How important is SEO to the success of a website


You know that consistent increment in organic, social media, and referral traffic is one of the biggest factors behind the success of any blog and website. Search Engine Optimization is a method to get your website visible on search engine results for specific and relevant keywords. When your website content, title, paragraphs, images are optimized with the target or relevant keywords then the pages and posts will visible in search results for the queries searched by people on mobiles and computers.

It takes months and years to increase blog or website traffic by writing and publishing a good-quality post. After that Data Analysis, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Promotion, and Guest Posting are also the most important works that consume the highest level of the brain and time to increase the blog traffic.

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There are various technical and business factors behind the success of the website. And one of the main is the traffic.

For example, if you’re writing and publishing great content, but your blog website is not found or visited by any person yet from a search engine. And also, if you’re selling quality products at genuine prices, but your sales are not growing.

It means it’s a failure if you’re running it for the last 6 months but not getting the traffic that you have expected.

It might be you’re not using correct keywords, sentences, nor you’re using best keywords research tools, might be your website speed is low. Or the website is down on your website hosting server.

That’s why it’s important for the new and old websites to optimize their websites effectively for search engine traffic. And it will contribute to the success of a website.

You have to do an SEO audit of your website to find the reasons behind the low traffic. For this, you can use many online SEO auditing tools. You can also test your website speed on Google Page Speed Insights, you can use keyword research tools for finding relevant keywords. So, search engine optimization is very important for each new website and blog.

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SEO is also very important for an eCommerce website. It’s because most of the eCommerce website product page content has many similarities, people are copying and pasting each other content, and due to that only those doing paid advertising getting more traffic.

But with creative SEO strategies, new eCommerce websites can also get free customers or search engine traffic.

Following are the important reasons to optimize a website for search engine effectively or SEO skills:

  • It’s important that the heading or title of your website is focused and target to solve specific problems of your website visitors. So having keywords in the title is important that searches by people. And this looks like common sense. Is having a single fully focused title for the whole website is not important? Such Information Technology Website, IT Solutions provider, SEO Tips and Tricks, etc. If you think this is important then SEO is important. Headings, subheadings, paragraphs, shorter sentences all are part of SEO.
  • Do you like to wait on the website to load content that you want to see and read? Obviously not! Similarly, search engines don’t display slowing loading websites higher on search engines. That’s why most of the slow-loading websites do not get much free traffic.
  • It’s important to write shorter sentences, unique content, and engaging stories. People don’t like to read the same tips again and again. If something is creative, interesting, and the important search engines will find it and send more traffic to that website. This is also SEO.

SEO is not important for the success of the website in the following case: If you’re writing unique and relevant content regularly on your website then the success factor is the content.  Those competing with you have to do SEO.

If you’re advertising on search engines or search queries or social media then the success of the website does not depend on the SEO but on your advertising budgets.

If you’re buying queries or leads from third-party websites then the success factor is not SEO.

But even you do all of the above it’s important to follow basic SEO practices for each blog or eCommerce website owner.

Even if you advertise still, it’s important for you to follow unique content and SEO strategy.

So, SEO is important but not the only factor behind the success of a website. It’s a part of the overall business plan and marketing strategy of the website or business process.

If you have duplicate content, broken links, slow loading website, poorly optimized images, unresponsive design, ugly colors combinations, incorrect use of site map and roboto.txt files, and if you’re using or making too many changes on your website daily, then whatever SEO tool or Strategy you use, you will never be able to grow your blog traffic. Even you can increase traffic through black SEO practice, but it will not be there for too long.

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For example, never think that if a post is ranking number 1 or getting 90% traffic from the search engine, you don’t have to improve it. You have to improve the old post and content to retain or maintain the traffic and it’s a part of SEO. That’s why SEO is important.

If your blog post is ranking number one for a targeted keyword then it’s a great achievement for you as a blogger. But remaining there for many months and year is more difficult. It’s because when your post gets number one ranked, then it will disturb many other bloggers and media companies. You become competition for them. Obviously, they are jealous.

Even many people try to copy you, follow your keywords, and even steal your content and ideas.  Even many senior or famous blogger and their team copy your content and ideas and create the content for them. Many steal it for YouTube videos. But to remain competitive you have to SEO your old content but also new content. So whatever people will do, your content will be ranked higher on search engines.

It’s good if they learn and provide references as well. But copying will harm their own reputations. And one day people will identify that.

But you don’t have to win and nor do you have to waste your time on those people. Instead, you have to keep working on your blog goals. And one of the important goals is to add more value, create more posts or content related to those highly ranked posts. So that people can get benefits from your expertise and skills and don’t waste time anywhere else.

So, following good and best basic SEO strategies and practices are also the factor behind the success of the website. But only SEO is not the reason behind the success of any blog or eCommerce or business website.

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