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Elevate your business with indispensable scalable web hosting services. Ideal for businesses and companies experiencing sudden or seasonal increases in website traffic and demand for server resources.

Or for those who know that their website is going to get a lot of traffic, scalable web hosting is very important for those. So that the performance of the website does not drop, the keywords ranking remains high, and the visitor keeps getting an uninterrupted experience continuously.’

Scalable Hosting is actually the best you will find in cloud hosting services. Or simply say that the cloud hosting service automatically increases the resources and bandwidth as the users of your website and software increase.  You can also scale a no-cloud hosted server as well. But that’s time-consuming and costlier than cloud hosting.

When you buy cloud hosting or scaleable hosting service. You don’t have to do anything yourself. Although it is costlier than common hosting, the business benefits from it too much.

Actually, cloud hosting also increases the speed of your website and web applications. Due to this, you will get more traffic on your website and a higher rank on search engines. And you know that once you are ranked top in Google and Bing then your competitors will take years but your traffic will not decrease.

Top 2 Popular Scalable cloud hosting solutions 

There are so many cloud hosting services that provide managed and unmanaged scalable hosting services. Most top cloud hosting companies are trustworthy and use google, amazon infra. But not to confuse you, that’s why I am sharing only the top 2 scalable cloud hosting web hosting services we’re affiliated with and affiliate commission if you buy any one of the below.

1. Kinsta: Kinsta is a cloud hosting platform. This is for those who are looking for professional and the fastest business growth. You can manage all of your products and services hosting through Kinsta.

2. Cloudways: High performance of consumer tools and services is very important to grow business. If you’re more consumer about performance and want automatic management of hosting resources then you can also consider cloudways.

Why your business required scalable Hosting Services for continuous growth?

High speed, security, and power are the most demand in next-generation technologies and businesses. With the increasing use of 5G, the use of the internet for business and daily life activities will double. And no one as a consumer wants to use something that makes their workflow slower and reduces productivity.

That’s why with the increased use of technology, IoT, live streaming services, and smart home infrastructure by consumers it’s very important for technology leaders, SaaS startups, enterprises, publishing, OTT platforms, companies or small businesses to use scalable hosting services.

1. Transform your business into a Modern 

The traditional hosting infrastructure is based on single or multiple physical computer servers and in a particular location and IP. Tradition hosting servers have limited sources such as RAM, Storage Space, Bandwidth, and applications.

You can’t run a startup on such a shared hosting server or you can’t deploy your application or you can’t provide access to multiple users. While technically you can do it. But then you have to deal with a slower workflow. And that’s not recommended in the modern tech culture.

2. Exapnd with Freedom

Scalable hosting or cloud hosting is a cloud computing infrastructure that is connected and works combinedly with the network of physical and virtual servers. It means you can expand its power, speed, performance, and resources automatically and as per demand.

3. Focused on User Experience and Performance

Regular growth in website traffic is one of the most important goals of any type of online business. But when users grow whether it’s organic or through PPC or social media ads then it impacts website loading speed.

It’s similar like when there is too much traffic on a narrow road then you have to stick into a jam. Due to that, you get late to the office or event and in case of emergency then it becomes worse and various problems due to slow traffic.

So, to prevent the situation of traffic jams, now you can see in high traffic areas or big cities multi-layer road or 6 lane or 7 lines or more. All this is to provide a good user experience and quick and safe driving. And due to emergency services, transportation, and travel become faster, more secure, and good.

That’s very similar to cloud hosting or scalable hosting. When traffic grows to your website then this doesn’t slow down the website and each visitor is able to get what they are looking for a high speed and accuracy.

4. Higher return on the Investment

You can see that when even you have 50 users in real-time, then WordPress or any type of website starts performing slowly. This is because the website is hosted on an infrastructure that only has two paths for GET and POST or 1 for incoming and 1 for outgoing.

When seeing increasing numbers of users on your website, then the new users who are coming after your advertising or marketing or organic links have to wait until someone will not close the website or close the application in their browser. And it’s not good for business growth. This way you will not get a good ROI on your SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and ad campaign.

So, I suggest that even launching an advertising or marketing campaign make sure that your website speed is faster and able to handle a minimum of 100 visitors in real-time. Else, if it’s getting slow, then it’s best to migrate your website to a scalable hosting server.

Website loading speed increases the user experience. Customer likes to get to things fast. So it’s very important to that consider cloud hosting or scalable web hosting to increase customer and profit.

5. More Traffic and Conversion: 

User experience increases the domain authority, lowers the bounce rate, increases conversion, more page views, and gets you more email subscribers.

All of these are great signals for search engines to rank your landing pages, and posts on the top 10 search results. It’s because search engine tracks each visitor’s behaviors on your website. If the majority of the visitors close the website within a few seconds or visit another link from the search results, then it impacts the SEO of your website.

That’s why it’s important to increase user experience to increase traffic. Even if you increase the traffic from social ads then still it will not convert into customers or conversion.

It might look that your website is loading fast in your browser. But when you test its speed through the google page speed test tool, gtmatrix or Pingdom in a different location then you will get an idea about how good is the user experience for new visitors to your website.

The point is to buy scalable hosting in strategic ways. For example, when your per-day visitors are more than 5000. When you’re starting to invest $2000+ dollars per month on PPC when launching an application or blog for an event.

Is scalable or cloud hosting only good for high-traffic websites or blogs, or it’s good for beginners as well?

Hosting impacts SEO and user experience. I don’t have any doubt about this. But most of us start with cheap hosting companies or mostly with shared hosting if it’s a web development company.

But those who have targets and bigger goals for the audience have to start with scalable hosting. For example, if you start a blog with a 10000 visitors goal per day with WordPress then it’s better to start with scalable or managed or cloud hosting.

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Either when you reach 3000 to 4000 visitors per day you will start getting automated emails from hosting companies or server loading errors. And that’s not good. And if that company doesn’t have a scalable or upgraded hosting plan then it’s not good for your business.

During that time, you will start learning and thinking to migrate your website to the new hosting server. But there is always a risk of losing the SEO, redirection errors, HTTPS and CDN setups, etc. You have to deal with such things so make everything work again the way. And it’s as same as shifting the physical office from one location to another.

In the beginning, everyone promotes starting a WordPress blog or business at a minimum cost. It can be $100 or $20 per year. But everything is cheap.

The problem with a cheap foundation for online business is that we bet on our skills, efforts, and ideas. We thought we will make it possible. And most of us do it. But it’s the idea to start an online business with a poor foundation and third-class hosting infrastructure.

And also, when you pay monthly fees or liability you work on your blog or business more seriously and try to make it profitable. Else, when it’s costing you less than the price of trousers. Then it’s hard to think to make it profitable. Most successful startups and websites are hosted on cloud or scaleable hosting servers.

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So, it’s a myth that cloud hosting or scalable or Managed WordPress hosting is not good for beginners. But I suggest that if you have bigger goals for your website then start building and deploying your ideas on a good cloud-based hosting server.

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