Reset Google Chrome Browser to its defaults settings quickly


Resetting the Google Chrome browser is very easy. We can reset the Google Chrome browser for the following reasons:

  1. If our startup page is different opening another website instead of Google then we can reset Google chrome.
  2. If you click on the new tab page and it is opening another website not Google then you can use reset options.
  3. If search engine settings are customized or configured incorrectly in that case you can make it default.
  4. The reset option disables all your third extensions e.g. avast antivirus, screen capture etc.
  5. It will also clear temporary data and cookies.


And to do this all you need to go into Google Chrome settings. You can also learn here: Reset browser settings  But I will try to make this process simple for new users.

3 Steps to Reset Google Chrome Browser

1. Open Google Chrome and click on New Tab if the URL bar is empty then follow the 2 steps directly

Open Google chrome or if you already opened then click on a new tab. You can also follow 2nd step directly.

Step 1 click to open new tab page

2. You need to go to settings to reset Google. But if finding options is difficult for you then Copy this code or below red line


  and paste it on Google Chrome’s new tab page URL Bar as you see below images.

step 2 paste the code on new tab pagestep 3 press enter key on keyboard or click on drop down option

After pasting this code in chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings press enter key on the keyboard or click the instantly opened option as you can see in the above image.

3. Click on Reset Button. After you saw as you’re seeing on the below image click on Reset Button. Now it will reset your startup page, new tab page etc.

step 4 click on reset button to restore or reset google chrome settings

After the process is completed, you can close Google Chrome and reopen it. And you can see that the settings are restored to defaults.

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