How SEO Drives Business Growth and Offers Key Benefits


SEO is a widely used technique to grow traffic organically to any type of website. With SEO you can target and get customers from search engines like google and Bing to your website.

SEO is one of the important parts of digital marketing strategies to promote and generate products and service leads. And when you start getting customers without paying money or at a low price then it makes your business profitable and grows business faster.

SEO techniques are not only used by small businesses but also used by personal bloggers, marketers’ eCommerce companies, magazines, news websites, and almost everyone who want regular readers and customer on their website.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. With SEO skills you can optimize websites, social media posts, and local business listings. If you want organic growth of your business that stays for years then you must understand the importance of optimizing your business website for search engine traffic.

If you’re ready then let’s understand in detail how SEO can help your business to grow. And how it will make your business visible on Bing and Google:

How does SEO help your business grow

Step 1: Knowledge about the product or services:

The 1st step of SEO is not keyword research but the knowledge about the business, product or services that you want to rank higher on search engines through website pages or posts.

You must understand the problem that your product or service, blog post, image, the video actually solves. Now you also have to understand what your target customer or target audience actually looking for. What actually do they need or want? They want more website traffic or more sales. They need social media likes or traffic. They want a video editor or stunning videos. They want clothes or they want to look smart.

We as a consumer wants to experience things. Sometimes we actually need them and many times we want them. We want them due to various personal, family, business, social, economic, and political reasons.

And we found search engines the best platform to look for the things that we want and need.

When we search that (called keywords in SEO), we will get recommendations from search engines. If what I searched, I got within the top 5 search results, I will definitely visit any 1 or 2 of them. Even if not, I will scroll till the end.

The top 5 search results are very well related to me, my location, previous search terms, needs, and wants. So, I visited the link that is connected to some kind of data, information, knowledge, product, services, subscription or sales funnel. If I liked the 1st 3 lines or 1 or 2 middle paragraph titles then I will give it attention and read it step-wise.

And there are higher chances that the effort and time invested by the creator on that particular page or sales funnel will be able to convert me into their email subscriber or even a buyer.

And obviously, they are target search terms that are searched by 100 to 1k people with long-tail keywords.

It means if 50 out of 100 visit their website and 10 people purchased the product or service or anything then it means that the business is generating revenue or getting sales or leads through SEO or content.

Obviously, there is not only 1 search term, there are a minimum of 10 to 20 search terms for a single thing, as per my experience.

So, think if 10 keywords out of 20 rank higher in search results and each ranked post or page generate more than 50+ leads or sales per day. What will be the revenue and results?

It’s great!

But how did this happen?

This happens because of the knowledge, and understanding of the intent of users or potential customers and our own products.

Business owner or companies invested their time and energy in the research of their customer before optimizing the website with keywords to grow their business organically. Those who do it get more than those not done that. And that’s how SEO works and helps to grow the business.

While I know that story is not the same for everyone or everything. SEO is one thing, but there are also other things connected to this such as website speed, on-page SEO, link building, link structure, tags, and many others.

Step 2: Keyword Research and Optimization:

The goal of SEO is not just about ranking a website higher in search results and more visible to the target audience.

The goal of SEO according to my personal SEO practices is to rank the right page or post with the right keywords. The 1st SEO skill that is keyword research needed here is to find the right keywords and then use those keywords effectively (optimize) on a single page or post. With this process, you will get into the top 10 or Top 5 in search engine results.

But it’s not the end. The 2nd skill you need is SEO copywriting. With SEO copywriting skills, you can write better posts or page titles or headings including keywords. If your title or heading standout or looks promising or different from 9 other search results, then you will get the maximum portion of traffic for that search term. That we call CTR (Click Through Rate).

If you practice it with creativity and business logic you will be able to get more relevant traffic regularly to your website.

How it will help your business?

When you convert that traffic into sales or leads, subscription then your business will grow.

  • eCommerce business owners will be able to increase sales. SaaS sellers will be able to get more paid memberships or subscriptions for their software as a service-based product.
  • Affiliate marketers will be able to generate more affiliate sales.
  • Ad space sellers will be able to get higher prices for sponsored ads.

Traffic from search engines to any type of website opens the door for business and revenue growth opportunities. I don’t know exactly which type of business or website you want to grow through SEO but if you follow the above process, then you will be able to grow your business through SEO in digital marketing.

Step 3: Analyse and Improve:

When you get ranked for one search term in the top 5 search results and get 5 to 10 people then you have to protect and make your ranking stronger.

It’s because ranking on google or bing is easy but staying for 24 hours or for 7+ years is not that easy. You have to compete with other businesses to survive and stay higher. Before you, there were 10 results for that search query. But after you, you replaced the one. And now you’re in the top 10 or top 5. You didn’t do that intentionally, but your post or page makes other business ranks lower.

But your competitors will not stay lower for a long time. They will use competitive seo analysis tools to find out what SEO strategies you’re using.

