or sales for clients. Additionally, you may explore affiliate marketing on the side to generate extra income. These skills can open up numerous opportunities for you in the digital marketplace.

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4. Develop a comprehensive plan and effective strategies

For example, In your primary time, consider dedicating 3 to 4 hours each day to pursue a structured course, whether it’s in digital marketing, web development, or your chosen field. This consistent effort will help you build a strong foundation and expertise in your chosen area while also allowing you to explore part-time income opportunities alongside your learning journey.

Platforms like YouTube, affiliate marketing, and blogging offer excellent opportunities to create part-time income sources or make the most of your free time. However, achieving success in these areas requires a deep understanding of people and customer behaviors. Your content must cater to existing demand. Typically, these endeavors may not be suitable for full-time work until you’ve established a stable income.

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5. Stop overthinking and initiate action

Once you’ve gained an understanding of the options discussed above, it’s crucial to shift from contemplation to implementation. Just as you can’t learn to swim without getting into the water, you can’t guarantee success without taking action. No one can provide an absolute guarantee, not even after a year of teaching, because success depends on your unique talents, skills, interests, and dedication.

Each of us is responsible for our own success. Our actions, decisions, and determination shape our future achievements and setbacks. Confidence in our abilities and the willingness to persevere, even in the face of failure, are key ingredients for eventual success. It’s through learning from our mistakes and relentless effort that we can continue to progress and achieve our goals.

To conclude, based on the information provided above, here are the top 5 factors to consider when deciding the best online course, IT field, or profession/business to pursue:

  • Start with Computer Basics: Begin by acquiring a fundamental understanding of the subject area to explore various fields and career options within the IT industry.
  • Alignment with Career Goals: Ensure that your chosen path aligns with your career aspirations and income objectives.
  • Skills for Quick Start: Consider acquiring skills that allow you to enter the IT field swiftly and start earning money, such as web development or digital marketing.
  • Diversify Income Sources: Explore opportunities like YouTube, affiliate marketing, and blogging to create part-time income sources while learning.
  • Commit to Continuous Learning: Dedicate focused time to daily learning and skill development, recognizing that your actions and determination ultimately determine your success.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision and set a path that aligns with your goals and interests.

Mantra: I’d like to emphasize the importance of adopting a mindset where, regardless of the consequences of our decisions, we commit to not giving up. This determination is a potent force that fuels personal growth and leads to eventual success. Thank you, and I’m here if you have any more questions or need further assistance.

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