Importance of internet in our life essay


The importance of the internet in our life is similar to oxygen in this tech world. It’s tough to be happy for a few people without the internet.

Today it’s time for online reputation, internet marketing, online business, online degrees, social media presence, and internet banking. That’s why the importance of the internet in our lives matters.

For many people, this is a wonder. At the same time, for many people and businessmen, the Internet is the Kamdhenu cow of the modern era. People will live without eating food but not without using the internet on mobile. Even the happiness and joy of the people depend on the progress and performance in their online expression.

The Internet is providing directions and maps in a few seconds. The Internet is also the best time pass option for us at the airport, in the car, and on the train.

The Internet is helping us to find a restaurant and hotels. Even if you have no idea what to eat today for breakfast, lunch, and dinner then you can search for the best food recipes on the internet. The Internet is providing you freedom from food restrictions.

If you want to spend weekends and want to go somewhere but no idea then searches “I want to go somewhere”. And you will get a tour and travel details on the internet. If you want to buy a gift for your family member then the internet helps you to find out amazing gift ideas.

Internet relationships are in trend with clients and unknown people. You don’t need to feel lonely so the internet helps you to make new friends and you can see what they finished recently.

You can manage your time with the help of the internet. If you visit a friend’s house but have doubts about weather conditions then you can check the forecast on the Internet. Don’t worry, if the weather is not suitable for you.

You can say the best birthday, marriage wishes, or all kinds of best wishes through the use of the internet. You can also do audio and video chat.

Oh! You have enough free time at home but don’t use it in a productive way. Then you can start a part-time business from home through the use of the internet.

The Internet is amazing for housewives too, helping with shopping for clothes and accessories, etc. The Internet is great for all private and government employees because of the internet they are getting their salary directly in a bank account. You can send and receive the use of the Internet on mobile phones.

Now the world is moving with a high belief in the internet toward cashless economies. A cashless economy is a great development if you see it from building to building, car to car, home to home, and rich to rich.

Now you can say the Internet is an essential part of our daily life activities. But what internet is doing about education and learning? Oh! So you don’t know about online degrees and courses. There are many universities going online to educate the world. You can learn any kind of skill on the internet.

Distance education was born again because of the internet. In the future, I think no need to go to school, college, and institution. The era of the 21st century is under your finger. You can drag anything, you can touch anything, can type anything and you will get something exceptional.

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So that’s now you can analyze and understand the importance of the internet equal to oxygen.  But I fear that our new generation will give more importance to the internet than the environment. If they are bound to feel happiness according to algorithms results then? If they will don’t get an education from artificial intelligence about the lap of nature then?

No No – We will teach new generations about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. But we need to lead by example, not only by social media posts. I mean practically. For that, we definitely spend time in nature. We definitely plant new trees and show them the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence.  Even the internet teaches us how to use me for the better.

Oh! Nice, it’s a really very nice exploration of the importance of the Internet. I am very interested to learn more about the internet in detail. Can you explore the world view about the role of the internet in our life?

Of coz! I will try it!

The Internet gives us the freedom of options to access the news and media. News is a choice for internet newsreaders. People don’t need to see default news or noisy political debates in which the same people debate different topics each day. They can be intelligent but it looks like they are hired by news channels based on debating contracts. This is about TV. But on the internet, you have the option to see news and subscription options for a particular topic.

Two ways of news on the internet that is default news and customized news. Yes! Just search News on Google and you will get a list of news websites. This is the default. But it’s not necessary that the default news is important to you. You have a customization option. Search on Google about anything related to your interest for example: “Security Camera” and click on the news. In this, you will get the news you’re interested in. It can be the latest or a few months ago but it’s a highly beneficial method for professional and online business people. If you’re a security camera seller then the best informative and knowledgeable news is for you about the camera, new products, and new inventions.

This how important the is internet for news readers and viewers. Internet speed up the development process in news channels, and print media houses. TV news channels, websites, news apps, and news blogs are various sources for internet users to get news. It’s totally user-friendly but really challenging for news channels in the future to grow from the place they are today without innovations and new internet business models.

Social media, local news websites, bloggers, apps, etc. are covering the news faster than ever. News channels and journalists today are analyzing user behaviors and trends.  It’s because of the internet. The Internet is powerful and beneficial for everyone if used properly.

Newspapers are now E-newspaper because of internet evolution. Newspapers are also getting benefits from the internet. They are monetizing e-papers websites with online ad networks such as Google Absence. News websites and news channels are getting high exposure on social media. This is because of the internet.

