20 Creative Web Development Projects Ideas for beginners


In this, you will get great programming project ideas for practice, create tools, and creative reasons to learn coding skills. You can use or make changes to these ideas and exercises for content creation, online business, and portfolio.

1. Learn any one-two programming language or learn to code in C, C+, C# or JavaScript, Python or and then start automating various repetitive tasks and your daily business or personal work in the operating system and browser.

2. Learn R or Python for data extraction, cleaning, analysis and visualizations. Extract data from public databases or free public sources then you can clean and filter. After that, present this data in your web application or in the website so that it becomes more useful for the public or your users. And later you can monetize it or run it as an online business.

3. Learn the basics of python, Javascript, HTML, CSS or web development or app development on your own at home by using your free time then later use your skills to teach kids.

4. Learn to use and understand statistics, and data. Learn basics of SQL, and PostgreSQL for advanced concepts and uses. Once that is done, start providing database consultancy services, database optimization, and application development services. You can also work as a freelancer. You can start a blog and YouTube channel that will be fully focused on the concepts of databases.

5. Learn python programming to work on data science and machine learning projects. Teach school or college students through zoom or skype the basics of data science and machine learning from your home.

6. Build a chrome browser extension that can filter spam, fake, and fraudsters content from the search engine results.

7. Learn the basics of Python, cryptocurrency, bot development, and artificial intelligence and build crypto mining, trading, monitoring tools, and concepts for trading.

8. Build digital marketing and SEO tools or web applications for small businesses such as keyword research tools, landing pages, website metrics or analytics, and many other apps by using free or paid public API and databases. Monetize that as per the best option. Even if you’re a beginner if you practice coding with such goals, you will be able to learn more and fast.

9. Finished the basics of python tutorials and now want to work on real projects or something that excite you, or even want to start working as a python expert on a freelance website then try to learn web scraping and apply for web scrapping-related programming projects on Freelance websites. Learn more advanced concepts of data or website or eCommerce scrapping by using beautiful soup, and selenium in Python.

10. If you have online business or marketing ideas and want to build a dynamic and fully functional website as per your idea then you can learn web development skills. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python, My SQL or PostgreSQL and Git.

11. Learning the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GitHub, Git, and web development you can do the following works: -> You can work as a freelance web developer or you can provide front-end web development services. -> You can create web development content and start a YouTube channel. -> You can start a blog on Web Development. -> You can build a web application and by using API in the backend.

12. Learn to code to build your own private web browser it’s a great programming project idea for learners.

13. Build an application that showcases only technology trends related to the specific niche and country. For this, you can use Google Trends API or through pytrends in Python to work on this programming project.

14. Build an app or extension and get updates on selected Facebook friends in your timeline for a particular period of time.

15. Build your own mobile app to teach students as per your related subject. In which you can include diagrams, quizzes, games, videos, and various other premium content.

16. Build an IoT device or GPS system or something similar that can help to find car compliments maintenance status.

17. Create your own search engine that is only for students or below 18 years of age group. Or you can build a chrome extension with admin control to bypass adult content and websites.

18. Create an application that can show the history of data manipulation based on the keywords.

19. Create a build an application that can show the history of data manipulation based on the keywords. So that it shows the connection behind the data and people infected or influenced by that data.

20. Build a search engine that is not biased and shows results based on the intention of searchers but not manipulate the intentions.

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