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Managed WordPress Hosting is a popular website hosting plan. Managed WordPress Hosting services, features, price, and support are designed with the WordPress website in mind and based on the user’s expertise level, current search optimization needs, and technological advancements.

Managed WordPress Hosting saves time, effort, and money for a longer period of usage. It reduces the stress that comes from managing server resources and technical optimization of the website. Server technicalities are managed by the hosting service provider.

So managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting plan for WordPress website users that save their time, money, and effort and increases peace of mind and business growth.

Let’s understand the basics of Managed hosting along with WordPress. And How Managed Hosting Speeds up growth, increase confidence, and expand freedom:

Why Managed Hosting is best for WordPress?

WordPress.org is an open-source platform or software to build a website. Website creation and maintenance are easy and less costly in WordPress. With the use of themes and plugins, anyone can create a good-quality website in WordPress. Due to that 43% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress according to the fact provided by WordPress.Org/About. You can read more here: What is WordPress Website? A Quick Intro for Beginners

WordPress is the 1st choice for non-technical people or those who have basic computer skills and want to build blogs, or websites for businesses or online stores or those who want to start an online business or blogging. I personally created more than 50+ websites for clients in WordPress so far. And I have seen various types of hosting companies and website technicalities.

So, it’s a really good platform to consider to build a website. But it’s the choice of technology also depends on the business goals and revenue models.

But things start to become problematic when the website starts getting traffic. While getting traffic from search engines and social media to websites is a common dream or goal for almost everyone on the web. That’s great!

With the increment in traffic, server resources get started consumed or tested in different locations, browsers, and devices. And also, by competitors, spammers, scrappers, and fake bots.

So, the truth of how good your hosting plan, hosting services, support, and technical ability get into the test when you get traffic. It’s like the newly built bridge real test starts when it’s opened for public and commercial transportation. 

And obviously, those using WordPress, not all are skilled in Website designing, computers, hardware, and all other technical things. The good thing is that they want to learn and experiment through plugins, and server features. But in that case, many times the things that they try will not go as per expected.

And at the end even after so many efforts, they are not able to increase their website traffic and revenue. And one of the main reasons behind it is server response time, lack of database optimization, and security. Shared hosting plans are cheap. Even with the cost of $3 to $5 monthly cost, you can start WordPress Website.

And that’s ok for small traffic and portfolio, business websites. But it’s not the right foundation to grow a business. And if you migrate later to the new hosting server, that will impact the SEO, links, and many other things as well. So, it’s important to consider a good hosting plan in the beginning. And need to start a website or online business with a bigger vision.

Because in shared hosting server hardware resources are shared with other websites.  Security is not monitored or even malware is not removed by the hosting company. And you have to pay for backup extra.

Shared hosting is not a good hosting plan for WordPress websites, especially for those who do not have good knowledge of website management. Even those who have the knowledge also consider and migrate from shared hosting to WordPress-optimized hosting or managed WordPress plan. You can also do it even with your current hosting service provider. If they are provided managed WordPress Hosting service.

So, the point is managing the speed, optimization, security, backup and related things in WordPress with a Shared Hosting plan becomes difficult and complex for beginners as well as experts.

WordPress with a shared hosting plan is not good for beginners and even for experts or for those who want to increase their website traffic or want more traffic to their website.

Shared hosting is like a computer managed or used by 10 or more users on their own with different user accounts. If someone’s website or files get corrupted or get malware then it will impact the other hosted website on the same server. Learn More about Why Managed WordPress hosting is better than shared hosting.

So shared hosting is good for experiments, learning, and if you can manage everything. But if you want to run a website or online business tension free or with spending time learning the technicalities of website optimization especially server optimization and security then you must choose managed WordPress hosting.

What is different in Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed hosting solves the problem that beginners and even experts face with shared WordPress Hosting. And provide more power and expansion ability.

Managed WordPress hosting is different than shared hosting. In the shared hosting plan, server resources, features, and functions are fully managed by you through cPanel (control panel). Every shared hosting user has full control to do whatever they want to experiment with.

But in managed WordPress, no users get permission or a feature to manage the server or manipulate the server resources in their favor.  Everything you do in managed WordPress hosting needs administrator permission or needs to ask for support from the hosting company. So, no one can corrupt or manipulate or overload the server due to technical problems or creativity or traffic. That’s the importance of having managed WordPress Hosting. 

How Managed WordPress hosting solving problems:

Managed WordPress hosting has many benefits for beginners as well as WordPress website development service providers such as:

1. Speed, Security, and Daily Backup:

Even if your content is written for people, useful and unique still your website should have to be fast to get more traffic and a higher rank on Google.

In this case, managed WordPress hosting response time is higher because resources are monitored, the server is optimized for WordPress, security is automated, CDNs are enabled, and support is available. And your website and files get automatic backup.

Else to block malware, spammers, and fake traffic on WordPress websites you have to install and need to test many plugins. Still, you will not be satisfied. And each quality service and feature is paid for. So it’s more profitable to get firewall, malware removal, and other security monitoring service with the hosting company.

2. Strong foundation for a WordPress website:

A good foundation is essential for business growth and scalability. There is a high risk of losing customers, traffic, and rank when you migrate a website to a new host. Even you will get free migration services with the hosts. But the things such as SSL, CDN, Firewall, APIs, and many other settings get minor or bigger impacts.

So, it’s always better to start with the right hosting plan even if it’s 100% costly. At least you get to run and grow your business confidently and productively. If 50% of your time in the day is consumed to make a website faster then that is more costly than the managed WordPress hosting plan price.

3. Freedom to Scale your WordPress Business:

Scalability means when traffic goes to server resources or power is automatically expanded and balanced. Your business never gets down due to high traffic during advertising campaigns or festive seasons or when your content goes viral. It’s because many managed WordPress Hosting service providers’ server hardware (resources) or infra such as Kinsta, and Cloudways run on Google, AWS, and many other IaaS service providers.

So, for scalability, seasons traffic growth, and viral content, it’s good to have cloud-based managed WordPress hosting. Also good for large WordPress websites such as magazines, portals, news, and WordPress development services provider.

But even if you want to start with the basic managed WordPress plan at a minimum cost then choose Bluehost managed WordPress hosting or any other managed WordPress host. Please read more here: Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Along with the above-managed WordPress Hosting benefits and features, you will also get a free domain, Free SSL, Free Migration, Free Website filter, and many more free things as per the company. But the managed WordPress hosting features, prices, free offers, and server resources may vary as per the hosting company.

So, in managed WordPress Hosting server resources, security, speed, optimization, backup, and server-related technicalities are managed and monitored by the hosting service provider. And you only have to focus to manage and grow and get more visitors to your WordPress website. And if you’re thinking to choose managed WordPress Hosting. Then you’re thinking right. Go with it.

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