Why learn to code?


Computer programming or coding is one of the best, most demanding, highly paid computer science and engineering skills. But it doesn’t mean everyone has to learn to code.

Computer programming, computer engineering, and computer science cannot be used to or can’t solve all the problems of the world but it’s one of the best technical solutions to solve or innovate specific business, organizational, leadership, social, and environmental problems or tasks. And there are various examples in our daily life that we see and use of how technology has changed our life, and business changes,

In fact, the changes that once were solutions and innovations now can be problems such as controversial or fake social media content, news and data, job insecurity, business uncertainty, data privacy, and security. And something that was a problem is now we have solutions for that such as instant messaging, marketing automation and robotics.

Technology brings changes fast. Each day the speed of getting challenges, opportunities, innovation, new tools, problems, and solutions is faster than yesterday. And one of the reasons behind that is new startups, tools and software, web and app development services, and platforms.

If you’re not aware of the changes happening around yourself (personal, social, environmental, and political, and in your business or profession then it’s enough to make you confused, less confident, and make you uncertain about the future.

It’s important because when you’re aware of the problem or demands then you can learn and bring a solution. Else, if you ignore you have to accept the change whether it is positive or negative. Even you can’t make good business and career decisions without understanding the change.

But who is making those changes in our life and business?

Everyone says that these are technological changes or that technology is changing our life.

But it’s not the technology, actually, it’s the group of people, companies, organizations, intuitions, and businesses. And it all started with the people like you and me. We accepted the technological changes and adapted ourselves for that whether it’s a search engine, robots, social media, or eCommerce.

We learned them through computer science or computer engineering degrees or through basic computer courses, free video tutorials, blogs, and books. Some of us find it interesting, positive, responsible, and important and many find it problematic, negative, compulsion, boring, and critical.

Positive and negative, winning and losing, good and bad are always there. To change or not to change is just about our thinking and depends on our leadership capacity.

So, programming languages and skills and other technologies are like this. Coding skills provide opportunities for jobs and development, innovation and problem-solving. While at the same time it’s challenging to learn and stay updated along with new changes and updates.

Why should you learn computer programming skills and what can you do with them? Whatever I learned or know so far, I will tell you.

But 1st let’s understand why people learn to code?

  • Students learn to code because they need to complete their computer science and engineering degree with good grades.
  • Many learn to code because they find it’s a highly paid technical skill and there is a big demand for a web and software development workforce or jobs.
  • Some learn to code because they see opportunities to create more digital content to publish on their websites and YouTube channels. The demand for software, Web, WordPress, eCommerce development videos, exercises, quizzes, and consultancy is high. Such type of content gets more traffic, views, and as well monetization opportunities.
  • Some learn to code because they want to teach other people how to code through videos, books, online courses, and offline training programs.
  • The kids or teenagers got computers at home or find that their parents are computer engineers or computer scientists or software developers and then they follow their footsteps on their own or by parents and learn to code.
  • The other types of kids started using a computer and mobile phones to play games at home and sooner they find they have to develop something like this or better than this game or app or solution and then they learned to program.
  • Some kids and teenagers find computer science an interesting subject to learn and master. They learn and enjoy coding to do fun and useful things.
  • Many learned to code because their room partner or friends are also doing it.
  • While the other types of people who want to start a business, and want to develop custom software for business, mobile games, mobile apps, WordPress plugins & themes, landing page templates, messaging services, browser extensions, and search engines. They have seen Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg, and watched many other successful software startups and founders. They are inspired to learn coding to do something like this.
  • Some of them find problems in society, business, and country and created the solution after learning to code.
  • And some learn to code because they want to change their career and they are between 30 or 35 and but not satisfied in their career or profession even after earning lots of money. They want to do something big and impactful. But they failed to do that so through jobs or 1st or 2nd startups. Now coding.

Everyone according to the reasons behind coding learned and some of them are successful and but many failed to learn. But there are some of the top reasons behind learning to code such as compulsion, inspiration, interest, responsibility, money, and fun.

Even it’s not always important to find strong reasons to learn to code. Until you don’t learn to code for a few months or weeks, you will not understand how interesting or complicated it is. It’s same in the digital marketing, graphic design, and any other profession.

Having programming skills is not important, but what you do or want to do with your computer programming skills will matter the most at the end of the day and your self-satisfaction.

As you know many use computer programming skills to teach others. Others used programming to create videos and write books. Many use programming skills to do a job and get a good salary. And some use it to create tools, software, web applications, and apps and started successful startups.

That’s why until you don’t start learning to code, you will not find the truth and real reason for learning.

But why do people fail in learning programming skills? When it’s so much interesting and has great financial benefits?

Some of the reasons that I think are:

  • Coding is interesting and you can earn lots of money through solving problems and by innovation. But when you fail due to complications, or lots of technicalities then you look for alternative things and research easier ways to make money.
  • There is no straightforward way to learn coding skills after college or if you’re not doing a computer science or engineering degree. Especially for those who started learning coding just after basic computer skills.
  • Some say to start with python, others say to start with C# and another one says to start with C. Many choose to become a full-stack developer, others say to become an app developer. This is so much confusion for the students and people to take the good and right decisions. And many failed due to such programming content and learning suggestions.


There are thousands of reasons behind failure as well as success in any field and profession. There is no profession, job, or business without competition. Actually, competition and complexity are more beneficial from a business point of view.

So, I hope you learned and analyzed many things so far in this article about coding and technologies. And now it’s time to share what I think why you should learn to code? No matter in which situation you’re in your life?

I will give you the top 5 reasons to learn to code. You can think or start learning coding for any one of those reasons. And I totally believe that you will learn coding more seriously after thinking and analyzing these reasons to learn code. Even after understanding the fact that it’s difficult, confusing, complex, risky, time-consuming, and challenging.

  1. Learn to code because of its most trending demand and companies are ready to pay you for your best skills and technical expertise. You can earn or charge as much as you want as per your uniqueness, expertise, and skill.
  2. Learn to code because we need good programming teachers, who can help to make learning programming fun and easy.
  3. Learn to code so that you can solve specific business or national problems in your country.
  4. Learn to code because you tried everything else so far except coding. And you failed or are unable to achieve your goals and dreams so far. Learning to code can become the turning point for your career and success in life.
  5. Learn to code so that every kid, student, and a person can believe by seeing your success that they can also achieve their dreams and goals without any computer science, engineering degree, and lots of money.

Learn to code because it’s a personal development skill in this technology era. As you know you will get thousands of reasons to learn to code. Still, you can feel a lack of motivation, stress, and bored.

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If you just beginning then 1st start learning the basics of computer and computer science for a month. Not everything comes on the way and looks easy. But it will help you to understand the technologies and impact.

And in the 2nd month try to learn C or Python or JavaScript. If your creativity spark or you start getting ideas then continue. Make something on your own anything small or big. Enjoy that process.

Stop finding any more suggestions on why learn to code and what to learn or what not to learn. Full-stack is more important than just web development.  Stop spending your time on such things. Instead, just start learning to get all the answers.

Golden Tip:

Start learning to code without reason. And you will get the reason very soon. Believe me and this works. And it makes your learning coding interesting, less complicated, creative, and successful.

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