First 5 works I do after waking up early in the Morning

5 works you do after waking up early

It doesn’t matter what most successful people do in the morning. Learning from their experiences is good but execution of productive activities depends upon what is important to do in the morning for ourselves rather than following what successful people do first thing in the morning. Always remember that only you’re your teacher. No one else can teach you better than yourself.

Waking up early in the morning is just not for all people. It is for people who have big dreams, goals, projects, clients and liabilities. Everyone has their own reasons why they are early riser or why they can’t get up early in the morning or why they don’t like waking up early in the morning.

There are lots of advantages to waking up early in the morning, but if you are still skeptical about it, you can read the Top 7 benefits of waking up early in the morning to know what they are. But the benefits depend upon us, what we do and how we utilize our precious time after waking up early each day

Today, I am sharing with you my morning ritual like regimen that I follow before going to the office. You will read in this article why I do it and the benefits of doing these 5 things in early morning. I think you may also be following a similar schedule. But I don’t do same tasks each morning. I consistently look for new and exciting things to do each morning so that I can  take my creativity to the next level and also according to the importance of work on that day.  

Here are the first 5 tasks I do after waking up early and before going to office.


5 Productive works you can also try after waking up early in the Morning

1. Eat, Drink and imagine happiness and success – Drink some lukewarm water and try to eat fruits after waking up. I wake up in the morning between 3:55 am to 4:10 am.  After morning ablutions that wait for none, I go in the Kitchen and whatever seems fresh and easy I eat and drink. Our first task should be to please the body after getting up early. It will produce energy and uplifting hormones in our body. Think positive about your future. Imagine the happiest moments. Imagine the success you will get soon. After practising, your mind will be calm and happy. When the body and mind is happy, then we can enjoy doing any work we want to.

2. Analyze the urgent and important works for the day- After charging the body and mind I move forward and analyze urgent and important task for the day. For this I check my mails, notification, analytics, and client’s last messages. And I also check what are the goals of week I haven’t achieved yet. After analyzing I start getting focus. Then I create the list of works to do or “to do list” according to their priorities. After that I select one of the urgent or most important tasks or toughest work. And I don’t think too much on this point and start working on it quickly. I invest 15-20 minutes to analyze and take first decision for the task at hand. That’s why I started my first task around 4:30 am. I choose to take on tough tasks first or the work that is possible in that point because I am at my most productive and attentive in the wee hours of the morning.

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3. Yoga and Exercise – I try to complete the first challenging task before 7:30 am but sometime I am only able to take it upto 50 -70 % completion. This is largely dependent  on the type of work and internet speed. After the work I do some yoga and exercise. I get two benefits from doing yoga and exercise at this time. One is a short break after work, 2nd is the fact that exercise and yoga repair and rejuvenate the body and mind. I do this for 20-30 minutes. I also take 10 minute complete rest without doing any work or without thinking on anything. When this routine for my physical fitness is complete, I go for a bath.

4. Worship and Prayer: After cleansing the body I worship and offer prayers to God. I play religious songs to create a relaxing and devotional environment. I thank God for various things, but mostly for giving me the sensibility or ‘sadbuddhi’ to understand his greatness and my purpose in life. And I ask God to give me the strength to do the hard work required to attain my goals in life. I ask God to give me the intelligence to take apt decisions during difficult times in my life. I pray to God to bless me with prosperity and the wealth I deserve. I confess to God that I don’t know anything, I am nothing but the smallest unit of your omnipresence on this earth. Only you know everything and you’re supreme. I know that you do superb things for good people. Then I close my eyes for 4-5 minutes. Jai Mata Di! Om Namah Shivaye! That’s it!

It gives me spiritual power and peace of mind. I can’t live without spirituality. Spirituality in my life is a very important part, if not the most important. I respect and study about all the religions whenever I am in the zone. God is your friend, God is best guide, and God is our owner. God is our boss. That’s why it’s really important for everyone to make some time for the God that created us all

5. Breakfast and preparation for the office: After worshipping I have a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. In the meantime I listen to what my family members are telling me. I listen to their plans for the day and expectations for the evening. I listen and feel. Then in my mind I think how can I help? What I have to do for my family. In this time I motivate myself. I think about my family, my students, liabilities, clients, works etc. Then I realise that this is why the to do list is really important to follow through. Why these tasks are really important to finish before the end of day. It only have 20-30 minutes with my family nowadays in the morning when I can  spend some peaceful time. After that time I look for motivation and happiness within my work. Soon, I’m ready and enthusiastic to go to the office.  

That’s it, what Vijay Sharma does after getting up early in the morning and before going to the office each day brimming with hope and ambition

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Conclusion- The success you can achieve each day depends upon no one else but yourself. I know the situation is different for everyone but surely we can try. We can try to make some positive changes in our lifestyle starting today. We can try to get a job today. We can try to get the next project today. We can try to finish that project today. We can  try to write one article each day. We can try to create our own happiness. Everything is possible ! Only you’re making things ‘impossible’, rise up to them early morning and you will hear them saying ‘I’m possible’. Just look at the first step that needs to be taken towards your important tasks. This small step today is enough to motivate you into taking a big leap tomorrow.  

Friends, I shared with you my morning habits and routine. I don’t know if successful people do this or not. And I don’t care if they do or don’t. I have to follow myself. I have to take guidance from the God that is inside me. I have to do hard work and this is my responsibility and I think deep inside, everyone feels this way too.  

So, what are your early morning experiences? It would be great if you could share with me the first 5 tasks you do after waking up early each morning.

Jai Mata DI!

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