Time management strategies for college students

Time management is very important for all students. If students manage time effectively, they will never get problems with jobs, employment, and happiness. So, with this goal in mind, I am sharing few strategies to manage time effectively especially for college students. I am sure it will help them to get opportunities and success in life and career.

Let’s suppose you have 3 years to pass college. And it’s lots of time. So, you have to do more things at this time. And you will be able to do that because:

This time you’re not under pressure from the schooling schedule. You’re feeling free and just enjoying the college life that you have seen in movies. You’re far from home and that’s another kind of freedom. You’re not married nor you have kids or lots of social works. Parents are only expecting you to get good grades, that’s it. So, if you struggle and work hard more in this time then it becomes a little easier later in your career.

What I mean to say, that you have more freedom, time to do great things in life. But 90% of students are not able to do that. Do you know why? It’s because when freedom is not utilized wisely, it becomes the reason for failure.

So, if you’re an individual who has big dreams, has a family obligation, and wants to live impactful life then following time management strategies are just for you.

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1. Get up early and study your college subjects:

Whatever goals you have, never think you can work tomorrow to achieve them. Even never postpone the studies for tomorrow, if you have time right now, then use it. You can research, that most of the people say that if they studied that or this in college time, they can be more successful today.

So, get up early in the morning. 4 AM or 5 AM, and study your subject books or practice for a minimum of 3 hours in the morning. The benefits of learning and practicing the study material in the morning are that when you attend class in the college, it will create interest in you, your mind will start getting it, you will start feeling interested to learn more. It’s because your mind has observed and digested the information very well that you have studied yesterday. Now that’s feeling hungry for more knowledge. And more knowledge and information very important for you this time.

Why 4 AM?

It’s because you have to do many things in the day. It’s possible, that in the day and evening you can be distracted and unable to focus.

Now your daily 3 hours of practice/learning in the morning for the next 3 years, will make the difference in exams or marks.

Not only that, you will have more time than other people. And that makes the difference in your career. Everyone has one life, and that’s why don’t limit it. Expand your creative capacities.

I don’t think, we born to sleep on this earth for 8 to 9 hours. Sleeping is important when it’s important. Else to sleep just for joy is not good for students, and especially for those who have dreams.

2. Visit the library and read books/newspaper:

When a teacher is not taking the class, or when there is no class then don’t just spend time to chat on phone and walk the city with a friend or just for around, instead go to the library and find the books related to your subject and study them.

You’re in college to study. You’re going to college to do something big for the country, village and your parents or for your own. So, if any day, teachers are not taking classes due to any other reason, then spend that time in the library.

The library is the only place in the world where noise pollution, mobile pollution, social tension, and fake appearances of people can’t distract or dominate you. It’s better to sit and study in the environment.

Now when you will be in the exam hall for competitive exams, interviews, entrance tests in that time you will be to perform better than other students because you have utilized your free time in the college to study.

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3. Use weekends and holidays for friends and travels:

Don’t’ plan any party or don’t travel too far, between the college days, when classes are going. Even give time for friends on weekends. And from Monday to Saturday be like a warrior and use every minute to become successful.

4. In the evening learn some computer/internet skills at home or in a cafe:

After college in the room or at home in the evening, you can take a nap for a few minutes. That refreshes and make you energetic again. After that practice and learn some technical skills. Even you can join the computer classes after college. You can learn many computer and internet skills that will be helpful for your career development.


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The benefits of utilizing these minimum 2 hours daily for learning new skills help you utilize the power of information technology into your subject.

For example, if you’re studying commerce, you can research, find, think the ways that can explore your creativity and convert into innovation, product, and services that you launch later in your career as a business.

Even managing time for learning computer skills during college time, also help you later in interviews, competitive exams. And also help in creating college assignments.

You can learn these days, many things on mobile, but remember, mobile is for those who want to react.

But for those who want to build, create something creative use computers and laptops. But if don’t have a laptop or computer right now, don’t worry, just take advantage of the mobile device.

Remember, many technologies, business ideas in history came to people during college time. But they came when they are connected to learning groups and teachers. That’s why it’s very important for you to spend and connect with those who have dreams, who are hard-working. And for that, you have to avoid those groups and people wasting time at parties and fun.

The real fun begins after college. But to enjoy that fun, you have to study and have to become skilled practically. And for that, you can do online courses at home after college or you can join the cafe to learn any kind of workable skills. It can be computer skills, coding, Spanish, Japanese language.

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5. Never sleep without reading books:

Read the books of subject leaders. For example, if you’re studying physics then learn the books of Albert Einstein. Similarly, if you’re doing an MBA then learn the books of management leaders. To do big things in life, you have to study those who did the big. It will give more ideas about the career scope in the subject that you are studying in college. So, my time management strategy for a college student is just simple.

Study, Practice, and learn technical skills and use your 10-12 hours just to create and explore interest.

If you want to know, what you can do in your free college time, the following articles will be very helpful for you:

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