6 most popular types of websites that you create to make money online


These are the most popular websites that make money through advertising, affiliate products, subscription, and selling products and services.  Building a website is easy, but getting traffic, promoting the website, and conversion of traffic into sales is actually the main work.

So let’s get started:

6 popular types of websites that you can create to make money:

There are various methods for all types of conditions. Think for people, think like a customer and think how you will get customers? Then select or plan our strategy to create a website for your business or as a business.

1. Landing page website:

If you want to get customers through PPC advertising and then create a landing page website or single-page website. Best for travel agency websites, hotels, and restaurants. For this, you can use HTML+CSS and a little bit of Javascript to create a simple and conversion-focused landing page website. In keep updating in the future as well.

2. Business Blog Website:

If you want to get customers and want to build long-term relationships and also want to retain old customers along with new customers then you can create a business blog website. It’s a combination of business information + a blog website. In which your target is to connect with customers through content marketing. For this, you can use WordPress. It’s best for travel agencies, coaching institutes, and various other service-based businesses.

3. Build Tools and expand solutions:

If you already getting clients online through websites, advertising and social media then build a web application for your customer and your business. It can be a tool and a little bit more solution for them. For example, if you’re an SEO agency, now you can focus on building SEO tools that will help your clients. And you can use cloud computing software as a service model to promote and run it.

4. Invest in eCommerce website:

If you want to grow your sales if you want to build your retail business big then start selling online. Invest in eCommerce website development. Build delivery and supply chain and automate it through technologies, developers, and marketers.

5. Build a SaaS business website:

If you want to start a new business then invest in a cloud computing business model. It means building a website that people can use and pay you for the use. It can be a game, software, local social network, tool, and antivirus or anything. For this you need to select a technology stack, you need consultants, developers, and marketers.

6. Start a blog as a business:

If you want to start a part-time business online and you have something to write for 3 to 4 years minimum daily or weekly then start blogging as an online business. For this, you can use WordPress. You can take help in complex works other than you can create it.

Conclusion: Clear your goals. Find exactly is the need of your business. What different methods of digital marketing or website can help you in that. On the web, there is everything for everyone. Select what you want? Don’t plan to get everything. Just focus based on your current and long-term business goals. And then execute the plan.

If you need more personalized assistance then let me know.

All about this in Video in Hindi: 

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