Everyone’s SEO strategy can be different. Many ranks through content, many ranks through finding keywords gap, many ranks through backlinks, some rank through off-page or on-page SEO, and many by creating very high-quality and rich posts.

keywords research, on-page optimization, off-page SEO, backlinks, meta keywords, tags, technical SEO, website speed, etc. are various other SEO skills, strategies, and activities that are important to follow to stay in the top 5 results for the next 7+ years.

So, when you get a higher rank on the search engine. Make sure that you keep improving the various other parts of the website’s SEO. So that you will keep getting the benefits of SEO for your business.

Below are some of the posts on SEO skills and best SEO practices that you must read:

How to use SEO to grow the business?

So now I hope you got the basic technical points of SEO in the above paragraph. And you got a good understanding of how SEO helps in your business growth. Now it’s time to take the benefits of SEO as explained above.

In the beginning, you might have the following SEO questions in mind:

How you can take free traffic from the search engine to your business website? How you can do the SEO of your new website or business? How I can do this without SEO knowledge or expertise? or What steps do I take? How I can do this without SEO knowledge or expertise? or What steps do I take? So that I can start getting traffic to my business website from google and Bing.

All of this and more I going to explain to you in the following points:

Benefits of doing SEO on your own:

I always encourage business owners to do SEO on their own. It’s not difficult as it looks but actually, it becomes easy once you start understanding your users. And it’s also become easy with good SEO tools. Still, you need good SEO knowledge.

if you’re looking for quick sales and conversion then even SEO experts will not be able to do that.

It’s a step-by-step process. It requires experiments. Which includes keyword research then optimization, on-page SEO, etc. Once it’s done. Then you have to wait for a few days to see some early traffic signs and data. For this, you can use website data analytics tools such as google analytics.

If you didn’t get the traffic, you have to undo your SEO strategy then you have to begin again. Or for improvement, you have to add additional reasons to rank that higher on search engines.

So, it’s a step-by-step process. Each day you will learn a new thing. With each successful SEO experiment, you learn new things that you implement in your next post and page. You can see the growth of your website or business through data and sales. And you are always aware of the SEO strategies that you have implemented.

So if you do it on your own or learn to do the SEO of your website on your own then you will save money and also learn the most important skill that is very important to growing a business online. Obviously, you need to use Good SEO tools and also have to improve your SEO skills daily.

What benefits of hiring an SEO expert?

Hiring an SEO expert makes the 1st impression correct to the search engine. An SEO expert can optimize your website effectively for the launch or when you submit the website to Google and Bing for indexing.

When it’s sitemaps, links, images, heading, the home page, about us page, products pages etc. are optimized effectively with the right keywords then it will take less time to start getting traffic from search engines. especially if it’s a new website.

It takes years for those not have good SEO skills or understanding of the thing that they are trying to rank on Google and Bing.

But an SEO expert can do that for you more effectively and professionally.

So, what is the best option?

The best option in case you have a budget and less time than working with an SEO expert on your website will be best. And in 2nd condition when you have time but do not budget then learning SEO on your own is the best option.

In other conditions, when you did everything that you can do with the SEO to increase your website traffic, but haven’t succeeded yet, then it’s time to talk to an SEO consultant or take the help of SEO experts.

How to find the right SEO agency or Expert?

SEO is one of the most demanding and important digital marketing skills. And you have to pay upfront and still, you will not know what someone did on your website to grow the traffic. Everyone says that it will take time. In this condition believing in the right SEO expert or agency is not that easy. That’s why most business owners try to do it on their own.

The web is full of SEO tutorials and advice. I always recommend learning the basics and don’t read too much to get confused about it. I personally found that each website’s SEO is different. But the basics are always correct.

So when you try to identify the right SEO expert. Test them on the basis of the basics of SEO. Ask them to show the results of their previous works. And also ask for their SEO plans. Ask them to audit their website and ask them how much they can increase from 0 or 100 people to 1000 people.

If you found things are natural and the person is talking about the real things and real ways then you can hire them.

It’s just a basic suggestion.

For hiring an SEO expert for your business, I think I need to write another guide. But you can always take the help of SEO consultants as well.

How much time does it take to get traffic to the new website?

It might take a minimum of 3 months if the basic SEO practices are followed during the optimization.

While I have the SEO cases where it started getting traffic within 10 days. But it also depends on how competitive keywords you’re targeting.


SEO is like a marathon, not a 100-meter race. In the beginning, it works slowly. And within the progress of each day, the traffic, and revenue growth increase from 5% to 20% day by day. But it’s very important that you start running with the proper strategy.

So, SEO of your new website correctly. Correct SEO practice on any type of new website is the foundation. SEO is a consistent process as long as you’re running the business. And along with other digital marketing techniques, you must invest the time, effort, and investment(just on tools or experts) so that you can capture the maximum market share as quickly as possible on the web to grow and make your business.

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