Pros and Cons of Wix Website Builder you must know


Pros and Cons of Wix Website Builder: Wix is a free and premium cloud-based website-building platform that does not require any coding skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, etc.

It’s a web application or software. Any person with basic computer knowledge or course can easily use it to build a website.

Wix is a widely popular website builder on the internet. It’s a website but you can say it’s like an application such as Microsoft word that we use to create a resume and forms.

Similarly, Wix is an application that you can use to create a personal and business website. And it’s a breeze to use. But it also gets competition from WordPress and many other website-building alternatives.

You can choose any templates based on your requirements such as Business design, blog design, portfolio design, or e-commerce store website design. There are almost all kinds of templates available to build great and attractive websites.

Let’s understand the Pros and Cons of Wix Website Builder:

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Wix Pros:

  1. Wix’s website-building platform is free to use for everyone. It means anyone with basic computer and internet knowledge can use it anytime and anywhere on any device, within their web browser.
  2. Easy drag and drop functionality similar to Microsoft Word application to create admission form.
  3. Predesigned high-quality templates. The templates are designed by top-quality and ranked graphics designers. So you don’t need to worry about designs, layouts, responsiveness, and website structure.
  4. Responsive design and optimized templates for mobile, desktop, and tablets. It means your website automatically adapts to the device whenever it is opened by users around the world. If it is opened on mobile, it will change interface and content according to a mobile screen, and when it’s opened on a computer/laptop or high screen it will open accordingly.
  5. You can buy domain and web hosting at the same time when you create a website.
  6. SEO is a marketing strategy for websites. And Wix platform provides you tools and guidance that you can use to optimize the website for organic traffic such as from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. search engines.
  7. You can use support services 24/7 whenever you get stuck with something.
  8. The process of building a website is easy, just like you’re creating a resume in Microsoft Word.
  9. Using Wix you can build a Business, Online Store, photography, Music, Blog, resume, and portfolio websites in just a few hours. Wix also gives you nifty tools such as photo filters and animated texts, which are not offered by many other platforms.
  10. You can use the free domain name for your website, but that is a subdomain with
  11. You can also connect your own domain. For instance, if you have an existing domain then you can use it here.
  12. You will get a domain, hosting, storage, and Google Analytics in the premium plan.
  13. 14 Days Money back guarantee if you don’t like their services and products after buying premium plans.
  14. The payment is secure, it is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.
  15. You can use VISA, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover card to pay for the services.
  16. You can use site manager for site settings such as the domain, SEO, Favicon, Language and Region, Business info, and social networking settings from one place.
  17. You can also invite others to edit such as freelance designers or your teammates to make the changes in the website designs and other advanced settings.
  18. Wix website building platform contains various advanced features such as Email Marketing templates with guidelines, an organization of email contacts, you can send invoices and get paid online and you can manage your business activity in one place.
  19. The best thing I like about Wix is that they guide you stepwise, so working with the Wix editor is a piece of cake. For example, if you’re creating a business website, they will ask you in the wizard (WIX ADI) your business name, category, designs, address, social networks, etc. and you can create a minimum viable website within 5 minutes. After that, you only need to replace the existing content with your original content.
  20. If Wix Costs approx. 500 rupees per month to run a business website with hosting and all features then it’s less than the cost if you use a self-hosted website, in which hosting fees alone cost 500+ monthly beside the cost of other things such as email marketing software, cost to hire website designer is more than Wix website builder.
  21. On Wix Blog, you can learn various web design and marketing tips that will help you to promote your website and business on the web.
  22. You can earn money from your Wix website after monetizing with Google Adsense code. You can also earn money by joining Wix affiliate programs.
  23. Sites made with Wix are faster in loading, extremely flexible for making minor changes easily, and have a good app market to integrate tools and widgets on the website, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is intuitive and also creates backup points for your site for future restoration.

Wix Cons:-

  1. Not perfect for large websites (more than 30 pages), because the navigation menu cannot accommodate complex substructures. So the depth of navigation is only two levels deep.
  2. In the free version, you can’t access all the functionality and features. Such as if you want to access all the good design elements, or if you want your own domain without Wix ads.
  3. You can’t implement your own design ideas. For example, if I want unique designs with various unique user experiences it’s not easy to do in Wix. Starting out with Wix is easy but once done it’s hard to give it a bespoke touch.
  4. No way to export your data in Wix in case you decide to move to another platform. Wix says they are working on it, but for the time being, you have to manually copy-paste every single piece of content and data to your new website.
  5. Prices can be tough to afford premium services and functionality for a fresher or students. Compared to other website builders, wiz is 20-25% more expensive with their paid plans, especially if you plan to use it for more than a few months.
  6. Lack of total control and advanced features due to the extreme convenience of usage provided. It’s tough to customize everything. Sure they have provided drag-and-drop functionality but making major changes to an existing site can be a hassle on Wix. In addition, Wix changes the image file name after encryption, which can be a disadvantage in terms of Image searchability.

Not the most SEO-friendly platform. If you have good lead generation through word of mouth or social media, then it’s fine. But if you want your site to grow organically, it may be a slow process. Wix says they have improved it considerably, adding advanced SEO techniques like 301 redirects, etc., but it remains to be seen how effective these actually are for a blogger writing with high-competition keywords. Also, Wix Requires relatively strong computer and internet knowledge to use.

Within Wix’s paid plans, one of the better options is an unlimited plan in which you have to pay approx. 372 rupees per month. You will get unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, and Premium support and you can customize various things. This is the best way to start without knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, and coding.Branding and Marketing

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My experience with I started using Wix 9 years ago to create a simple website for my coaching business using free templates and subscriptions. But today times it’s more advanced and has great functionality in which you can do almost anything that is needed for a professional-looking business website. Yes, there are decent advantages of Wix like the ease of use, availability of high-quality templates, speed, and security. But it misses out on other important things like higher long-term pricing, lack of advanced features, and inability to export data across other platforms.

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