What is Content Writing? Why & How to start content writing?


Content writing is the use of words in written formats to communicate information, knowledge, entertainment, data, into readers and audience minds on the blog, social media, website, ebooks, videos, product description and advertisements. I am doing content writing professionally for many years and worked for many clients as freelance content writers and blogging on this website for 7+ years.

So in this course of actions, I have a few experiences that I am sharing with you in this series of content writing articles and the first article is on essential techniques that will make you a successful content writer:

The goals of content writing are the following:

  • Communication in written formats with the target readers/audience/customers to achieve business and personal goals.
  • Conversion of the data/information into an easy-to-read and understandable method.
  • To write content that increases traffic to the website and blog.
  • And the most important is to inform/educate/entertain target readers and encourage them to follow the call to action.


Types of content writing services and works:

  • Content writing for website pages such as home page, about us, services content.
  • eBooks Writing such as application manual and tutorials or books.
  • Product description writing on e-commerce websites.
  • Blog and article writing according to the website or business category.
  • Product/Services/Business reviews writing.
  • Copywriting and writing help businesses to sell more.
  • Technical writing about the subject expertise.
  • Poems/stories writing
  • Dialogue and script writing

Goals of the content writers in most of these works in day to day jobs:

  • To write 500 to 1500 words min. 1 article/content per day.
  • Research on the topic.
  • Search engine-friendly content.
  • Original written content that has to be from the heart, brain, research and experiences and expertise.
  • Top-quality English (any language) with proper grammatical and spelling. (Not like me).
  • Goals to write and submit content before deadlines.
  • To change the writing style according to the topic/category/formats and audience interests.
  • Keyword and competitor research on the article.
  • To research, create or add images, infographics in the content.
  • To expand the topic according to the demand.
  • To educate readers/audience about the subject, product, and services.

Essential skills for content writers:-

  • Creative skills or creativity that help to think/research and write unique and top-quality content/articles.
  • Search engine optimization skills or SEO writing so that written content/pages/articles/products get the expected rank on the search engine.
  • Selling/Marketing skills so that content is able to convert readers/audience into customers.
  • Technical writing or industry expertise so that written content provides detailed information, knowledge on the subject for readers.
  • Effective communication skills so that content is able to build personal and professional bonding between brand and customers.
  • Heading and subheadings writing skills so that it helps to attract an audience on social media and higher click-through rate on article/titles in the search engine.
  • Skilled in using website analysis/keyword research tools so that they help to find topics to write, quality improvement in the written article and help to rank written content in the search engine.
  • Basic Computer, internet, and WordPress skills.
  • Learning skills.

Why content writing is important for business and e-commerce websites?

Content is the only way for digital marketing companies, business websites to sell and promote products and services. Written content is used in websites pages, blog articles, application documentation, ebooks, branding materials, social media pages, youtube videos, images, infographics, business proposals, email marketing, and newsletters and various things.

Most of the content things are used by almost 70% of online businesses and websites for marketing and branding. It’s because people use the internet for various things in daily life. And to help people through the products, services, information, applications, and data it’s essential for businesses to use various formats of content or content marketing in daily business operations. Each content formats have their own advantages and interests.

But the common thing is that all these formats needs written content directly or indirectly. Such a YouTube Video that is about products reviews needs to have engaging written heading, thumbnail, descriptions, tag, and compositions of keywords to make that more attractive and to increase more views and likes.

There are various methods of content marketing, and one of the best is blogging on business websites. Business websites and online businesses need high-quality traffic from search engines. And blogging and articles help them to do just that. That’s why content writing matters the most for businesses and it’s an essential part of digital marketing.

That’s why content writing is a valuable skill, job, and business that anyone can do with proper education and knowledge.

