What is a website building platform, how does it work?


Website building platform: The website building platform is a combination of multiple web development and communication technologies. A website-building platform is a ready-made platform for website building, through which you can create professional-looking websites without using any programming language.

To use website-building platforms, you don’t need knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many other website-building tools. You just have to use your drag-and-drop functionality.

In the website-building platform website structures are pre-designed. You will get website templates, widgets, SEO, text, images, videos, and marketing tools just inside the website-building platform. You just have to use a website-building platform and everything that is important to create a website is there for you to use. You can build any type of business website. Even many website-building platforms provide domain names as well.

Even if you don’t have to configure a domain name, you will get your website pre-hosted, you will get a logo design sample, you will get free stock images, and many more.

Even if you need technical help, you can contact freelancers who are also listed on the website-building platforms. You can create as many websites, and landing pages as you want by using website-building platforms. You can build a website to sell products online, you can build a website to sell your consultancy services and you can create a blog website as well. Everything is pre-setup for you to build a website.

Website-building platforms are also marketed and promoted as website builders’ applications.

Why do website-building platforms exist?

Website-building platforms exist for those people who don’t have programming languages, don’t know website-building techniques, and don’t have time to learn website-building on their own. So, to make it easy for business owners to build their online presence. So that business owners can start selling products and services online within hours. And they don’t have to worry about the complexity of website design, development, and maintenance. Everything is managed by website-building platforms.

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How are website building platforms or website builders created?

Technically speaking website building platforms are the same as any other website. But it’s a website that is created to build other websites. It has more dynamic functionality, third-party integration possibilities such as payments, banking, hosting space, and pre-integrated marketing tools such as email subscription boxes.  Due to that much functionality, we call it a web application. But from a marketing point of view, it is promoted as a website-building platform or website builder.

Website building platforms are created by using web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL Server.

Some of the others are Python + Django, React, Next.js, etc. All programming languages are powerful and useful to build anything and in any language. But the use of programming languages, user interfaces, and frameworks depends on the company and its vision.

With programming languages, you can build a simple website or you can build a search engine. It just depends on your business goals.

Website creation was very difficult 12 to 15 years ago for a common man. It was very important to have good knowledge of at least HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to that building, a business online or building a business website was very costly and time-consuming.

And that brings open-source platforms for website building such as WordPress into the market. While WordPress reduces the 50 to 60% complexity of website building. Especially for only blogging it’s no. 1 platform to build a blog website.

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But with the latest technologies and consumer demands running or even building a business website in WordPress can be difficult for many businesses. So they have chosen a website-building platform. Where they have to manage customers and businesses, not a website.

And not just that there are many other reasons as well why website building platforms are more popular in website building these days.

Website building platforms are only able to manage a small business website or small business needs.

Examples of website-building platforms:

  • WordPress.com – blog website platform
  • Shopify: eCommerce website building platform.
  • Wix – Business/portfolio/eCommerce website building platform
  • BigCommerce – eCommerce website building platform.
  • Squarespace – Business/portfolio/eCommerce website building platform.

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Web development technologies or programming languages are free to learn and use. All of these website-building platforms are built by using programming languages. Behind these website-building platforms, there are companies and people.

They sell website space and functionality on a rental basis. It means you have to pay only to use the website-building platform not for hosting. Using website-building platforms is good for a small business website, short-term gain, or idea testing. But if you want full control of your website with the freedom to integrate any third-party functionality and feature into your website then the self-hosted website is the best solution.

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