Different Ways to build any type of website


Today we have more, easy, and less costly ways to create a website. If not a programmer, someone with basic computer skills can easily create a business or eCommerce website by using a Website builder or WordPress.

And for custom website development, you can hire developers and designers online. The choice is up to you, all you need is a will, vision, and plan for a website. And website technologies, companies, and freelancers are ready to help you as per your preferences.

Of course, the first thing you need for creating a website is an idea or a concept for the website. Then a domain name related to that idea (or business), which is the unique online address of your website (eg. youridea.com or hotel.in ). Next, you need a hosting plan, which is like renting space on a server to host, save, and maintain your website’s content and data.

Once you have these in place, you can start thinking about website design and features for users. This is where website builders and platforms come in, to help you design the site and upload content to it.  Let’s look at the different ways that you can choose, to create websites.

Top 4 ways that you can choose to build any type of website

1. Website Builders Software

Website builders are pre-designed software that provides tools for designing and constructing websites. Like everything in life, the free ones have limited functionality but the paid ones come with advanced features and options.

These proprietary online website builders are best for non-technical people, involving little or no programming.

They also come bundled with various other services, all in one package. Such as domain, hosting, templates, and content. So using a website builder to create websites by and for common people, is the way to do it. There are various popular website builders such as wix.com, squarespace.com, weebly.com, wordpress.com, etc. 

wix website builder

Wix Website Building platform is one of the easiest and simplest ways to create any type of website. There are ready-made templates you can choose as per your requirement and niche. Using Wix.Com, you can create a business website, blog website, portfolio website, and eCommerce store website in a few hours.

squarespace website builder

If you want a fast and easy way to create a website, you can choose squarespace.com. You can create a travel agency website, portfolio website, and many more. There are award-winning templates that are easy to customize as per the requirement. Squarespace.com website builder is similar to wix.com The biggest benefit of using Squarespace is that it includes domain, hosting, e-commerce, analytics, and support all in one pack.

  • WordPress.com

wordpress.com website builder

WordPress.com is mostly known as a blogging platform that you can use to create a free website. Most bloggers use it to create blogs and it is considered to be the best in terms of SEO and indexing on Search Engines. The functionality and features in the free version are not as helpful as they are in the premium version. But still, it’s good for using it as a practice platform for students and beginners. The biggest advantage of using WordPress.com is that your website or blog will get free hosting and security.

Here is the list of the 10 best website builder software to create a website


2. WordPress.ORG (Content Management System)

wordpress org website building

WordPress.org is an open-source content management software that anyone can use to create SEO-friendly, responsive online store, blog, business, and portfolio website. You can use free and premium themes and plugins to create and customize any website. This is one of the best methods to create a website. Some would say that the best way of learning to build a website in today’s time is WordPress. Learn More: What is WordPress Website? A Quick Intro for Beginners

  • WordPress Themes:- WordPress themes are pre-designed category-based website templates that you can use and replace with your own content. There are free themes that you can use for practice and you can also buy premium themes. For instance, if you want to build a travel agency business website with enhanced functionality for booking guests etc., you need to buy premium themes.  In simple words, all themes are programmed web pages based on your requirements.

wordpress theme examples

  • WordPress Plugins:- Plugins are add-on codes that enhance and increase the functionality and website building options for users. There are paid and free plugins for almost all kinds of features that you can use to create a professional-looking website.

wordpress plugin examples

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3. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/SQL/Mongo DB (Any Programming Language and database)


html css js for website development

Almost all the websites on the web are created and designed using HTML/CSS and programming languages such as PHP, Java, jquery, python, etc. Even the website builder application, wordpress.com, wordpress.org, wix.com, google.com, facebook.com, and amazon.com all these websites are created by using HTML, CSS, and various programming languages. The use of programming languages is based on the level of functionality that anyone requires on the website.

4. Hire a Website Designer/Developer

hire web developer

The 4th method to create a website is by hiring a website designer or website designing company. When you hire a website designer or company to build your website, they will also most likely use HTML/CSS/Programming language or WordPress or Website Builder, etc.
This is so much information and so many methods.

And it’s difficult for beginners to find out which one is best for them. So I will try to help you make up your mind in the following paragraphs

  • If you want a unique website that has not existed before, then choose HTML/CSS/PHP or Python programming language. This is the deepest and most classical method, providing unmatched functionality and versatility. But it can take lots of time.

For example, if you want a website to look like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or YouTube, with the same type of functionality on your website then it’s very tough to do it on website builders, WordPress, and with the use of themes. To do this job successfully, you need very good programming and graphics designing knowledge. It’s tough for a single person to become proficient in all this in a short time. It can take 1 to 2 years.

The best method for this type of project is to either hire a website designer or do it by adding your friends and designating each one Such as one person for programming, one person for user experience and user interface, etc.

  • If you just need a blog without hosting fees and minimal technical work then you can select WordPress.com, Wix.com, squarespace.com, tumblr.com, weebly.com, etc. These are intuitively designed so that anyone with basic computer knowledge and a working internet connection can use them easily and quickly.

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  • If you want a business website such as a tour agency website, fitness center website, coaching institute website, graphics design website, spa center website, or personal portfolio website within your own control. You can choose WordPress.org to create self-hosted and operated websites by using premium themes related to the above niches.

That’s it. I hope this article will be helpful for you in differentiating between the various ways to build any type of website.

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