Without changing hosting, How to boost your WordPress Website loading speed?


Is hosting is the only reason behind the slow-loading website? Is changing hosting is the solution for a big blog website? Is changing hosting really boost your WordPress website speed? These can be the reason behind the slow loading website. But that’s not at all.

Even after changing hosting your website speed can remain the same. So today’s post is about “WordPress post speed optimization” that will boost your overall WordPress website loading speed. And I hope finding this post-speed optimization information will be quite useful for you.

The key to increasing speed other than changing hosting is that “Optimize each blog separately to boost your overall WordPress website traffic”. If your posts are not able to load and have lots of memory to process through visitor browser and server then it will load slowly.

Even after using caching plugins, a good hosting company and content delivery network is not a guarantee that your WordPress or any type of website will load faster in the user’s browser if the posts and pages in your blog or website are not optimized correctly.

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So optimizing each blog post separately will boost the overall website loading speed. Optimize each blog post separately or in bulk for higher loading speed. But make sure that each post that’s getting traffic is optimized effectively. So that it will not impact the overall website loading speed.

So even before you plan to migrate your website to another host due to slow loading speed, you must test each post and page speed separately. Normally, if you’re using Google Analytics tracking code in your blog or website, then it will automatically notify you about your top 5 or top 10 slow-loading posts and pages.

Even you can also see each post-loading speed in your google analytics reports.

Even if you don’t do that, you can use the Google page speed test tool and GTMatrix to test the speed and find out the reason behind the slow speed. And the slow loading speed of your highly ranked or profitable post is a direct loss. So, you have to figure it out as soon as possible.

There are various reasons behind the slow loading website:

  • There can be a conflict between plugins in WordPress. You can check that by disabling the plugin one by one or disabling one that you have installed recently.
  • Too many uses of plugins for page views, popups, social sharing, forms, links, and social shares, etc. can be another cause. The meaning of blog optimization is that only use those things such as SEO, Monetization that matter and improving user experience, user interface and also help in generating revenue or leads.
  • Too many display ads or banners can be another reason behind the slow loading speed. Don’t use too many advertisements that contain Javascript codes. And if you have to use it, then use it in those places (footer) below the fold to load the page faster.

For example, your header and post have to be load first and faster. It’s also because of reasons, why people visiting your website or blog. They want a solution faster. So, do that, if you want to load the advertisement, page view plugins, popups then used them on the sidebar, footer, and after the post.

You can test different methods of your blog optimization also as per the revenue. But it’s important that each post have to be optimized correctly and for speed.

  • Use small images or low-resolution images or not use images. It depends on you and the content of the post. But I saw that images are the biggest reason behind the increase in LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). In simple words, the largest thing is an image in a single view that’s loading slow. And it’s impacting the overall post-loading speed.

So, use CSS editor to disable the images on those posts which are loading slowly or the LCP score is high. And it should be below 0.9.

It’s because speed is one of the main reasons behind more traffic and low traffic.

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So, if you’re seeing drops in the traffic on certain pages or post then optimize them to load fast. And within a week, you will see your blog is traffic is increasing.



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