Delete your google searches and browsing history

Delete your google searches and browsing history: Delete history from Google searches and browsers is important for Internet safety. If you want to delete all past searches and browsing history from Google in Google chrome then follow the below steps. There are various steps to delete search results and browsed data. But I think this is easy way to delete search results history and browsing data:

Delete your google searches and browsing history 

  1. Sign In to your Google Account
  2. Click on this link: , you can also type on and you will find first link Welcome to my activity – Google

(Note: In my activity you can find and see your search and browsing history since you created your Google account. All the activity is saved by Google. But you can control this data in which you delete, view and customize the browsing history).

  1. Click on Delete Activity By

delete google search history

4.Then Select the option from Delete by Date: You can select all time (See the picture)

select the desired options to delete google search history

5.Then select Search and Click on Delete, as you can see in the above picture.

6. After this you will get the final notification that do you want to delete your search history        permanently, if yes, then click on Delete!

Click on Delete google search history

Now your all time Google Searches history is removed from Google.

This is the process to delete search history from my activity in Google and you can do this in almost all the browsers.

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Now Delete Browsing History

You can delete your browsing history form all devices from setting in Google chrome. In which you can delete browsing history, download, cookies, cached images and files, passwords, auto filled data in forms etc. If you want to delete all these things, follow the below steps:

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on keyboard or you can follow the steps as you can see in the below picture

1. Click on Setting tab below the close button, then click on 2. More Tools after that click on 3. Clear Browsing data

three step to open clear browsing data in google chrome

3. Now you can check mark the boxes – (See in the below picture)

clear all browsing history4. Now Click on Clear Browsing Data

Done! Your all browsed websites, saved passwords, cookies and cached files is removed from Google Chrome.

(Note: this history is only deleted from Google Chrome but not from my So, the best method is that you can delete each week your browsing history from internet browsers. And once in a month delete search history from

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