Personal Development Steps: Be Your Own Competition


Competition is everywhere and for everyone, whether you’re a student, business owner or blogger, freelancer, politician, teacher, principal or YouTuber. It is a reality we cannot escape. There will be competition because you are not alone. Thousands of people like you and me are trying to capitalize on opportunities. But the one who is better will win. We just have to improve ourselves every day.

As long as we are focused, are learning continuously, and remain positive, we do not see the competition. This also means that when money is coming in, business is going well and there is applause everywhere, then at that time, we do not look at the competition.

Or in other words, we do not know what competition is. This is because we are so busy with our success that we do not realize when the people around us, friends, businessmen, and competitors have become ahead of us.

It is nice to say that we have no competition with you. But, or practically we must compete. But it is also true that our competition is not with anyone else but with ourselves.

We know that we are not participating in any race. Life is a journey and everyone must walk. Everyone needs food, clothes, a house, and a mobile + internet. More than this, everyone has to raise their children, and give them a good education, they themselves have to be educated. To do all this money is also needed. To earn more money, you have to do business, a job, and whatever work you can do.

You can say that we are doing it all. Still, we are not able to expand and increase our income.

The simplest answer is that you stopped competing with yourself. The day when you start competing with yourself, start thinking to break your own records, start working better than yesterday, start feeling more positive than yesterday things change.

Surely, you or I cannot do it in just one day, this is a practice that we have to do each day.

However, rather than feeling discouraged by the growing number of competitors, it’s time to shift our perspective and focus on what truly matters – our personal growth and progress.

Be Your Own Competition: Formula for Growth in a Competitive World

Now understand in the following points how to compete with yourself for career and business growth.

1. Challenge the Challenge

Instead of fearing competition, embrace it as a challenge that can push you to new heights. Recognize that competition is a sign of a growing industry, filled with opportunities waiting to be seized.

For example, you always feel that you have to learn computer skills such as web development, digital marketing or basic computer skills. You already know that learning these skills will help you in your career and business development. But you’re unable to start or you think you can’t learn from home or you have many other excuses.

Now this is a challenge and you have to embrace it. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, view this as an exciting challenge. Start with simple online tutorials and courses to learn at your own pace. Embrace the convenience of learning from home, and remember, these skills can open doors to countless opportunities online and offline for career and business growth. Read MoreExplore these 16 Growth Opportunities for your business

2. Give Your Best, Always

Your journey to success begins with giving your absolute best. Whether you’re creating content, offering freelance services, or sharing your passion on YouTube, consistently delivering high-quality work will set you apart. Excellence is your most potent weapon against competition.

To ensure you can consistently give your absolute best, it’s crucial to invest in learning and improving your skills. Acquiring new knowledge and refining your abilities will be your driving force. By expanding your skillset, you equip yourself to produce even higher-quality work. Learning not only keeps you updated but also makes you adaptable in a dynamic world. It transforms your excellence into a formidable, ever-evolving weapon against competition, securing your path to lasting success.

3. You vs. You

Instead of viewing others as competitors, view yourself as your own competition. Strive to become the best version of yourself with every endeavor. Continuously learn, grow, and evolve. Be the benchmark you aim to beat, and you’ll find that there’s no competition quite like the one within.

By adopting this mindset, you’ll not only improve your skills but also foster a sense of self-worth and achievement. You’ll become the biggest competition for others, as your dedication and commitment shine through in everything you do.

For instance, you’ve likely heard and witnessed Shahrukh’s latest movie, Jawan, shattering the records previously held by his film, Pathan. News reports have also highlighted how Shah Rukh Khan consistently outpaces his own past achievements. This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to film stars; even athletes experience it. Despite their years in their respective fields, they too face competition.

However, what sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence. They diligently strive to give their best every day, continuously honing their skills and expanding their knowledge and networks. They embrace calculated risks and embark on innovative ventures. Though these endeavors may seem challenging, they persist.

This relentless pursuit of self-improvement and surpassing their own previous achievements catapults them to the forefront of competition. They aren’t competing against others; instead, they challenge themselves to outperform their own milestones. This internal competition fuels their remarkable success.

If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.

-A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

4. Draw Strength from Your Struggles

When you find yourself grappling with challenges, remember that your struggles are not roadblocks but stepping stones to growth. If you’re working tirelessly to boost your website traffic and it feels like an uphill battle, embrace this struggle. With each setback, you’re gaining valuable experience and resilience. Use your failures as building blocks, and summon the determination to take the next step in your journey towards increasing website traffic.

Likewise, if you’re in the midst of the challenging process of learning programming, don’t be discouraged by the difficulties. Understand that this struggle is a temporary phase, and it’s perfectly normal. Take a moment to relax, clear your mind, and then start anew. Keep in mind that every coding obstacle you encounter is an opportunity to learn and grow. With patience and persistence, you’ll conquer the challenges, and your programming skills will flourish.

5. Shift Focus from Competition to Action

For example, instead of constantly monitoring competitors’ prices and sales, you could concentrate on enhancing the customer experience. You can invest in a user-friendly website, offer exceptional customer support, and regularly update your product catalog based on customer feedback. This action-oriented approach can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and ultimately, sustained growth in sales. Read MoreWays to start an e-commerce business from scratch: eCommerce business plan

6. Embrace learning

Even if you feel like you are starting late, it’s never too late to learn basic computer skills. Imagine a student who, in their 50s, decided to embrace technology and learn computer basics.

You can begin with the fundamentals, slowly build your knowledge through online computer tutorials, online computer courses, and live online computer classes, and gradually gain confidence in using computers for everyday tasks like document writing, email, and digital marketing.

Your perseverance will pay off when you successfully navigate the digital platforms, online career, and business opportunities proving that it’s never too late to start learning and adapting to the digital world.

7. Stop hesitating start doing

If a formula for achieving everything without effort existed, I’d be the first to know it. But, nothing comes for free or automatically in this world. If you’re hesitant to take actions that can improve your financial situation, you won’t achieve wealth.

In our village, we have an old saying: “Shame breaks deeds.” It means there’s no shame in working hard, struggling, learning, and putting in effort. Shame lies in theft, lies, and hurting others.

हमारे गावं में एक पुरानी कहावत है की जिसने की शर्म उसके फूटे कर्म। इसका मतलब ये है कि मेहनत करने की, संघर्ष करने, सिखने की और काम करने की कोई शर्म थोड़ी ना होती है। शर्म चोरी की होती है, झूठ बोलने की होती है, दुसरो को निचा दिखाने की होती है। लेकिन दोस्त काम करने की और मेहनत करने की कोई शर्म नहीं होती।

So, don’t be concerned with competition and criticism. Do what you can, because if you desire wealth, you must work for it. Opportunities don’t appear magically; we must create them ourselves.

For instance, if you’re hesitating to launch your own YouTube channel due to competition or fear of failure, remember that your primary competition is with yourself. Your unique perspective, passion, and creativity are your keys to success.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on your personal growth journey. Start your channel, utilize the best content creation tools, share your story, and let each video contribute to your self-improvement. In the expansive realm of content creation, authenticity is your greatest asset. By embracing this mindset, you can genuinely shine on whether you want to start a YouTube Channel, Blog Website, eCommerce business or Freelancing.

So in conclusion, the key to thriving in a competitive world is to focus on your personal growth and excellence. Don’t be discouraged by competition; instead, let it inspire you to be better every day. Be your own competition, and you’ll find that there’s no limit to what you can achieve in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and business.

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