5 Workflow Automation Software for streamlining efficiency


Workflow automation or workflow management software is web/mobile-based application software that is developed to streamline and automate yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily business operations, tasks, and strategies.

By using workflow management software, you can create and design daily business processes, tasks management as per projects, team members, document routing, and reporting. All time you will have access to know the current status of projects and work and you can review the employee’s performance.

Uses of Workflow management software:

  • You can use workflow management software to automate software deployment, daily development goals and reporting, ticket routing, and system updates.


  • You can automate employee onboarding, leave management, performance reviews, and document approvals using workflow automation software.


  • You can automate your marketing campaign management, lead nurturing, email marketing, social media scheduling, and content approval processes through workflow management software.


  • You can integrate your website with CRM systems to automatically capture travel leads from the inquiry form. After that, these leads will be assigned to appropriate sales agents for follow-up.

Does your business need workflow management software?

If you’re managing your business, employees, and freelancers manually and you have to repeat tasks or processes manually for delegation, feedback, and performance tracking then you must use workflow management software to save your time and effort.

For example, instead of manually assigning content creation tasks, social media management, and campaign optimization to employees or freelancers, the software streamlines the process by allowing you to create task templates and assign them directly within the software.

Another example: In the real estate business, effective communication and task management are crucial for smooth operations. If a real estate company experiences miscommunication, delays in response times, difficulty in tracking tasks and progress, or inconsistencies in work then implementing workflow management software can be highly beneficial for them.

Workflow management software enables real estate businesses to enhance communication, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency in their operations.

Types of Workflow management software:

There are various types of workflow management software and you can use any one of them as per your business and project needs. Some of the most used types of workflow software are the following:

  • Project Management Workflow Software

For example, if you’re running a digital marketing business or software development company then you need to manage multiple projects

Project management workflow software allows you to effectively plan, track, and collaborate on projects, ensuring that tasks, deadlines, and milestones are managed efficiently. It enables you to allocate resources, track progress, communicate with team members, and monitor project timelines.

  • Document workflow management software

For example, in an accounting service firm document workflow management software helps streamline document-related processes, such as invoice approvals, expense reimbursements, and financial report generation.

The main goal of workflow management software is to streamline and automate daily business operations (sales and marketing, development, meetings), project execution, enhance collaboration, track project progress, improvement in document management etc. Whether you want to use workflow management software in the digital marketing business, SaaS or in an accounting firm. It helps in managing all types of business.

While many SaaS tools are also integrating pre-designed workflow management systems as an add-on in their tool. But following is the list of workflow management software that you may test or consider using in any type of business.

Top 5 Workflow automation Software to streamline and optimize your business:

1. Asana

Best Workflow Automation Software

Asana is a versatile project management tool that enables you to create and manage tasks, assign them to team members, track progress, set deadlines, and communicate effectively.

In a digital marketing service business, Asana helps streamline campaign management, content creation, social media scheduling, and client communication, ensuring efficient collaboration and timely delivery of projects.

2. Jira

Best Workflow Automation Software

Jira is widely used in software development and related business Jira helps manage software development projects, track bugs and feature requests, assign tasks to developers, and facilitate effective collaboration among team members.

Jira provides visibility into the development process, ensures efficient bug resolution, and helps manage software development projects with agility.

3. Monday.com

Best Workflow Automation Software

Monday.com is a flexible and customizable project management tool that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of a SaaS business. It allows you to plan and track product development, manage customer support tickets, collaborate with remote teams, and maintain an overview of your SaaS operations.

4. Wrike

Best Workflow Automation Software

Wrike is a comprehensive project management and collaboration tool that can greatly benefit video editing businesses. It allows you to manage video production projects, assign tasks to editors, track revisions, and coordinate feedback from clients. With Wrike, you can streamline video editing workflows, ensure efficient communication, and maintain version control to deliver high-quality videos within deadlines.

5. ServiceM8

Best Workflow Automation Software

ServiceM8 is a field service management software designed for businesses in the service industry, such as real estate, plumbing services, and construction. It streamlines workflows related to job scheduling, dispatching, quoting, and invoicing.

ServiceM8 helps manage appointments, track job progress, assign tasks to field technicians, and handle client communications efficiently. It improves overall operational efficiency, reduces paperwork, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Asana, Jira, Monday.com, Wrike, and ServiceM8, cater to the specific needs of different types of businesses. The above are just an example of workflow but you can test each of these or even more that is best for your specific type of business needs. Some of the other popular workflow automation tools are Kissflow, Zapier, ClickUp, and many others.

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