Career and Income scopes in content writing

There are big career and income scopes for content writers:  

  • There are thousands of businesses that want to build an online presence and wants to promote business on the internet. And to help them there are freelancer digital marketers and agencies providing SEO, content writing, website design, social media marketing, email marketing services. They all need expert or beginners content writers in their team online or offline.
  • There are various applications websites on the internet that need a content writer to post or publish regularly high-quality content.
  • There are various freelancing websites in which clients/companies are posting jobs and projects regarding content writing.
  • If someone is not interested in the job then they can provide freelance writing services from home and they can also do it as a part-time business and earn per article.
  • They can start their own blogs as per their interest, hobbies, and expertise and earn by monetizing them.


It’s a very competitive field, how to build your own unique content writing skills/services presence on the internet?

Remember, you’re already the unique creation of God. So don’t try to become unique, you’re already unique. Just be original to what you are as long as you can for consistent success in everything that you do related to content writing.

Yes, it’s a very competitive and hard-working field. And it’s because of its career, income, and business growth opportunities. Many started content writing services and jobs, but not all were able to make it big. There can be many reasons. But to make it big I have a few suggestions:

Ways to start content writing services business, job, freelancing, and business etc.

Let’s take Gardening as the subject example:

  1. Find out and define your expertise/idea.

Find out and define your expertise, interest, skills that you already have. Such as gardening is your interest, you have gardening skills, and you already growing your small garden in the backyard.

Now what?

  1.       Learn about keywords, use keyword research tools and research & think how gardening can be helpful for people?

keyword planner example for gardening keywords

  1. Now build the strategy to explore gardening interest

Now build the strategy to spread and explore gardening interests around the world. Ask a question yourself, do you want to be known worldwide as a gardening enthusiast. If the answer is Yes. then move to the next part. Else keep following the above three methods until you don’t find the field and interest. No matter, how much time it will take. To produce medicine takes years of research. So think big. Think for the long term.

  1.      Now think and research your financial goals or the ways to earn money from them?

Do you want to do a job as a content writer who writes about gardening?

Do you want to build a website/blog and then monetize it with affiliate products such as gardening tools?

Do you want to provide gardening services?

And how you can write about it.


Things to remember:

There is no perfect idea that exists for anything in this world. Not for business, not for politics, not for religion and so you don’t need don’t expect a perfect idea for your content writing field or blog. Perfection doesn’t exist outside. Start and if you fail, start again and try hard.

  1. Build a Content writing services/job plan like the following example:
  • Write 10-15 articles as a draft before buying a domain and building a website.
  • Now after you finished writing a minimum of 15 articles as a draft then start building a blog website. You can do it on your own using WordPress. and you need to learn WordPress, it’s not that difficult.
  • Learn less about SEO and write more about gardening, services, ideas, interest. Be original in writing, your profile like you’re with your friends on your website.
  • Now publish all written content 1 by 1 for the next 15 days.
  • Make sure you have built your profile on the website. It can be the about me page or the main landing page of the website. Your website can be personal and professional.
  • Your goal is to attract and connect with gardening-interested people.


You can search on the internet and there are various sources that can teach you how to set up a blog. And if you’re interested I will share technical details in upcoming articles after your response to this post.

How much time it will take to learn and become skilled in content writing?

  • If you want to do it as a business and want to make it a consistent income source it can take 1 year to 6 months.
  • If you want to do a job as a content writer then it will take 3 to 6 months.

Things to remember:

  • Your success in the content writing business/job highly depends on the skills of the trainer or teacher you’re learning from. Make sure you’re learning from teachers and industry leaders.
  • Your success depends also on your commitments and skills level such as social skills, communication skills, creative skills.
  • Your success depends also on your marketing and sales skills when it’s about earning.
  • And success depends also on the industry. Make sure your blog/content writing services/industry have growth opportunities.

Content writing is for everyone who has something to share with people. But to become successful in content writing it’s best suited for those who want to help people with their expertise, experiences, and skills.

That’s it for today friends.

I think I haven’t mentioned many things in the article. But I will do my best to cover the remaining things in upcoming posts as per your response, comments, and questions.

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