Facebook Post ideas for your business – Get Before Competitors

Practical and Creative Facebook post ideas for all kinds of business, these ideas about what to post on Facebook Page, Groups and your timeline related to business. You will get ideas on how to create content to post on Facebook and various other social media marketing ideas that you can get today, execute and see the difference.

Here are the best Facebook post ideas for Small businesses to get more likes and website visitors

1. Post questions and answer content related to your product and services.

Start publishing your blog content, product, and services post by asking a question on Facebook. Such as “Are you struggling in learning web designing? “ “Do want more sales? “  “Are you satisfied with your graphic designer?”  “What to do if your web design agency is not making changes on your website?” etc.

After that answer question in your next 2 sentences. E.g. (1) We have created the best practical course for struggling students. And in the 3rd sentence add a call to action e.g. Stay Tuned, Here you Go, What‘s more? Sign up to get notified! Etc.

This is great content ideas in which you will get more likes, shares, and comments because that question you’re asking in your paid or free campaign on Facebook is on the user’s mind. So, they are interested to know the answer.

And if the answer is unique, creative and more attractive than existed content paid or free promotional content then you will get higher conversion in your Facebook marketing efforts.

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2. Create a Carousel post with 2 sentences, 3-5 images in the carousel

Posting content on Facebook Page using Carousel is a great idea for businesses, which have more than 3 to 5 products in the same category.

Just add 2 sentences in the beginning e.g. subscribe or signup to get the latest SEO tips on your Facebook timeline daily. In 2nd sentence e.g. get the first 4 trending SEO tricks now before your competitors. Now add images that explore the half idea, so people get a valuable clue to click or signup or a visitor like a page or not.

3. #Tag Facebook business post

This is another great idea in which you need to manipulate your services and products according to the trending #tags of the day. For example, if today’s trending #tag is #webdesign #SEO #Amazon, #Microsoft, #Google etc. then you can add #Amazon, Top 5 internet marketing books. #Microsoft, Get free marketing reports to excel chart etc.

This is just an example. The idea is to connect your marketing with the viral post, especially on Social Media. You can also try the opposite of viral.

4. Do not only post product and services content each day

Each day is a new day and has different experiences. That’s why it’s tough to make your post interesting for the same product. One day it will get more likes and but on the 2nd  day has a lower conversion rate.

It is because people get bored and learning the same message. So you need to try each day to differentiate the message. That will find the right customer at the right time because it’s tough to convince the loyal customer.

So the idea is to get a higher conversion and more leads on Facebook is that try to post different content each day for the same product. Such as funny, indirect message, questionable content, GK content, creative content, trending content and content based on keywords research tools.

It means trying different content so people get the idea and knowledge about your brand. That you not only sell your own products but you educate your customer. It means you think about people, their overall impact of doing a particular thing with your post, not buying your products only.

There are always ways before buying your products and so you need to show them those ways, no matter they are free. It’s about the success of people. Not only about your success. And when you represent quality, value, knowledge, equality it’s easy for people to differentiate who is a better brand to connect with.

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5. Use personalized and local images in your Facebook post.

You don’t need premium images each day to post business content on Facebook. You need images that help to tell your brand, product, and service story. If you’re targeting a particular location in your Facebook ad campaign then try to get and include images of that location.

For example, if you’re targeting Himachali people in your Facebook post then try to use the images that inspire Himachali Culture, Himachal people. This will provide a personal feel for those people.

Similarly, if you’re convincing and targeting a particular gender then use the opposite. Such as if you’re promoting business training then try to use images of girls between the ages of 25 to 30. If you’re promoting a web design course then try to use the images of boys age group 20 to 25.  Also when trying to convince people below 30 try to use less content in the post.

And when promoting products and services then try to use more content in the ad campaign or free content to target 30+ people. Because I think, 30+ people are more serious and experienced, and they want to complete direction in the message.

Such as you open the email when you find the reason to open it on the subject and this is for Facebook user age group 30 to 40. But in 20-30 Facebook users want quick, shorter messages. Because they are not intended by seriousness and but by excitement. This is my own thinking or scientific ways to post content on Facebook.

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6. Target different Facebook Pages and Groups, people, and images.

You can target and post your blog or business page or product content based on the category of the group. If you’re teaching web design then post in the web designers group. If you’re providing SEO services then post in the SEO group. If your blog post goal is to help entrepreneurs then post in entrepreneurs groups or pages on social media or Facebook.