The race for search engine top 10 results in which only high-value providers, more marketing budget, and highly skilled people and businesses (more than artificial intelligence) people can survive. If we’re getting value for our time, that’s how the internet is important for Media and people.

The Internet is important to learn new skills in less time without leaving home. You can find almost all kinds of Tutorials related to Internet skills, internet marketing, internet business, etc. It’s not only that but if you want to know how to make Makki KI Roti (delicious with Sarso the Sag) then go on YouTube. It’s because millions of people are exploring their skills by using internet teaching platforms such as YouTube, blogs, and social media methods. That’s how we can each other help in the development of practical education.

University and big funded private colleges, and small businesses are taking advantage of the World Wide Web. They started online degree programs and courses. Developed countries are using innovative online degrees and distance learning. This is how the internet is important for the development of education and beneficial for students and teachers.

Shopping on the internet is really important for busy professionals. Earning and spending decision is taken based on Time. Internet GDP or online businesses are around e-commerce business models.

The Internet is important for business owners and professionals. The Internet is making buyers’ life easy and comfortable by introducing valuable products at a low price with 70% to 80% discounts. It’s not only beneficial for internet buyers but also very profitable for companies to sell products online. In cities and small towns, businessmen are creating eCommerce websites and selling products and services online. It’s also important for new businesses and entrepreneurs about the importance of a website for business. Such connectivity between buyers and sellers on the internet is creating new online job opportunities for internet skilled people.

Today, students from India or any other country don’t need to pay for a high degree by getting loans from the bank. They can start their careers after learning a small internet or business skills. Freelancing is one of the old methods that are now in models of online jobs, remote staff, contracting, etc. Digital Marketing and content writing, branding, and designing skills are more payable for the creative youth of India or the world.

Internet banking is nowadays trending in India. It’s a good initiative by the government of India toward a cashless economy.  We are using e-wallets for daily need transactions. Digital money and online transactions soon will be mandatory in India. The use of mobile wallets and mobile banking will very be challenging to implement.

The purpose of such digital transaction steps is to remove corruption. It is good as far as the privacy and security of users are not compromised. It’s really good that the security of intent banking will be given high importance by Government. If any account is hacked due to banking software problems, or a mobile app hack then who is responsible?

I don’t think governments will pay back users for their loss of money and privacy compromise. But in this case, users need to learn about internet banking and working methods. Users need to learn about the importance of internet banking safety and other knowledge such as privacy, cookies, browser caches, etc.

The Internet can play a great role to remove corruption in India or the world. But governments need a team of Great inventors and thinkers to implement such internet-related practices.

For example, Bitcoins (a form of digital currency, not printed like Dollars, Rupees, or euros, which no one needs to control) can be the ultimate currency or alternative to banknotes which can also help users to do transactions online. Such internet economy practices are important and it’s not without the use of computers, mobiles, and the internet.

We can’t imagine life without the Internet. But we need to use the internet in good ways and for the development of the nation and people.

Internet mobile users are growing faster than ever, especially in India. To get the advantages of people’s interest, internet service providers are giving internet free. Reliance JIO is playing a leading role as an ISP for the common people of India. In broadband services, BSNL is leading with great unlimited broadband plans for Indian people. Everyone wants to be connected to the internet.

The Internet provides quick information and freedom of options for users. Arts and literature getting new access points because of the internet. Innovative online business models are coming. People are approaching communication at a new level. Text, Audio, and Video chats are now routine.

Online marketing is important for business more than offline.  Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Listing or Ads Portals, Content marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are important to utilize by all kinds of businesses. Even political parties are using Internet marketing methods.

Digital Education platforms are growing. Data research and surveys are easy today because of the internet. The business decision or new product decision or prime times are presented after the analysis.  The tour and travel industry, retail industry, media, education, health, and banking sectors getting high competition and are bound to provide great values. This is beneficial for users.

The Internet is playing an important role in human and social development. I can say that the use of the Internet is important to be successful in Career, Business, and in life. There are various uses of the Internet in our lives and we can do various productive things too. People use the internet according to their interests.

The Internet is power and valuable tool. It’s good but the necessity of time is that we will become Internet literate. And also help to teach and learn from each other about the importance of the internet and its benefits.

But don’t ignore the plantation of new trees. Try to make your living places clean, save water, and electricity, and participate in environmental development practices.

Conclusion: No matter how important the internet will be in the future. But we can live without the Internet and money but not without water, plants, food, land, and nature.

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