It’s a simple Facebook post idea, think like you’re running a Restaurant. Each customer and table order you different than 4 other customers. So, try to think in this way when next time you will post your business content on Facebook or marketing on Social Media.

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7. Lead your brand personally and share the things that have brought joy in your life

Your personal image matters the most when promoting your own products. So try to introduce your products and services with your own high-quality images. It is the personal touch that is important. People will get inspired by your confidence in your products, such as Baba Ramdev advertising his products (Patanjali) using their own image and brand value.

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8. Schedule your Facebook post content between 5 AM to 9 AM

The first reason is that “Your competitors posting on social media after 2 PM or in the evening. But posting between 5 AM to 9 AM is more productive.

“The second reason behind this idea is that in the morning people are relaxed and supportive. Also, depends on your customer’s waking uptime.

The third reason is of posting before 9 AM is that they are busy after that. And they will see thousands of posts, images, status updates the whole day.

And if you post after 9 am then it’s tough to get attention because thousands of companies are posting their content after 9 AM.

Even you can schedule your content based on a particular time zone according to the country.

The idea is simple. If you want to allow people to react to your post then you have to act before others. So they can react to your act the whole day.

9. Post selfies with happy customers, products, testimonials

Post your selfies with happy customers that explore your identity “Myself with our happiest customers”.  Whatever your business is, you already have some happy customers or clients visiting your office daily or weekly. Take selfies with those people and share them on social media. It will change the taste of your customers and friends. It’s like show business. But show the truth.

You can see this example to post selfies by Kapil Sharma in his comedy show, posting selfies with customers to promote lava phone. In IPL T20 – Extra Innings, hosts take selfies with their expert cricket guest to promote Vivo phone. And this trend you see in many TV programs and offline.

This is what social marketing ideas big companies are implementing. But you can do it with your creativity. And I think posting selfies with customers, product photos and banners and testimonials of clients in a Facebook Ad campaign can generate new business leads and conversion rate.

10. Share your industry quotes that even inspire your competitors to like and share on Facebook

This is a well-known idea to post business content on Facebook. Quotes images are the most shared and popular social media content. Sharing and creating quotes around your product storylines will be a great idea. You can create quotes images, slideshows, videos and gif to explore the values behind your products on Facebook.

11. Post videos, images, and text, links, and blog posts one by one each day or hour.

Posting different formats of content each time one by one will be helpful to keep connected with your audience. If you’re posting the same image more than 3 times and text, so it will make people bored easily. Social Media is used by people based on excitement and values level. So keep making people excited.

12. Contact your friends, fans, and customers to share, likes and post on your business groups

We all have friends, those who use Facebook more than others. They keep liking the post and sharing the thoughts the whole day. You can contact those friends to participate in your groups. You can also contact people working in the same industry. If you have fans and followers they might be interested in working with you or to work in the same industry in the future.

Even there are students learning the same things today, in which you’re doing business. You can connect with these people. If you are able to contact and convince 1 person for a day, so you have 30 people. Even you can pay for those people who have 5000 + friends or 10000 followers on Facebook. Such people are like Facebook Celebrities., students and social media marketers. Let’s talk with them.

13. Post content (images & videos) in which people are solving the problem and getting the solution

Publish content on Facebook in which the content in image and video is looking like solving problems. If it’s your product then great else you can use a call to action above the image. It will be a nice idea because if your shared image is communicating about the solution and your brand message, it’s always great for you to find such images and post them regularly on Facebook.

14. Share your team photographs, office images

The biggest asset and risk covering tool today time is a team behind the company and business. If you’re two people, three or 100 come together and explore your organizational culture on social media.

How is this idea helpful? This idea is helpful because it is the identity of your company, it is trust, and people attract people, more people to more people.

15. Tell the truth each morning

Even all the idea is looking boring and existed or tried. Don’t worry, just tell the truth, what you do, How you can do it in a creative and meaningful way each morning. You don’t need an idea. Just create more ideas from your solution. Present the same solution in thousands of other creative ways. Yes, they are there; just think what your old message is missing.

Keep checking the analytics too because social media data analytics is really important. It will give you a complete idea, what to post next?

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That’s it; I hope it will be helpful for you to promote your business on Facebook.